Book Review: Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant

Scammed: Confessions of a Confused Accountant by Anonymous is a down to earth suspense twirled astute tale of an accountant and his rendezvous in a setting where he strives discovering his own ground in the shadowy underbellies of India’s commercial world, which often concurrent with shady politicians, money minded lasses and clout ravenous entities upshot in a repulsive and mortal mishmash in fact.

Hitesh Shah, a lot oppressed little character with vacillating kismets, begins with a archetypal day long work as a diminutive but pushy accountant for an extremely large auditing firm in Hyderabad, who out of chance gets into the labyrinth of opinionated and business baseness to ascend to eminence as the growing youth icon and tycoon, which takes thespian twirl as he was striving to fix his base in the freshly founded accomplishment.

Exceptional with his candour and functioning to the fillet to obtain his split of the focus, Hitesh is all the time detered by his assertive chief Sahil, who makes him sense bungling and consigned during any promotion or pay hike, even though his disposition doesn’t permit him to say no to any chore given to him, even when he discerns the promotion has gone to another lady in the workplace, a lot less worthy.

Incapable of taking a choice and docile to his chiefs proposes, he goes on with his day, sensing wretchedness when he is hailed as a bore by his peers at job, with very token social proficiency and always uncared for by ladies. He even can’t gratify his parents who to make matters shoddier, is shoving him to get hitched with a plain girl of their choice.

While his group chums budge rapidly up the corporate hierarchy, Hitesh fester in his vocation but little does he discern that destiny is about to transform in the comportment no one could envisage and how his verve is about to go from being a lacklustre, lone, and befuddled accountant, to an impervious, charming, and thriving tycoon.

The narrative takes a notable twirl when he lands in Vizag to audit a three decade old disintegrating automotive concern, Supreme Motors, owned by Venugopal Reddy, an Andhraite grotty entrepreneur cum filmmaker with a lot of political cuff.

Engaged in by the rewarding pitch and the doable transformation of his kismet, like most other folks in his place, Hitesh jumps at the break and willingly admit this fresh position. Being the geek, he move towards with a radiant scheme that twirls the kismet of the automaker and shoves it from the precipices of ruin to the acme of grandeur and shortly develop into youth idol and an rousing young tycoon and a bill boy of Indian business world of being a triumph tale, little grasping the shadowy streams he’s about to pierce, given the immoral account a not so faded reek of dirtied funds and mucky political associations of the folks concerned in administrating this company.

Super Cabs does well with the advocates anticipating hurried accomplishments and insistent augmentation and in spite of some moot choices made by the top administration, Hitesh mostly obligates them, infact the business develops further than imaginings, bestowing Hitesh a fresh charter on verve, which shells out big bucks and is alluring and he is spotted more attending shindigs instead of working overtime.

Hitesh’s planet twirls upside down with disquieting work unions, grievances pouring in from franchisees, individuals discussing about obnoxious drivers, franchisees permitted exclusive of his go-ahead and amidst a business swindle, accusations of deceit begin soaring which in due course releases a canister of maggots and wedged in the core of this repulsive storm, he finds ensnared in a political tumult concerning his concern and just concerning everything besides one can trance of.

Hitesh finds himself on the scurry after one sunup, waking up to the reports of one of the associates of Supreme Motors, perpetrating an assassination and stuff going from awful to shoddier for the corporation. Sushma is no longer in the portrait as she had cast off Hitesh some time back, but a lot more true Payal assists, as do a few other real acquaintances, just till stuffs clear up.

Irate and saddened, he make an effort to outline a manner to crack the muddle that has outspread, when his middle class qualities of minimalism, aspiration, gratitude of amity and righteous shrugs draws closer to his salvage and aids keeping him commonsensical during this bumpy period, but this is when Sushma and Sandra file a case on Hitesh saying he physically abused and sexually fraught them.

With no other choice, Hitesh sprints from town to town with no one but Payal by his side with whom he gradually cascade in adore and grasps how precious she has been and goes on to tie the knot with her. With the help of the Chief Minister, he clears his name, and fetches out all the litter to open, carnaging the ability that all the felons had of instigating him and getting away free of blame.

This is chronicle of a young man with middleclass principles and aspiration to wrestle and endure all this baseness, his account of discovering true camaraderie and adore in verve. Fed up with Sandra who is absent for the most part, having illegitimate dealings under the sham of being unwell, Hitesh chooses to complete the task and look for something better, when he staggers upon how four blokes in particular making riches from Supreme Motors furtively, with the auditing formalities edifying a staggering sum of squalid minutiae.

Obdurate to expose all, Hitesh move towards Venu about the four blokes in matter and ruthless in his approach, Venu pledges major revamp and evinces curiosity in his fresh scheme of a Cab service to roll the kismets of a cadaverous company around, who beside his politician chum endows their unaccounted mammon in the concern by means of book-keeping modus operandi to get authenticity.

Venu splits ties with those who attest to be a millstone, while keeping the ones he discerns he will require to aid restructure the by now disintegrated concern as a upshot of the sordid details. Hitesh’s instant of fame enters and gets his lot warranted huge break when he gets a proposal to be the CEO from Venu, which he cannot repudiate and sets off on to relinquish his position at Smith & Donald.

He is interviewed by TV channels and quickly he simply gets ensnared into the mesh of his two lady-loves, when he reconnects with his past pensive classmate sweetie Sushma, now a grasping pugnacious model, who finds him striking enough to date and live-in. They go around, where he deluges a lot of interest and splash out on pricey gifts, and even asks her to tie the knot with him and whose calling is initiated by him only to grasp afterwards that it is her purpose that she minds for the most.

Along with the doe ogled attractive Payal, both appends a burst of shade to the progressions in the volume. The three lasses that the reader gathers in the path of the storyline are intense and this disparity exerts fine for the volume as a sum total.

But, like a pile of playing cards, stuffs sets off deteriorating separately as influential folks by and large encompass dominant adversaries. The surge of the yarn collects pace as it steps forward and the character delineation that make up the noxious four devious rogues rapidly heave the fever and gnaw back as the connive clots, in a manner that is equally out of the blue and crippling for the fresh endeavour that shooted to save Supreme Motors, and for its lot of fresh workforce all over the country fetching to verve in your wits the pits there is among the pests of the big businesses.

The conclusion of the reserve is fascinating and keeps up the trepidation taking into account that Hitesh is not entirely naive, since he ignored a lot of caveat ribbons and moot choices made by the proprietors of Super Cabs. In due course, it’s exciting to see how Hitesh gets out of this tacky state of affairs.

While Hitesh climbs quickly to possessions, he still vestiges ashore to where he truly comes from. Middle Class susceptibilities have been fused well in the manner the so called upper-class acts.

The down-to-earth writing style is easy to comprehend and isn’t stretched too much with the set of well done characters chosen are ones, that you would anticipate in such an anecdote. It does transport a few twirls which are basic for the reader to thwart it from becoming roughly banal. A big slice has been devoted to an assortment of hearsay that help in advancing the stratagem and the writer has administered well to sustain the quintessence of his characters.

The tempo of the storyline is truly fast paced and the writer doesn’t take too much time get to unwind the conspire progressing at riveting swiftness that the writer handles to preserve the reader’s curiosity all through the yarn. The book’s central connive is pretty absorbing, appealing and in its sum, the volume is enthralling and it uses a dash or two of thespian release and the out of the blue.

Overall, the tome is a blithe piquant page-turner casing a known urban business locales and young middle class aspirations and is a finely explored printed work of creative writing. The plan has out of the ordinary ups and downs enchanting the reader on a roller-coaster outing and is like a fixture of chess in which following each budge the pendulum continues wavering to and fro.

Title: Scammed: Confessions Of A Confused Accountant | Author: Anonymous | ISBN: 9789381626061 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Grey Oak Westland | Pages: 182 | Language: English