The Perfect World by Priya Kumar

The Perfect World by Priya Kumar is the journey to the inner depths of our souls to reclaim the hidden powers, which lay dormant through our lifetime, till we decide to switch it on. In the process, the author takes us to the dream world Zedius, where in her words “There is too much perfection. Everything is right. And you know how devastating that can be? It’s like sleeping with the enemy”.

The author would barely be assumed of telling a tale of celestial journey to a new sphere in a secluded galaxy. And thus far that is among the destinations in this implausible intrigue. The author gives a beautiful example, where a rat in its quest to reach the top of the world and set itself free, has to sacrifice its tail to an alligator, which helped it cross a river, a leg to a mongoose who helped him cross a snake-infested land and a eye to a llama who hid him in his coat to climb a mountain filled with wolves.

But before glee could set in the rat, the shadow of the eagle loomed high and when the rat has lost all hopes firmly clutched in the claws of the eagle, the eagle swooped low and perch it to the highest point on the peak of the mountain of liberation. As the news spread of the rat being ruling in a land where only eagles could dare everyone, the ones who took advantage of it earlier begged forgiveness from it and in the process, other creatures who could never have thought of such an adventure set out for their own journey of liberation.

The author uses a forest and a perfect world as a visual unknown of what lays ahead for us. She explains that all over existence, we get nearer to the finish of one trail only to be faced with a diverse one. Every conduit represents stages within our lives or conditions as they transform. The winds of transformation waft all around us, making us arctic, vague, while yet flaming with a passionate inferno for love and life.

The central character, Niki Sanders is living a life less ordinary with a baggage of thoughts as she squanders at achieving brilliance, equally on the professional and individual facade with a challenging relationship besides nerve-racking vocation. This is when she decides to break free and not just from herself and the material world, but to an alien planet which needs to be saved from too much of perfection!

And, it is through this journey of trying to induce flaws in perfection, the author try to delve into how we can realise our hidden potential, but then, when you start feeling that this will be another motivational kind of book, it actually zooms light-years ahead to present to us a neoclassical sci-fiction thriller of sorts, where journey to the alien planet is not so smooth as it looks and you have to cross some extreme hurdles to reach there.

This is an incredible book, one that is full of Priya’s imagination. She has managed to say within the pages of the book of everything you have ever thought or felt within your own life concerning love, friendship, sorrow and redemption and what many of us have felt or wanted to express, yet couldn't find the words.

Aptness is barely the expression of an ingenious, explicitly imaginative intellect.  In these pages, you will perceive the packed assortment of emotions from love to loathing and trepidation to amity. Every reader will effortlessly discover something so as to can recount dealings in their personal lives. The purpose of the novelist is to tap readers in those spaces in the mind and spirit that might not have been touched in a very long period.

The road is waiting for us with life ready to be lived, loved and shared. Convert yourself and arouse to the sensuality harbouring you. No one is meant to walk alone. Together lets follow the trail.