The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The long awaited sequel of the worldwide bestseller The Monk who sold his Ferrari, The Secret Letters of Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is a guide to the simple principles, yet often ignored, which are the basis of true happiness. Jonathan is a successful man, absorbed in his work and committed to a career. But his life is close to collapse, has lost friends, he is separating from his wife, he can not build a relationship with the child.

Salvation comes when Julian, the now famous Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, asked him to leave for a trip around the globe in search of nine talismans and letters that accompany them. Where will the journey take? Who are the keepers of the mysterious talismans? And who is the person whose life depends on those objects? Although hesitant, Jonathan decides to leave. The trip will prove to be the most apt decision of his life, because he will meet extraordinary people and places that reveal the secrets of an authentic life.

From Paris to Osaka, from Barcelona to Shanghai, from Canada to India, the protagonist takes us along a path to each stage of which reveals to us something about ourselves and our fears, and shows us clearly about what our goals is really important to focus our energies. Difficulties in human relationships, everyday worries and stress from work can easily be overcome if we look at them in the right light and see the positive things around us. way we can actually have a life full of meaning, leaving a precious legacy to the generations that come after of us.

With a fluid language and compelling, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a fascinating parable about the choice that faced the men and women who every day feel suffocated by haste, by the commitments, the need for meaning. A novel that tells the synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western rules for successful staff that are at the base of the recipe to Robin Sharma for a new life conscious and happy .

Julian Mantle is a famous lawyer, powerful, admired, but also spurred by stress, the need for new experiences and a creeping feeling of dissatisfaction. When a heart attack forced him to stop, his life takes a turn: Julian leaves everything including his beloved Ferrari, the symbol of his success and part of the Himalayas.

When he returns is another man vital, wise, free, happy. It is a new man, who has discovered a secret and wants to share it with the world. With a concrete and direct language, rich with examples drawn from everyday life, Robin Sharma reveals the guiding principles of his extraordinary career coaching the strategies suggested by him are still taken by the giants of the world economy such as Microsoft, IBM and Nike.

The success, according to Sharma, is not the prerogative of a circle of privileged people. On the contrary, it is available to everyone, even if it is achieved we need to build day after day on solid foundations, from what we have inside of us, from our most authentic aspirations and deep. The philosophy of Sharma is neither abstruse nor complicated. On the contrary, it is based on things that are so simple that often go unnoticed.

Sharma helps us to focus on them and to discover the many small opportunities that life offers us every day. Because it is never too late to become the people we always dreamed of being. So many stories, so many anecdotes to provide important pearls of wisdom. Sometimes encourages, sometimes invites you to eliminate sometimes invites you to reflect on the details of our lives, seemingly discounted. Each chapter is a different topic and always starts from an episode of his life, as a cue to sow useful behaviors for personal improvement.

A wonderful book, very smooth, but it'll take you from the first to the last page. In this book, small advice that if applied can really change your life. Small decisions that capitalize over time. Robin Sharma is not denied even in this book. It 'a wise man came from the time that at this time there illuminates the path with many small lights to afford to live in fullness and serenity, regalandola at the same time to people who are lucky enough to relate to those who apply its methods and its recommendations.

This book will appeal to anyone interested in improving their professional position, but also to those who feel the need to grow on a personal level. Many short chapters devoted to a problem to solve or an idea to develop, or an opportunity to exploit a strategy to achieve. Each of us has a goal to achieve, whether large or small. Sharma helps us to focus on it first and then make it happen.

How many times have you felt trapped inside an invisible fence, which prevented you from fully expressing your potential? It is as if something vague and elusive, but no less real, I had held to the ground, without allowing you to take flight. Through lessons that are easy to learn and put into practice that represent the development and refinement of what is already taught us in the first volume of this series Robin Sharma will show you the way out permanently from this condition.

Even for you success is at hand, just use the best tools that are used to achieve it. Sharma offers them there without resorting to abstract reasoning, but instead starting from the reality of everyday life. Never be satisfied to improve the work, make the most harmonic their relationships with others, to capitalize on every moment of existence here are the keys to true greatness.

And the journey towards this horizon that seemed unattainable for you to start at the precise moment when you begin to browse this book. What are you waiting? You were not created to remain within the narrow confines of anonymity and mediocrity, but to achieve something great. These pages will help you to understand once and for all, and nothing will ever be the same as before in your life. Sharma looks very far away. His wisdom is an irresistible mix of ancient and modern.

Robin Sharma is one of the most respected leadership experts in the world and a famous blogger dedicated to the mission of helping organizations develop people to be leaders without titles, and so be successful in this period of intense change. Among his clients: Microsoft, GE, FedEx, IBM, Nike, NASA and Yale University. His books are at the top of the bestseller lists worldwide. The Monk who sold his Ferrari has sold over 3 million copies.