Happy New Year 2017

Welcome 2017! Nothing can motivate us more for a new enterprise, the achievement of a new milestone and from this point of view, 2017 awakens creativity and the desire to do. A period of great enthusiasm and renewal, run by transiting planets in signs of the zodiac symbol of creativity and resourcefulness.

Over the next few months will be favored all those who have a new career path or an important task to be addressed, or simply want to test, also every initiative will be even more favorable if the match net 2016.

There those who return hope for new projects and, depending on their abilities, can achieve something very important. There will be interesting opportunities to be grasped at air, success for those who perform an activity linked to contacts and mediation, especially if it belongs at the sign of Libra or Sagittarius. Aries or Cancer will have to adopt a more responsible attitude views the tensions emerged in recent months.

One of the important moments of 2017 will be represented by the long transit of Venus in Aries, from February 3 to 6 June. This particular period will call into play many situations and we can expect major changes both personally and socially. New transits of 2017 seek to shed light on every aspect of our personality, and will need to be more responsible, observe and analyze the relationships clearly.


In Germany, parties are common on New Year's Eve (Silvester). The fireworks are well known, and are made on both familiar and municipal levels. Every year Berlin hosts one of the biggest New Year's Eve celebrations across Europe, with more than a million people. The most important point is the Brandenburg Gate, where at midnight are held fireworks. The Germans receive the New Year with a glass of Sekt (German sparkling wine) or champagne.

Since 1972, on every New Year's Eve, several television channels broadcast a short comedy in English recorded by RFA television in 1963 entitled Dinner for one. A skit phrase, the same procedure every year, it has become a typical expression in Germany. Bleigießen (discharge of lead) is another of the customs, mixing divination with forms made with lead cast introduced in cold water. Other actions include touching a chimney sweep or rubbing the forehead with ashes to bring good luck and health. They eat marmalade donuts with or without liquor. Finally, it is tradition to eat piglets made of marzipan.


In Argentina, the New Year is celebrated with a dinner that usually brings together family and friends. Traditional dishes include roast or cold dishes such as Tonne vitel, the turkey stuffing, crumb sandwiches and piononos. For desserts are the sweet bread, nougat, dried fruits, mantecol and frozen desserts.

At midnight, people drink cider or champagne and usually go outside to throw fireworks and toast with the neighbors. In the early morning, after family celebrations, it is common for young people to attend parties to celebrate the new year. The nightclubs, streets and the resorts are filled with people until dawn. There are usually parties in the streets, in all parts of the country. They are cut for traffic and loudspeakers are removed from the houses.

Because the celebration is during the austral summer, it is a recent habit of many families to spend the new year in tourist resorts on the Atlantic coast.


In Rio de Janeiro, there are fireworks and concerts along the entire coastline of the city. The main congregation, however, takes place on Copacabana Beach. In the Vespera do Ano Novo, the fireworks at Copacabana last 16 minutes and include the participation of about two million viewers. In São Paulo, Avenida Paulista concentrated fireworks and musical performances. The celebration brings together more than 2 million people, including more than 100,000 tourists. Earlier in the evening of 31 December, the city annually hosts the San Silvestre race with a distance of 15 km, without going through the city center. In Fortaleza, the main fireworks show takes place on the site of Praia de Iracema.


In Chile, the celebration of New Year is expected with great expectation by its inhabitants, who go out to celebrate in the most symbolic streets of their city with different clothes and party objects. Also in these dates are usually followed by cabbalas of New Year which have been passed down from generation to generation and are always fulfilled to the letter. Undoubtedly the night of the old year in Chile can be considered as a national holiday which always lengthens until the dawn of the new arrival new year.

The most celebrated celebrations of this country are the pyrotechnic spectacle of the Entel Tower in the city of Santiago and the one that is realized in the coastal edge of the city of Valparaíso.

At the beginning of the new year it is tradition to embrace the people who are with you celebrating the neighbors, or at the holidays at the end of the year, it is for the same, habitual to see in the mass celebrations in the streets people greet with the corresponding embrace to The carabineros (policemen) who are in service that night, already strangers in the street. After the hugs we proceed to offer for the new year and to carry out the different rituals (lentils, grapes, suitcases, etc.)


It is a traditional celebration that is tried to celebrate with family. Regularly reunited families wait for the sound of music, the radio announcement that the year is over. In the Caribbean coast is very common to hear the version guarachera of Anibal Velasquez Hurtado of Missing Five pa twelve, the song New Year Billo's Caracas Boys and throughout the country considered popular hymn of the date old year Colombian Crescencio Salcedo. Upon reaching twelve, the family welcomes saying Happy New Year, giving good wishes and then go to the streets to greet neighbors and friends.

Some people come to omen like eating twelve grapes before the twelve bells asking for a wish for grapes, or to turn the apple with a suitcase symbolizing a new year full of many trips, likewise, it is usual to wear colored underwear Yellow to attract good luck. There is also the usual, especially in poor neighborhoods and middle class, to develop and burn the old year, a rag doll which were incorporated rockets and other devices based powder although they have been banned to avoid accidents.

The New Year's Eve is one of the most important holidays in the country, it evokes a festive and joyful time in which families and friends strengthen their ties. On the Caribbean Coast and in the Valle del Cauca, pachangas and verbenas are performed, street parties where some neighbors take to the street the sound equipment known as pickups.

In the interior of the country the family dinners are accustomed accompanied by music and liquor, and the first of January is the popular Olla walk as a tradition, in which utensils are usually brought to a river or beach and cooked In the company of the family. Also in the center of the country are celebrations between families and meetings celebrating the end of the year. In the municipality of Turbaco , Bolívar, people share with family and perform bullfights for 5 days from December 28 to January 1.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, there are several customs and superstitions that are widespread throughout the ages, but mostly families and friends, gather around 8 pm until 1 or 2 in the morning the next day. During that time, families are enjoying dinner, eating roast beef, tamales, drinking wine, another alcoholic beverage or coffee, and just before midnight, they all make the count to shout: "Happy New Year!" Then everyone goes out to the neighborhood to congratulate their neighbors on the year and there are powder games all over the country.

It is customary to tune in the Radio Reloj station to listen to the countdown, and at twelve o'clock Ave Maria is heard and the song "El año Viejo" by Tony Camargo is sung. The people gathered greet each other and wish the best for the new year.


The most popular tradition when midnight arrives, is to burn an effigy or old year representing the past year. The custom is popularized throughout the country. The old are burned at 00:00 hours on January 1 in the streets of cities, often quite rumble (it is common to fill the old with firecrackers) and then this is followed by a dinner and festivities. Time back to the stick figures with garments worn stuffed with sawdust or newspaper, now manufactures mainly wood, cardboard, and paper, and in recent years was made in Guayaquil has become customary construction of giant puppets and elaborate that In some cases up to ten meters.

Competitions are held to choose the best stooge, mainly in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil. And there are live performances with pyrotechnic games throughout the country. It is very common during the December 31 especially in popular areas that men disguise themselves as widows and ask for money on the streets to cars passing, accompanied by dances and picaresque words and representing the grievance felt by the "mad Widow for the next game of her husband, in this case the year that is about to end.

All this to the beat of generally tropical music. In the houses it tend to build a place where the puppets or placed old-age, set in humorous scenes, so that people see them . Of the monigotes tends to hang posters with phrases about the chosen characters. This tradition tends to reunite the neighborhoods and families, since the puppets are armed by the people of the home or the neighborhood as well as the atmosphere they are given.

Other less popularized customs are:

Reading a testament where the purposes for the new year are recounted or all misfortunes are read such as to keep away the bad. Place a high denomination ticket in the right shoe to have money or hold the ticket during zero hour to have money all year. Wearing yellow underwear if you want luck, a red if you want luck in love or an orange if you want to have power.

Taking out a suitcase and run with it all the apple to be able to travel during the new year. Eating twelve grapes twelve minutes before the end of the year, one for each month to have abundance in the twelve months.
It is customary to dine with the whole family together, the special dish usually is pork or turkey. In the toast of the dinner is customary to toast for the good deeds of those present.

While the monigote is burned, some families are accustomed to jump on the bonfire to bring luck in the coming year. For burning the old year in the capital, Quito and many other parts of the country as Guayaquil, many tend to tune to a particular radio station in which it is given the countdown to zero hour. Among the most popular for the occasion are Cristal Radio, Radio Sonorama, Radio Caravan and other radio and radio stations in the country instead of Radio Tarqui which went off the air after 60 years of being on the air on radio.


In Spain, the tradition on New Year's Eve that is most widespread is the twelve grapes. Although it is thought that had its origins in Elche, in 1909, the year in which some vintners of the region of Alicante of the Bajo Vinalopó initiated it to output a surplus harvest, it is documented at least since December 1897. 7 consists to eat a grape each stroke that gives the clock from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, at 12 pm on December 31, before, of course, accompanied with a nice dinner at meeting the entire family. It is said that whoever does not eat the 12 grapes before the end of the bell will have a year of bad luck.

For some years it has also become fashionable to wear red underwear, boxers, scarf, caps etc. Each city of Spain has a special place for the New Year. Thousands of people gather there in front of a century-old clock. After the 12 bells, already in the new year, it is very common to congratulate the year with all the relatives of the dinner and to call to all that are outside. For this reason, telephone lines are collapsed for several minutes after the entry of the New Year. Then it is provided with champagne, cava or cider. There is one who introduces a gold jewel in the cup, usually an alliance, to augur luck next year.

This event is broadcast live on television. The 12 bells are issued every year from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. It eats a grape every three seconds, one for each chime. Previously, before the bells, lower a metallic ball of the clock and they sound four quarters.

New Year's Eve in 1989, the speaker of Spanish Television Marisa Naranjo was mistaken and announced like quarters which were actually bells and involuntarily leaving many Spaniards without being able to eat grapes. This incident was much discussed in the press and remembered since, was attributed by the presenter to various problems of organization of TVE, which, in the absence this year of a balcony in the Puerta del Sol, made the relay from a room without Views or sound of the clock, using a small television, and without prior testing or sufficient advance. In 2014 South Canal was a major error. To the third grape was the image in black and appeared two announcements. As a result many Andalusians remained without seeing the chimes.

In addition to the chimes and twelve grapes, it is very typical in many municipalities of Spain, receiving the New Year by lighting large fires.

Also in the town of Coin ( Malaga ), Malaga (Capital), Pamplona, El Viso del Alcor (Sevilla), in Najera (La Rioja), Lebrija (Sevilla) and Casariche (Sevilla) there was a custom that is already being tradition Disguise itself on this date, being able to see the old town full of people disguised shortly after the bells, rockets, fireworks, dolls of rags that are later burned as in the feast of San Juan.

It should be added that for a few years Salamanca University New Year's Eve is celebrated the last Thursday before the Christmas holidays. This celebration has its origins in a group of faculty that decided to take the 12 grapes in the form of jelly beans in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca at 00.00, since on New Year's Eve each one would be with their respective families in their cities and could not celebrate together.

This tradition is spreading throughout Spain and all cities want to celebrate it. Officially it was celebrated for the first time in 2008 in Salamanca, in 2009 in Zamora, and again in Salamanca in 2010. It should be known that in 2010, although the official party was in Zamora was more successful the party salmantina.

In Caceres, meanwhile, the New Year is celebrated by the inhabitants of the city on December 24, Christmas Eve with a party called "The canes of Spain". Because most of the Caceres live in other cities, they take advantage of the visit to the city for the family dinner and to meet that same day from 12 in the morning until dinnertime with their friends and acquaintances to drink Beer, hence the name. It is a party whose origins are unknown and that every year brings more fans to the point of providing a special road safety device due to the crowding of people in the vicinity of bars.


In Honduras it is customary to be in family with a dinner which is traditionally a chicken or a stuffed chicken, tamales and turrets, the atmosphere is very cheerful with children bursting all kinds of rockets and pyrotechnic games. For the hour 00:00 AM it is customary to burst the doll or pichingo, which can often represent the caricature of some famous or controversial character that occurred in that year.

This is done in every neighborhood and colony of the country, where all the neighbors go out to see the "dummy" that is stuffed with rockets, mortars, and so on. Then all the people begin to hug each other, then almost always the Thanksgiving dinner is done, thanking all the good of the year that goes away and then the party continues to welcome the new year with fireworks and toasts.


Traditionally, this date has not been celebrated Christmas as much as in Britain , but since 2000 have seen many changes. With 10 seconds remaining for 12 p.m., the Britons do the traditional countdown to the clock as the clock chimes, hugging and kissing to congratulate the coming year. After the congratulations, all present join hands and sing a traditional song called Auld Lang Syne.

In addition, lately, you can see how some families and friends throw fireworks to celebrate the New Year, something that was formerly reserved for Bonfire Night. While in London, with Big Ben background, it becomes a party with large numbers of people gather there to celebrate the end of the year. To this is added the writing of the New Year's resolutions, something that has to be done on December 31 before dinner.


In recent years it has gained popularity among people use New Year's Eve, underwear red, to attract love; And yellow underwear, to attract money. This tradition is clearly promoted by clothing manufacturers, to stimulate sales. There are those who leave with a suitcase at the door of the house, taking a short tour of the street where they live, with the illusion of having the good fortune to go on a trip during this beginning year.

In this country there are many rites and beliefs that promise a good year (mainly health, money and love). Among the most popular, in addition to the aforementioned, there is the belief of putting a small plastic lamb, or miscellaneous materials, behind the main entrance of a house during the first hours of the year, to attract money. Another is to do folds in the form of a pyramid to a dollar bill and put it in the wallet; As well as wrap coins in a red canvas and put it inside the wallet.

There is also the belief of eating a plate of boiled lentils right at midnight, or wearing the upside down underwear with the same good luck. It is also commonly found in traditional markets fragrances, seed mixes, floor cleaners and warlocks and specialists in subjects such as tarot and signs of the zodiac by the famous clean. All this in order to, according to the sellers, attract a prosperous year.

New Year's Eve dinner is varied, from roast turkey, red or green pozole (chicken or pork), rosemary, tenderloin, cod, pork leg and salad apple, in the center of the country, as well as the traditional chipotles capped and stuffed with cheese or huachinangos chilli stuffed with tuna. In the north the customary kid, fry, as well as roast and meatloaf. In the southeast region, sweet pastries with fruit, commonly called cod soup and the sandwichón (liquefied mixture of ham, cheese, red pepper and mayonnaise with their layers of white bread) are chosen.

The toasts are made with cider or champagne, giving thanks for the past year and to succeed in the new year. It is very common the embrace with people close, as a symbol of affection, and with strangers, as a sign of friendship. After dinner, it is customary to leave a person on the street to turn on some lights or lighting fireworks commonly called rockets, then go to celebrate with friends at a nightclub or house with an abundant food table.

In some places in the south of the country, they often make a doll with old rags and fireworks, representing the year that ends, which they burn at midnight, in what is called the Burning of the Old Year. Another custom that is in some places in Mexico, concerning dismissing the old year and receiving the new one, is to organize and clean your house, so that, with that cleaning, discard what is no longer useful, And thus, have space to receive the new that will arrive in the year that begins.

In some coastal places, it is customary to go out and see the first sunrise of the year from the sea. In some states of the republic it is still customary to shoot bullets in the air at the beginning of the new year, a situation that puts at risk the integrity of the people who are celebrating outside their homes. This custom is not legally permitted, and charges victims every year.

It is also common in some families to do the countdown and at the time of counting "0" (it is 12:00 at night), begins to burst colored balloons, whether they are on the floor or glued On the wall, to get lucky in the coming year; Or, sit down and return to each stroke for the same purpose. In Mexico it is customary also eat twelve grapes for each chime, a tradition brought from Spain, so it is also an alternative to the last mentioned beliefs.

Some people have the habit of writing down their three most important desires, and by 12 o'clock at night, they burn the paper in a white cup, clear without anyone else reading it. With this they are believed to be fulfilled.

On the other hand, in Cacrichi, Chihuahua, for the Rarámuris or Tarahumaras, the celebrations begin on December 12 and end on January 6. They drink to get drunk with some fermented drink made of cooked corn called teswino , share their food with others and perform dances. This celebration is called yumari, commonly known as the Guadalupe Bridge kings.


In Peru is the custom of making dolls by hand, which carry within objects stopped being used in the old year, in addition to fires that explode when the doll is burned. Currently these dolls are made of cardboard, for those who do not have time to make one by hand; Also usually carry in one of their hands the calendar of the previous year. This celebration is often accompanied by fireworks in the popular castles, wooden structures or cane filled with pyrotechnic artifacts. However, there are many cultures living in Peru and the above customs are carried out in the cities, with the largest presence in the capital Lima , so there are several ways to spend the new year in the provinces of this country, Reason why the tourism grows in these dates.

In the provinces, for example Cuzco, at 12 midnight the circle is usually surrounded by the main square, where tourists participate and is a great tourist attraction of this city. As in other Latin American countries, on the coast, they eat 12 grapes at midnight and 12 wishes are requested. But in addition to this, there are other superstitious customs, such as throwing coins out the window for economic prosperity or turning the apple around with a backpack to travel in the next year.

Puerto Rico

New Year's Eve buzz and hubbub is more around Puerto Rico. On the night of December 31, people gather to look forward with great excitement to the arrival of the new year, which will receive music, bugles, whistles and confetti. Although, in order to avoid accidents, the government has banned the use and sale of pyrotechnics, there is no shortage of people who manage to get rockets, firecrackers and fireworks.

Families celebrate eating roasted suckling pig, rice with pigeons, cakes, potato salad or coditos and desserts like tembleque or arroz con dulce. Arriving at twelve, friends and family greet each other with a hug and a kiss as a wish for a happy new year. Some television and radio channels transmit the traditional "Brindis del Bohemio", while in the street everything is a fuss. To dismiss the year, people, even when they do not leave their homes, usually dress in new clothes. Thus they leave behind all the old and prepare to receive the good luck, that the new year brings them.

Another custom that some realize is to eat twelve grapes, just when the clock strikes twelve. This tradition comes from Spain and is supposed to bring a lot of prosperity to the person. Some Puerto Ricans throw a bucket of water into the street to strip the home of everything bad and prepare it for the good to come.

Dominican Republic

Many Dominicans are accustomed to celebrating this day in a familiar way, in the house of a relative or friend, they usually have fun drinking beer, although the custom is to drink wine, cider, champagne or rum. As for the food, traditionally pork, turkey or roast chicken eats telera, sheet cakes, rice, and other dishes of the Dominican cuisine. It is also usual, after the cannon shot, wait the moments before dawn dancing and listening to music in a hotel, disco or public place.

El Salvador

Just like Christmas, women generally at early hours of the day begin preparations for New Year's Eve dinner, since Salvadorans like to eat and celebrate in a big way. It is also customary to dress in premiere clothes as it is customary to spend Christmas Eve in a family; Even many people travel from all over the world, especially from North America, to spend the last night of the year gathered as in old times. Traditionally turkey is eaten at dinner, however most families usually eat chicken, breads with chicken or tamales.

Children, young people and some adults spend the night breaking rockets or dancing, especially in those municipalities that celebrate their festivities at this time, dances are organized in public squares, even in cantons where they celebrate after midnight . Generally the largest rockets are left just for 12 at night, while listening to the song "Missing five pa'las twelve", eat as usual the 12 grapes representing 12 wishes to be fulfilled next year .

The twelve bells are usually heard by radio or in churches and just before El cañonazo and the national anthem. Also, the typical songs "El Año Viejo" by Crescencio Salcedo and popularized by Tony Camargo, "Faltan cinco pa 'las Doce" by Néstor Zavarce and "New Year" by the Venezuelan band Billo's Caracas Boys. On January 1, many Salvadorans go to the different beaches and tourist centers of the country.


In Uruguay, the year end festivities begin the night of 31 December at 11:00, when companies finish their working hours. In some buildings of the Old Town and center where many offices are concentrated in Montevideo , year papers are thrown from the windows celebrating the culmination of the work year. Also water is thrown to the passers-by, so you have to be attentive, this mainly in the Old Town.

Following this, the montevideana appointment is in the Old Port Market, where thousands of citizens concentrate to toast the year gone by and the arrival of the new. Champagne, cider, beer and the particular Half and half of Roldós are the Uruguayan drinks to raise the glasses. Accompanying with typical barbecues, popular music and friends.

The night comes accompanied by classic roasts, pork, sausages, blood sausage, chinchulines, etc. About twelve o'clock at night the sky is lit with thousands of fireworks that the people make sound. And already receiving the new year, the parties of all styles, from cumbias, candombe, murgas and rock in different and varied corners of the city; concentrating the largest variety of alternatives, Old City, the Park Rodó and Pocitos.

Another tradition is to throw a bucket of water from the balcony to get rid of negative energies and welcome the new cycle. It is customary to have dinner with extended family so, after midnight, to continue the day in private parties or in the streets, for example. In coastal areas and in the cities of Colonia del Sacramento and Carmelo is very common for a large number of people concur to the beach after 12 pm, and follow the festivities there with music, drink and fireworks, which is A great party of particular appeal for tourists looking for fun at these dates of the year.


In Venezuela is tradition to eat twelve grapes. Similarly, the tradition of wearing brand new clothes with yellow underwear to attract good luck, money in hand for abundance and also go out the door of the house or walk around the urbanization with a suitcase to augur Good trips in the New Year. All this, during the twelve strokes that are often heard on the radio or in churches and just before the gun and the national anthem.

Like, the typical Old Year songs Crescencio Salcedo and popularized by Tony Camargo, It's five pa Twelve of néstor zavarce and New Year by the Venezuelan band Billo's Caracas Boys, accompanied by the poem of Andrés Eloy Blanco "Grapes of Time". All the popular Radio Rumbos seconds before the bells and fireworks. A toast with champagne can not be missing and some, with a gold ring inside the glass. There is also the family dinner at a rich table foods, known hallacas, chicken salad, among others, as well as going to want the happy new year to friends and neighbors, and among younger, after family rituals, Go dancing in nightclubs.

The arrival of Las 12 or New Year, in Venezuela, mainly in the center of the country, is also called El Cañonazo since the arrival of January 1 was announced by the sound of one of the cannons of the barracks San Carlos, sound that invaded the old Caracas announcing to its citizens the arrival of a new year. Some people tend to make a doll with old rags, gunpowder and gasoline (representing the year ending) that light up at 12 midnight in what is called the burning of the Old Year . This is intended to erase the bad memories left by the old year to welcome the new year with joy.

2017 Horoscope

Saturn will be in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra and from October in Scorpio. The major aspects of 2017, especially in the first six months, are the opportunity to improve for some signs will be easier, especially for those of fire. Enough with the impossible love! The presence of Jupiter in Libra strengthens the sense of justice and the couple's desire and in Scorpio from October promotes sexuality.

Saturn in Sagittarius builds and does not destroy and allows the majority to find other ways to go net if errors were committed in the past. And more and Jupiter in good aspect soothes the mind of those born Libra, one of the protagonists of the year, while the Gemini people should be interested a little more with people, to look for the reasons of a deep bond, and Aquarius will deepen what is wrong without being too shallow. Recall that 2016 was dominated by a dissonance between Saturn and Jupiter, the two planets that in 2017 will return as friends and there will be well-being for all zodiac signs.

Spring is pleased to award at Sagittarius and Leo at the sweet risk of falling in love. With the autumn stars, and the passage of Jupiter in Scorpio just that zodiac sign finds himself a great fighting spirit and in terms of experience and carriers! In fact, throughout 2017 it will be a test case for the majority of us. It requires a reorganization of the love life, if you belong to the sign of Cancer as mentioned, the last months of 2016 have not been easy and even the job requires more serenity.

2017 brings higher awareness and inner growth that will also help you avoid emotional problems and affective. The thing that will amaze everyone in this new year sard the sudden impulse to prepare, plan, coordinate. In the blink of an eye the order and the organization will become necessary. If the first thought was important to just impose your ideas, have a leadership role to feel estimated, now things change and increases the desire to live just for the pleasure of being in the world.

For those who live a story for a long time and it belongs to a fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) the search for a new love will prove important motto. For these path in the coming months it will be easier, in particular, will get a great personal success and win challenges. The sign of Pisces will settle their old accounts and bring order into their lives.

The Virgo in 2017 will freely exploit the first months of the year, particularly in the spring, there will be possible changes in duties, cohabitation or important decisions in love, if not already done something last year. Many Virgos also happens to expose their problems at the world, an unusual thing, because this is a very intimate and reserved sign! All new opportunities will be exploited also in the fall, when it will be provided a remarkable recovery, a confirmation or a great success, according to your ability!

Recall that the Taurus will have to move in the months considered favorable, in any case by the summer. At year end, there may be a change of direction or guidance. It's better to save money before August. It is one of the signs that will have to roll up their sleeves in view of a good autumn success.

Regardless of zodiac sign, a new vision of the self help will begin the process of evolution; Also it is important to regain the ability to listen to others, something that is often lacking because we all have the defect to talk much, exposing our problems without considering the opinion or ideas of others. 2017 also calls for change in projects held for too long. If a work has been going on for years and you think you are tired, do not get nervous and do not fret too much. Remember 2017 will be run by creative planets.

Regardless of the sign, everyone can start a new life path! Imagine having many open doors, one of these could lead to a great serenity, and also a new experience working with these stars making proposals that give satisfaction. It is possible in the coming months to have major interests, and indeed the general trend of the year that allows new exploration.

It will be crucial to avoid playing different roles depending on the situation only to attract the attention of others or be loved. It's better not to play several parts just to please the person in front. This is the year of a new start, a new life, in which you have to accept the transformations that affect character and destiny. A requirement that, in the coming months, will not be linked only to the hope of improving that all we want to get at the beginning of the new year, but also to the need to act in a direct and concrete manner.

As always, the New Year marks a symbolic border. We need to start again and do it with the right footing to learn from our mistakes and declare the goals that are important to us. A survey showed that daydreaming has a very important function. To transform your desires you need to believe in it and push yourself to where you've never dared, but with method and discipline!

Daydreaming improves your ability to plan for the future and a real stimulus for creativity can increase the skill problem solving. According to research, this is because through the images processed by our brains, it give strength to our desires. Add details to your desires and leverage the time before going to sleep that have the effect of a meditation which can give positive input to your mind.

Giving life to the dreams means learning to live in everyday life. Big changes start with small things and especially by a different mental approach. Keeping a diary helps, because it gives strength, supporting you in difficult times and constitutes a historical memory that over time will allow you to remember the route implemented.

The first step to change your life is to act differently. The Internet is a valuable tool, as long as used with intelligence. Tip a timer, it is a way to control the time by not losing precious hours to chat and small talk. Delete the friendships which only gossips and learn to devote more attention to who inspires you positively. Thanks to the web get information and make new friends, a great stimulus to find new contacts.

Create a document where you keep track of useful resources, objectives and do not overlook the difficulties. Taking account of the obstacles is essential, because it helps to develop new strategies and have a realistic view. Avoid underestimating your blocks. Very often what stands between your dreams and success is your mind!

Here are some messages for the wishes of a Happy New Year 2017 to share with your loved ones through SMS, whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other social media sites.

Wish you a happy and successful year and like a jewel, may you see a little more beautiful world.
Happy New Year

May you have a great year ahead,
May you have lots of satisfaction
May all your wishes come true.
Happy new year.

Best wishes for the new year and may your every hour be filled with joy and happiness.

The light that rises at the dawn of this new year, may bring in your home so much happiness and joy that you rediscover the pleasure of living with renewed happiness and love. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to one and all of my family and friends. You are ever present in my life and gives us confidence, strength and energy. Cheers to you, cheers to me and the year to come. Happy New Year!

Christmas is a celebration, a moment of joy, a time when you all feel better. Christmas is the beginning of a new life. Christmas is really a moment of magic and a period, almost one of a kind but the fact is that words have power, and at Christmas time when we pronounce it, we are helping to send into the ether thoughts of love. There are many ways to make this Christmas a little different than usual.

Always remember that any holiday tradition has its own meaning and is not a simple fashion or habit, especially as regards the customs that come from far away in time and are peculiar to many people of the world. What can do the difference is the spirit in which they are followed.

If we have the knowledge that we are doing something with the intention of attracting well-being, prosperity, abundance, and above all, peace of mind and at Christmas, it is very likely that at least some of our desires, in whole or in part, would magically come true.

Christmas, in fact, is above all a gift. The gift is significant because it is the concrete expression of an affect that transform their feelings, because this is the real spirit of Christmas. Sharing, in short, is above all a gift and it means to transform their good feelings in people's smiles.

Here are some of the most beautiful phrases and messages for xmas to send to your family and friends. Do not waste time. Choose the best Merry Christmas messages that we offer here and send it through a text message, SMS, an email or a share in whatsapp, facebook or twitter.

May this Christmas, your desires come true and brings peace and serenity in your home! Merry Christmas.
My sincere good wishes for Christmas and a happy start to the new year for all of you.
Under the tree this year, I have the greatest gift of our friendship. Many greetings from a person who thinks of you, loves you and will not forget you.
A tree, a thousand colored balls, a thousand lights, the gifts, the cake, the champagne. The light-heartedness in the eyes of the children, the joy in the eyes of the parents, the emotion in the eyes of grandparents. It's Christmas, let us enjoy it to the end.
The best things in life do not look with their eyes but feels with your heart. Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas.
As the stars dance the arrival of the new year, may it fill your life with joy, love and prosperity for a new year full of happiness.
Knock, knock... Merry Christmas, take them and keep them with you because they are made with all my love. Best wishes
Christmas is coming with spectacular gifts, sincere gifts and true love!
Lights, colors, music, gifts, games, smiles, handshakes, living nativity scenes, Santa, big binge, great trips, fun film, fireworks. Everything is Christmas and holiday season, but the greatest joy is to be loved by those who we care about and who we love the most. Merry Christmas!