Book Review: Faceless - Tapan Ghosh

Faceless, the only way out by Tapan Ghosh is a faintly chalk and cheese heart-rending in your prime account of individual associations with a metaphysical description concerning adore and ardour in a comportment like never before, crammed in the midst of passion, love, sniffle, fervour, trepidation and excitement, where a monetarily affluent adult hero cascades in love with a lass a lot younger than him, in quest of a furtive verve with his little mistress.

The tale is about a sophisticated in your prime 40 something married entrepreneur Suman Bhatia aka Shom and Raima Sengupta, doubling up as an escort, who meets on Facebook, with their love on the trot slowly but surely ahead of what expressions can incarcerate, ecstatically unmindful to what the upcoming cleaves in store for them, which in due course leads to bidding adieu to her mucky deeds.

They choose to go ahead in their individual verves devoid of getting emotionally involved, by this means remaining mysterious for most part of the time through texting and chitchatting. On the other hand, Khush, the police inspector and their philandering lurid joint chum and privy to their sexual antics has associations just as zealous as theirs, but which tend to be of the one night encounter brand. It is these three characters about which the chronicle unfurls, impeccably entwining in and out of Mumbai’s societal structure and the vicinity that encases it.

The volume traverses across the murky world of transgenders, prostitutes and escorts mired with police and scandalous nexuses, save for the focal contour for the most part entail Shom cascading for this mysterious companion on Facebook and Blackberry converses and subsequently ends up getting together only to find her excessively hot to hold.

The narrative proceeds in the dimness of the post 26/11 obsession that had wrapped up Mumbai, the dimness of which are dazed off time and again by Shom, Khush and Raima, but they by no means cope to shed them fully with their meetings continue happening and they end up getting nearer and nearer a lot to the vexation of Shom's sounding board Khush, who is also Raima's ex-chuck.

As moments in time leave behind, they become conscious that they cannot be in concert due to certain concerns like Shom is connubial, Raima's earlier period and even their precedent verve associations. Shom is depicted as a real idol while the female lead of the yarn, seems not to be so lucky with their liaison giving the impression of a fresh designation to the phrase companionship, which is to a certain extent exciting. The reserve expresses both fervour and gratification overtly.

Faceless by Tapan Ghosh has its split seconds of ups and downs and is a just what the doctor ordered starry-eyed suspenseful story in relation to the stuff that continue occurring in the region of us with an out of the ordinary depiction of the endearing yet slightly convoluted love yarn of their rendezvous, which has been intended with the drive to keep the reader cemented till the very end.

The narrative is delightful with the writing technique straightforward and chock-a-block with cuffs, twirls and pleasure, devoid of excessive application of argots and the writer’s facet of the moral fibre of Raima, the central character Shom’s muse, who incarnate the connotation of adore and amity with the surrounding plump and cavernous portrayal is fine, with the writer opting to go into flashback through discourses or at erstwhile times several eerie cases in point in the commentary itself enchants it to an all fresh beyond your reach echelon.

The budge of point of views in the description is fine and supervises to maintain out of the ordinary effects and append a trace of trepidation while entering momentary twist of genus, where things ensue in a brisk sequence with the culpable scruples of the bloke under no circumstances giving the impression to be at exertion and this bestow the nous that swindling ones spouse is not off beam or even all right.

This order stabs to rupture fresh positions but severs itself in the course of truisms. It moreover endeavours to explore excessive subterraneanity on expressions than deeds and present us a sagacity of anecdote with the author dealing with the inviolability of the ‘third-gender’ and prostitution, in a cut down conduct of sexual snooping that is neither creepy nor odious and put across actualities all of us covet to neglect or pay no attention to. The attitudes a propos assortment of issues in verve covers the complete tome and administers to construct an intuition on the whole in relation to these themes.

On the whole, the volume is an engaging windswept pot-boiler, which will without doubt be successful in captivating a small number of sensitivities. The reserve senses nearer to veracity than imaginary tale, which is the preeminent element!

Title: Faceless | Author: Tapan Ghosh | ISBN: 9789381115985 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Leadstart | Pages: 240 | Language: English