What to Visit, See and Do on a Trip to the Australian Open in Melbourne

Australian Open is the first of four tournaments that make up the tennis Grand Slam. It takes place every January in Melbourne Park with incredible sports facilities. No wonder Melbourne is the Australian capital of sports. In the antipodes, it is the middle of summer, so this tournament is known for its days of extreme heat. Melbourne is a very hot city at this time! Even play is stopped many times until the temperature and humidity get down.

Despite the heat, this event sets in motion the entire city of Melbourne. In 2008 the daily attendance record was beaten with a total of 62885 attendees. But you do not have to attend the tournament to enjoy the Australian Open. There are many ways to live this atmosphere through the streets of Melbourne.

Music fans have the opportunity to participate in the AO Live Stage. The music starts playing at 12 pm and does not stop until sunset! You can enjoy with different dining options with giant screens for watching sports events, festivals, free music, food trucks etc.

Do you think of meeting some of the best tennis players in the world? You could see them if you visit the AO Ballpark, where you can get autographs and photos. Feel the thrill and excitement of seeing the best players in the world in the only one of the four Grand Slam events held in the southern hemisphere.

Reasons to Attend the Australian Open

1. Be amazed by the skill and strength of world tennis superstars in the first Grand Slam of the year. This is one of only four annual tournaments that attract the best players in the female and male tennis world. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams all regularly travel to Melbourne.

2. Ask the players what they think. Every year, competitors laud Australian Open as the friendliest of the four major tournaments, which they call "The Happy Slam". Look out for if you see superstars outside the enclosure. Often you can find them on the beach, walking in the park or hanging out in a cafe.

3. Enjoy the tournament at the height of the Australian summer, especially if you're looking to escape the northern winter. This is a great time of year to see Australia in its sunnier version.

4. Due to a large number of matches played in the first week, spend time in outdoor courts, where many of the best players compete. The outer slopes, home to fewer viewers are where you can really see the emerging stars.

5. Pull out all the stops to be in a night session on Rod Laver Arena, which seats 15,000 people. It is one of the most magical experiences of world tennis. Its fully retractable roof allows night matches that are played under the stars or indoors if it is raining. The fiercest games can drag on until late at night, sometimes even beyond midnight.

6. Take a break and spend some time at the Grand Slam Oval, the entertainment venue. Here you can feel the buzz as some of the best bands play in the Heineken Live Stage.

7. Are you hungry? You can get a variety of flavors, whether you want a Korean barbecue, Indian curry or a great fillet steak (Scotch fillet) grain-fed in a prime location.

8. Surely you want to take some souvenirs of your visit to one of the great centers of world tennis. There are many shops that sell official products, including popular players towels and boutiques of Lacoste shirts specially designed for the event.

9. Join other fans in the MLC Autograph Island where, in the first week, you can meet your favorite players and get autographs.

10. Having seen the last rally, take a short walk or take a tram to reach the center of the city and enjoy its famous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, which many consider the best in Australia. That's the beauty of Melbourne Park. It is in the middle of the action, in every way.

How to get to the Australian Open

You can easily walk between Melbourne Park and the city center along the banks of the Yarra River. However, no visit to Melbourne is complete without a trip on the green and yellow tram: Route 70 arrives at Melbourne Park. Other options include bus, train, taxi or water taxi.

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