Park Street: Beirut of the East

by - August 19, 2016

Park Street is a symbol of the city of Kolkata. One of the favorite destinations of tourists from around the world, especially during the Christmas season, Park Street offers a huge amount of possibilities and attractions, which includes museums, pubs, nightclubs, five star hotels, bookstores, cafes, historic as well as modern restaurants, fast food hubs, music stores and parks in and out, but there are also not to be missed events and for that you have to visit the city at Christmas to see a musical and go shopping!

In the period from December to January, musicals and shows in Calcutta literally steals and the reason is very simple, as they are great! Shopping in Calcutta is a truly unique experience, which is able to attract tourists from all over and that is part of the collective as well as the great symbols of the city such as the Victoria Memorial or the Howrah Bridge.

I suggest you to start with the half-empty suitcases or duffel bag with a nice extra, because once arrived here you will realize that shopping is the most natural thing in the world! The winter sales will seduce you as the siren song and you'll be spoiled for choice of shops, department stores and Christmas markets. Here the Christmas market offer everything from clothes to accessories to objects for the home.

Park street is filled with colorful fancy decorations, with the streets full of life and shops glow with their signs and showcases, while you travel a walk the sidewalks flooded with people. The Christmas in Park Street is a wonderful experience, with a merry bunch of festive people smiling even in the cold. On December 25, the streets are filled with crowds who celebrate in a very special way, waiting for the celebrations for the new year.

Park Street is the way of not only night owls but also renowned for its high concentration of restaurants and food outlets. Park Street was once entirely dotted with clubs where you could listen to Jazz and other Western sounds.

The area is considered one of the most attractive areas of Kolkata, in the center of the capital, and is surrounded by the most important buildings of the city in fact, the park is located east of Chowringhee Road, and to the west of the Maidan, which is elegant and is one of the major attractions of the city. It is also a stronghold of the old theatres, leggings, tight clothing, bicycles, vintage tea rooms, markets for organic products and all kinds of festivals from jazz, rock, street art and even hot air balloons that attract every year at the end of the year nearly a lakh people.

Not to mention the multitude of spaces that surround the street from picturesque shops, bars, museums of contemporary art. But, under the dress of the lady, cultivates a energy which is much more radical. Heir to a mixture of cultural and underground culture, the street absorbs influences from UK, US to India.

To feel the real pulse of Kolkata, you have to venture into the neighborhoods of Park Street, with its record stores, its merchants of spices, used clothing stores and its walls besieged by street artists. Now, in fact, the reality is the combination of ancient and modern. Thus, those who look with the nose of the giant glass and steel, even before getting on the viewing platform, cannot but be fascinated by this Gothic vision.

Now, in addition to traditional pie shops, you will find stores from around the world. And, the side streets, are filled with historic cafeteria of flurys, a tea room for those who love strong coffee, sour and full-bodied. Just opposite, in this corner of the delights, then here is a historic pub in which to satisfy their desire for beers such as Mocambo, Blue Fox, Moulin Rouge, Trincas, Peter Cat to Someplace Else.

A trip to Park Street during the holiday season will project you directly into the dream and myth which you've always seen on the big screen! Get to know the city where everything is possible! Come to Park Street and live the dream!

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