Microsoft Presents Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Have you yet recovered from the Windows 10 Creators Update? Never mind, because it is already almost time for a new update! At the Build 2017 conference for developers held in Seattle last May, Microsoft unveiled a bit of news related to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the next expected important update for Windows 10 and as the name suggests, it will be during this autumn. Members of the Windows Insider Program will, however, even now begin to become familiar with the most important updates that we will quickly list them:

Windows Story Remix - built on the .NET platform as a universal app for Windows, distributed through the Windows Store, Story Remix leverages learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to organize and transform photos and images into stories, using Microsoft Graph to connect with friends on other devices different, reconstructing memories of events (also with photos and videos created by the friends mentioned above), automatically adding soundtrack, main theme and transitions.

Integration between Windows, iOS and Android devices - via the Microsoft Graph technology, new features will be introduced that allow sharing work tools (and others) from PC to phone and vice versa. The Timeline allows you to retrace the last things done, to recover on the fly that was left in abeyance; in a similar manner, Cortana may suggest opening a document on your PC just closed, so as to complete it. Still, the notes will be saved to the cloud, which means that a link, image, or else can be retrieved from any device. All these new features will be available, as well as on Windows 10, even on iOS and Android terminals.

Windows Store - in addition to the expected renewal of the user interface, the Windows Store will welcome very popular applications like Spotify, iTunes, Autodesk suite and SAP Digital Boardroom.

Controller for Mixed Reality - viewers for mixed reality will be distributed to developers in the coming weeks, and for the occasion Microsoft unveiled its controller that does not require markers in the room (such as in the case of HTC Vive), with trigger, buttons, touchpad and analog sticks and the optical sensors directly on the controller, so as to make almost immediate use.

As mentioned, the build with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is available for members of the Windows Insider program, whose entry is free.