5 Destinations to Celebrate New Year

Are you tired of celebrating the new year in the same place, tired of the routine and want to know how it is celebrated in other parts of the world. Today I share a list of destinations to celebrate the New Year!


How many times you saw on television how New Zealand receives the first New Year? This city is the first in the world to welcome New Year because of the time zone. The meeting point for locals and tourists is the Sky Tower, the icon of the city. This communications tower is 328 meters high and located in one of the main avenues of the city. Hundreds of fireworks light up at midnight the City of Sails with sailboats moored in the harbor soar.

I had the opportunity to celebrate the new year in Auckland. It was my first big trip away from my family. I celebrated a hostel in the city with several Argentines and Germans who I had just met. Maybe it was the jet lag or emotion but when it was 12 we were still eating the cheese pizza and we saw the fireworks of the tower.

That year instead of embracing my family, I hugged strangers. I ate pizza instead of the typical home food. And instead of making my family tradition to take a suitcase outside to travel, I started traveling! I felt very, very far from home but I overcame the sadness, and got rather a profound sense of adventure and freedom. After 12 we went to one of the main avenues Victoria Street- and celebrations still lingered. There were locals and tourists from different sides celebrating in the streets, sailboats on the harbor's edge and into the bars.

Auckland is a very cosmopolitan destination and a place to learn a lot about different cultures. There are European influences. Polynesian, Asian and Maori live day by day and the new year is a great opportunity to find out.


The city that never sleeps is one of the favorite destinations of people to start a new year. Who has never dreamed of living in the flesh that celebration that we saw in Hollywood movies? Thousands of people gather in Times Square to follow the New York tradition. They see the famous Waterford crystal ball go down at midnight when fireworks illuminate the Statue of Liberty. It is a sphere of 5,386 kgs, 4 meters in diameter and illuminated by 32,256 LEDs.

In this context, and with the cold curtain begins the big party that lasts seven hours and has the participation of guest artists, live music, decoration on the streets and lighting effects. It is also ideal for a couple as the tradition says that after the 12 bells, people should kiss each other. If you decide to opt for this destination bundle up well to welcome the year under a possible snow!


The Thai capital is one of the best cities in Asia to celebrate New Year's Eve. It is a city known for its high concentration of people and variety in nightlife. Couples often opt for romantic plans like dining at restaurants terraces of skyscrapers while groups of friends and young people prefer to go covered by bars in Khao San Road, the backpacker street as they say. Also like Times Square in New York, people focus on the Central World Mall in Bangkok mall where there is a big ball of 20 meters falls at midnight, but with a different atmosphere with stars Thai pop presenting their shows. A tradition is to throw colorful paper lanterns flying through the sky high by a slight flame.

Rio de Janeiro

Cariocas are known worldwide for their joy and festive spirit. I checked last year when I was in October and I was eager to know what it feels like in this city the new year. Is a great time to find out because if there is a party, as popular as glamorous New Year celebration that stands out worldwide is the "Reveillon". In Brazil they call the night of December 31 to Eve. The place is quintessential to celebrate Copacabana Beach. The crowd is concentrated from the last sunset of the year to wait for the new day in the four kilometers of beach.

The new year then comes from the sand, the rhythm of the samba, with parades and fireworks over the sea. According to tradition people wear white (represents peace and purity) and descend to Copacabana Beach for Yemanja Festival. usually also thrown into the sea rafts with flowers and candles to honor the Goddess of the Sea in the religion of the orishas. This destination is ideal for groups of friends who want fun until the sun rises.

TIP: Bring comfortable clothes can be a dress for women and men shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals. It is very common to take a dip in the sea in the midst of so much joy!


In South America one of the great places to celebrate New Year is Valparaiso. People focus on the Plaza Sotomayor early from about 6 pm and watch the extravaganza of fireworks shouting from platforms located on the Pacific Ocean. The show lasts about 25 minutes and is the second largest in South America, after Rio.

Although there are private parties organized in advance in bars and restaurants tickets are quite expensive. The true celebration of the city is on the streets. Local concentrate on Concepción and Alegre hills in the Yugoslavian Gervasoni and Atkinson walks to celebrate among its alleys filled with colorful murals.

And for those who want a quieter plan there are also other options from renting apartments featuring balconies overlooking the sea to watch the fireworks to romantic dinners on yachts in the middle of the bay.

Other possible destinations to celebrate New Year: Montañita (Ecuador), Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Cancun, Mexico), Paris (France), London (England), Berlin Germany), Barcelona ​​(Spain), Edinburgh (Scotland)

Book tickets and hotels in advance as these destinations are very popular and because of the demand for those dates prices are often not economic unless you book ahead of time.


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