Love in a Wooden Box by Yateen Suman

Juggling amongst campus life, romantic interludes and a terrorist attack, that shakes it all, Love in a Wooden Box by Yateen Suman, is a story about the beauty of love in all forms, which just happens irrespective of age, character or nature of people, charmingly juxtaposed with a spate of terrorist attacks that has suddenly plagued the region, which doesn’t even leave their campus untouched, throwing the love affairs into a tizzy. The tale is kind of a mini-suspense thriller of sorts where only at the very end you can discover the real maniac behind this game.

Starting of with four friends joining a premier engineering college, who has to pass through the harsh initial days of torturous ragging in their campus, the protagonist, Gautam finally stands upto it and slowly life comes to a normal, with Gautam, after getting dejected by his first lover, gets fascinated by class-mate Meenakshi and falls in love with her instantly. What Gautam doesn't know is that there's more to Meenakshi, the other dark side of her life that she has kept away from him, something that cannot only change his life, but also destroy it.

She immediately charms Gautam with her sheer beauty and talents, and the first part of the book has the courtship waltzing its way through a sequence of blissful passionate moments. They want to feel love and life as it should be, in its many colours and spends some of the most precious moments of their lives like they have never before. Theirs is kind of a dream love-story which any ideal lover would love to go through, till the gloss comes out and the identities of the people behind the masks come to the fore.

It takes you on a journey through college life, the ragging days, student politics, and the ups and downs in love, friendship and life that keeps you blooming when you are away from family, the everyday excitement and the numerous moods that you experience in those existences, where you melee to make something out of yourself. The switch between the initial lustrous campus lives and the terrorism element thereafter was suave and not even a instant you’ll feel it being out of milieu.

The quixotic interludes are beautifully transcribed with just when the ardour shapes to a discreet crescendo; the writer transports in vast splodges of drama. That puerile self-conscious vacuum that had slinked into recent campus oriented books is gone, as we are flounced into a modish yet extensive demesne of engagement and damnation.

Converging on the central leitmotif of campus fiction, the tome was not only unsullied but was also very well-paced, carved simply but classily and takes you to a pleasing roller coaster canter which keeps you aquiline for most part and at the close conveying a message that love is not always pure, sacrifice, amity, cherub, rosy, angelic or humbly a four epistle word. There is an abyss of cataclysm which should not have ensued, but tactlessly it did transpire beyond those four note term LOVE.

The emotive jiffies in the later junctures and the climax explicitly knockouts like a thunderclap. It is not for those who intensely believe in fairy tale conclusions. While hearts and blossoms are prodigious for a fantasy, this is the kind of mien of sensation that tads a cavernous chord. It had all with a seamless intermingling of drama, ardour, and excitements and is tender without being enormously cheesy, which would assuredly cast an incantation upon you.

The chronicle emanates an earnest radiance of affluence and went on very well with the finish which did not chicken out and deprive this story of the culmination that it justly merited. The author handled a pretty tempestuous theme of a love story in the milieu of extremism with the intricacy that the substance necessitated.

Yateen Suman levers the non-linear narrative with amazing affluence and styles it very tranquil for the reader with a punctiliously hewed exertion that is expected to prompt sundry readers of a meek adage: A book doesn't have to be ground-breaking to be emotionally compelling.