Saturday, December 24, 2011

Book Review: Along the Way - TGC Prasad

Along the Way by TGC Prasad is a dramatic witty and humorous tale of adore, camaraderie and associations of a man's verve right from passing out of academy to survival strategies in the job sphere and then struggling to persuade the soul mates parents to get hitched to their daughter.

The narrative begins with three friends struggling and surviving jointly in the bottom of the pile at NIT Kozhikode and going on to becoming friends for life. Venkata Subramaniam Adisankara Tanikaburla aka VSAT, son of a small town educator is like a classic neighbourhood chap with syrupy blots, having interest for some fatale female chattels. He is friends with a covert of his own Adi or Aditya, with an astoundingly short name and Raj Malhotra, a archetypal affluent Punjabi boy, whose father dealt in used cars.

Food, drinks, sleep and computers keep Adi engaged, while Raj is simply too contented to take his families obscure specialties forward. Eventually all of them graduate and by a glad happenstance all four of them, along with Anjali's best chum, Srila, are placed with the same software company, TCS, which is supposed to look after and mind for them and present them lifetime service as per VSAT's US fixated conventional parents. They get to see their son's actual progress when he gets posted in the US, where VSAT also ends up calling 911 while trying to call his home

After the training period Srila moves to Chennai, while the others stay behind in Bangalore and the argot is profound with an attractive exposé of the contretemps among the HR section and their supervisors, where they end up putting themselves in a mess after naming their boss, Mani as Hitler and rechristening their HR head, Amit as Pappu. Their boss of course is of the boss is always right nature and does not go easy on them.

It is from here that the writer truly whirls the anecdote and the montage is very glowingly arranged by providing a glance into the lives of software engineers and their expectations and dreams in an uncertain world providing minute delights of the work pressure, US clientele, workplace politics, staff antics, foibles, heartburn over pay rises, overseas trips, visa japes along with other frivolities in the IT sector.

The cultural conflict among the east and the west is depicted in a witty style and illustrates, what IT concerns are prepared to do to acquire talent, by altering their actions towards employees overnight to be in no doubt that they join and once they do the companies will do everything to retain them, not least bringing out their trump card, an onsite prospect in the US, not wanting to lose staff to competition.

A superbly written engaging, pleasing and a warm hearted amusing read picturising small town and city life, charming locales, amity, anecdotes, heartbreak and jesting laced with drollness and wittiness. Along the way by TGC Prasad induces you, not to set it down till finished. The plot and its action counts to the reading delight with it being astonishing in its minimalism.

VSAT's tedious existence transforms during the third year of his studies when he meets and get smitten by a retired colonel’s daughter Anjali, ultimately cascading into love but with a vague upcoming keeping in mind the cultural disparity and the impetuous trivia fond colonel.

VSAT strives to make an impression by buttering him with wine bottles and trivia sessions even though he has no care for it, and trying to please his mother-in-law by making Shahrukh Khan wishing on her birthday. His persistent efforts finally bear fruit in the end and he has his way.

The rumpus visaged by small-town families, brazen out amidst super-fast societal transformations, stepped up by visa rules manifest fissile mother-in-laws to clinch adjustments, while discovering that the stable is firm with an admonition that a few get charged and thus tie the knot but a preponderance still get wedded and then expectant. The writer enlightens it akin to pre-marital encounters, perchance not a huge covenant, as protracted as state of affairs don’t impel it to a registered marriage.

The lingo is simple and the writing is brusque and silky, laced with ample hilarity which makes for a simple and scrupulously pleasant read, opening on an ordinary note but going on to accomplish hilarious highs after the volume catches tempo. Every section opens out to craft an out of the ordinary story in this tale.

VSAT's activities are humorous and so is his affair with his college-times mate with the supporting characters Raj and Adi presenting that they are not elements of the louse chase but are keen to attest themselves as proficient as any erstwhile player in the establishment and in existence.

The blend of characters and their veracities in the tome is utterly plausible with a terrific insight into the Indian IT triumph tale. The girl's colonel father makes the tale exceedingly lively and so do a lot of other petite stuffs that we too experience in our lives.

Title: Along The Way | Author: Tgc Prasad | ISBN: 9788129117847 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Rupa Publication | Pages: 368 | Language: English