Sunday, December 4, 2011

Book Review: Three Times Loser - Akash Verma

Three Times Loser, Love Never Dies by Akash Verma is a chronicle of three ladies, Megha, Mandira, Shonali and a guy Alok, entrancing in a journey of love and camaraderie, sacrifice and odium, triumph and failure and aspirations and heart-breaks, winding all the way through the tapered by-lanes of Paliwal Park in Agra to Lucknow University campus to the studios of the dazzling Smile FM station in Delhi, ultimately culminating in the serene locales of Mussoorie.

The tale is in essence a passage through love and the mode the protagonist Alok adopt to amble through the streams of the love saga with three ladies in different phases of life in his journey from college days to university life to work life. Alok is a happy go lucky guy, sincere, understanding and caring, whom any young woman would trance of having as her partner, while he experiences life's diverse vicissitudes and lever them in their own distinctive ways while endeavouring to find success and love.

It all begins with the three ladies in different corners of the earth busy in their own lives, one fine day getting a letter from their lost lover, who has a surprise waiting for them and requests them to meet in Mussoorie at the same faithful date. Will they simply throw away their letters out of the windows or decide to re-visit their lost lover! Why did he call them all at the same time? To unearth the surprise that Alok had kept in store for them and if he will be lucky in the fourth epitaph of his life, you have to scroll through the entire chronicle.

Alok feels that only love and more love can get you happiness and continuing in this spirit, he one day decides to call his lost lovers once again. But would his wish be fulfilled and his lost lovers destined to see the surprise waiting for them. For that you just have to pick-up the book to discover the mystery behind his final call.

Akash Verma has fashioned an allegory for our era and a pleasurable read that will take you back to your youthful romances. The characters are pretty well-etched into it and will soften your feelings, with a dramatic final outcome. The description and flow of the narrative is pretty good as it moves with ease from Alok’s coaching classes in college days to the university and work life days.

The premise of the narrative is fascinating which has a causal meaning and fine sensitivity that will gradually percolate in and swathe around you as you read. At its heart, this volume is a love tale and what becomes the selling point of this tome is the amusing and charming commentary.

This is a fast-paced contemporary amorous tale packed with wittiness, sweetness and a strong bout of excitement, with a few twists to complete the melodrama pretty well. It will tangle your spirit and make you gaze tenderly at the sensation called love; that is so tough to come across; yet effortless to lose.

Alok walks like he’s all that, as the leading girls in the different phases of his life stare at him like he’s more than that while he carries himself in the most self-effacing style and remains jovial in the most amiable, down to earth way.

It all start with Megha during his college days with their sweet encounters during and after the coaching classes each passing day. While rushing around, he crashes into Ashu, the second guy pursuing Megha, who does all he can to prevent him, and eventually Alok's parting to Lucknow for further studies, takes their love apart. Her heart was broken, but slowly settles down marrying Ashu, not out of choice, but the situation.

Mandira appears next in his life during his university days in Lucknow as his music bowls her over. Mutually they ballet beneath a thousand stars and blissfully feed each others spirit through their love. But her long aspirations take her apart to a foreign land and their love slowly subsides.

Finally during his work life enters Shonali who wins him over her charm and confidence, but his life gets even more complicated, when he finds out how spirited and obdurate a lady can be due to her straight-forward attitude, which ruins the relationship as also the career of Alok. He’s no alien to struggles in life whether it is tackling Megha’s lover or the whims and fancies of Shonali much against his wishes.

Alok is strong and believes in himself, but there is irony in the story when he finally decides to choose music as his career and decided to shift to the peaceful locales of Mussoorie, free and clear from the company of women, only to reminiscence about his past associations.

Title: Three Times Loser...Love Never Dies | Author: Akash Verma | ISBN: 9789380349466 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Srishti Publishers | Language: English