Book Review: When a Lawyer Falls in Love - Amrita Suresh

When a Lawyer Falls in Love by Amrita Suresh is a striking depiction of an academic verve with delicate piece of entertaining narrative extricating the minutiae that reclines underneath human feelings and deeds that echoes novelty in occurrence and candour in expressions with a bracing take on amity, adore, relations, associations and other facets of existence.

The story sets off in a reputed law college with apprentices from all over India, and spotlights on a close group of six friends and their travails in the course of the concluding years of their academic lives with the connive gyrating around dealings of the heart and associations of several minds trying to stumble on love in the midst of everything with central characters being Ankur Palekar and Sonali Shah and Souvik Bose and Jaishree Subramanian, reciting the passage of their individual lives strewn with brackish and honey all over and the other two friends Vyas and Pavan assisting in the scheme.

Ankur is the baby-faced wee chunky chap in the assemblage, who has scarlet cheeks, that being the point of his affection and was prized by one and all with his acquaintances fervent to tow his cheeks every time. He has everything going for him, except he doesn’t want a vocation in law and also has diverse points of view relating to the institution of marriage but to top it all, he falls in love with Sonali, the one brawny lass who believes in astrology and manages her studies pretty fine, but is vacillating over her verve and the folks in it.

Ankur and Sonali are the archetypal Bollywood kind acquaintances where one of them is bound to fall for the other, as Ankur turn out to be a cosset to her charisma and cascades intensely in love, but all the time linger in a quandary as Sonali ignores his love and show ephemeral soft spot for the tall and good-looking Rohit Randhawa and gets affianced to this spoilt character leaving Ankur moping as is the case with any invidious aficionado.

There are four accounts going on in concert with one yarn related to the other and with the characters vexed more about their love dealings, one doesn’t truly perceive how the duration sways by. The academic life is just the milieu but the core yarn is as the title implies a love tale or fairly two love accounts and it is not the diaphanous type of love, the metaphors give a flamboyant intuition with level-headed love tales. Astrology and fascination of ordinary souls to discern what is in amassing for them in the upcoming is especially well arrested throughout the narrative.

The book is a subtle cheery narrative that luminously unravels the tale of Ankur and associates in their third year in the academy and after one gets to the final leaves of this light read, they have graduated and are prepared to stride into the big dire planet of lawyers. This tale has all, associates, adore, academy, perplexity, exertion and is a great read with a very uproarious and unsullied approach to life of nascent lawyers, but it is Ankur’s final fate which will keep you hanging till the very last page.

The writer puts across to the youth who wish to love and tie the knot with a person of their choice that before you persuade your elders and society, induce yourself foremost. The furtive to love marriage’s triumph is extremely well tattered by showing when one cohort fails, other ought to rise to the salvage by presenting a helping hand and this is what prolongs love and nuptials.

The characters are two dimensional, but are amusing characters you will fall in love with and covet to make friends with. While reading this one, one can simply connect the characters with somebody you have previously congregated during your academic days and will revivify the reminiscence of each diminutive incident that made you smirk.

The writer carves finely with a kind of silky, feel-good text and uses dialect which is manifestly communicative of her opinion and thinking. In accumulation to austere observance with the widespread daily phrases of young legal graduates, she leaves no stone unturned in concocting in general a fresh way with words.

Inimitably, the author presents the indispensable concord of the humdrum and metaphysical, by reproving all cerebral conceit. The author means to pass on that, each entity is a slave of the state of affairs, which secrete us a lot of times, and entwines the wit and mirthful intricately into the thick of the stratagem.

The author candidly presents the apprehensions of guys for attracting the love of the opposite where a lady emerges a bloke’s solitary worry for all cohorts to come as she grows to become the solitary point in living, making life itself more valued. The author waxes fluently reflecting on accepted beliefs and throughout the narrative, the conception of a vigorous and affirmative opinion in the convention bound Indian culture is significant and manifested.

The message from Amrita Suresh is piercing and patent that prior to shifting the custom bound Indian society, one need to amend their beliefs and trust their associations. If existence is a prospect to enhance ones identity, vacillation impedes the course but trouncing it through focus and good efforts means bliss all the way.

Then comes Souvik, a chap hailing from a secure and traditional family and natters less and acts more, whose ogles do the talking and one of those emblematic guys who you see in the movies whereas Jaishree wears a complete different shade in this tale who are much in love completely converse to the family customs. When Souvik was with Jaishree, stillness was the lone fad that did all the utterance.

The timepiece is how their chemistry unfolds with Souvik feeling awkward, even when proposing to Jaishree, with words getting struck. He was a bloke of written expressions not the vocal one but when Jaishree is mystified about the wedding plan, Souvik comes to her psychological salvage giving her the focus, the internal potency to counteract her father and ultimately the couple’s vigour to rise jointly endures their bonding, and grow to be one eternally.

The other two folks Vyas is a gangly, crazy, grumpy and nosy Aquarian who is befuddled about his girlfriend Caroline’s dangles between him and her cousin from Dubai and also visages an impasse like his associates do. Pavan Nair on the other hand is the funnier of the batch but is also baffled on which lass to ogle, but himself is a world apart and also someone you can recount to, being the fall guy on numerous junctures. He is characteristically poles apart from his fellow graduates. In one way he is in advance of the age group with whom he shares the same classroom and his witty account is certain to rip all to mirth.

The tale will make you wistful reading this narrative, as the memories come alive of acquaintances, academy and studies as you sense and reminisce the Holi revelry, college fiestas where chic, attractive, gorgeous law students meet stylish, sweet, good-looking engineering learners and everybody spends some fine moments.

The youthful law graduates query the normal shape of relationships where they gaze for an air of transformation in a to be or not to be situation. If the notion is love at first sight, the converse is coming close to one's cohort but it is the fusion of nuptials which links pairs for a life of bliss and delight.

Title: When A Lawyer Falls In Love | Author: Amrita Suresh | ISBN: 9788183282055 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Offshoots | Language: English