Jism 2 Movie Review

Izna (Sunny Leone) is dying. She was a star of pornographic cinema, who is in the grip of doubt while her soul joins her creator. Will his love forgive her or will he burn in hell? One evening, six months earlier, she had met Ayaan Thakur (Arunoday Singh), an Indian secret service agent. They fly off to Sri Lanka where Guru Saldanah (Arif Zakaria), Ayaan's boss, explains his mission.

It is a matter of recovering information that is capable of destroying the criminal network of Kabir Vincent (Randeep Hooda). This former elite policeman had sank into murder and terrorism following a sentimental disappointment.

The one who had broken her heart was none other than Izna, the only one who can now be able to gain her confidence and steal from him the secret documents capable of dismantling his evil organization. But Izna is still in love with Kabir and is scrupulous about betraying him. Will they succeed in overcoming them to save India?

I will tell you a secret. A film review here traditionally begins by recounting the beginning of the story into two or three short paragraphs. For Jism 2, it is an arduous task because fifty words are sufficient to unveil the whole film. In two paragraphs, it is even possible to make the bonuses. So forgive me for having diluted this scenario that seems to have been written by a 7 year old. In truth, it is by the 63 year old Mahesh Bhatt.

The old crocodile did not become senile. He knows perfectly what he does when he produces this script so incoherent that one might find it stupid. It really does not matter. Its only goal is to hold as long as possible by putting Sunny Leone in position.

I like to watch the girls walking on the beach, their breasts swollen with the desire to live! There is not a lot of beach in Jism 2, but we are overwhelmed with regard to the inflation. One can even say that from this point of view it is an aerial film. The air, however, is what is lacking in Sunny Leone's game.

Her only expression is to open her eyes wide by breathing loudly to the point that she have to be offered an oxygen mask. She pants when moved, she is out of breath in times of tension, and we guess she does it when the light gets softer and in the music of the elevator sounds.

In her defense, she is not an actress. The Indian media describe her modestly as an adult film star turned actress. Mahesh Bhatt discovered her while participating in the reality show Big Boss. He sniffed the vein and jumped at the chance. Thus he was able to proudly write, Introducing Sunny Leone in the credits of Jism 2.

But she does not speak Hindi well enough. Smita Malhotra's performance is second to none, but it's the only one. Izna's voice is lovely and perfectly synchronized. One would almost regret the indigence and the absurdity of the dialogue that she interprets so well.

To make the counterpoint to the discovery, it required a man with the affirmed sex appeal. The choice was Arunoday Singh who actually has an impressive physique, although his prominent ears in proportion to his small skull are not to his advantage. Alas, he is not an actor either. Worse, he plays the fool with so much conviction that one is certain that he is an idiot.

And then there is the hero, embodied by Randeep Hooda. The poor man needs to be directed, but this is not the case here. Pooja Bhatt, who produces the film written by his father, has obviously let him improvise. It was insurmountable in the absence of text to rely on. We do not really know why he is so unhappy. It should be recognized however that he worked a lot for the film by muscling meticulously and shaving the torso.

Bollywood has widely accustomed us to triangles, but here it is rather a square part that we have to deal with. For there is a fourth and last personage. Guru, the leader of the cell that fights against Kabir. It is likely that Arif Zakaria is actually an actor, but he does not give an impression of reality or depth.

On the contrary, the eye is attracted by its strange hair. It is indeed very rare in the cinema to have the opportunity to see a wig so badly made. It looks like a block of plastic in one piece, like the hair of Ken (Barbie's boyfriend), but painted black.

These four characters, unlikely and without thickness, are the only people who populate the film. But apart from their respective families, one can doubt that someone has noticed them. The whole story takes place in a few days in a hotel in Sri Lanka.

The resort is empty and one can imagine that the filming of this succession of clich├ęs was expeditious. The images are pretty but terribly conventional and horribly smooth. Like the music, it is not even pretty despite the presence of Shreya Ghoshal and KK. No story, no actors, no director, no audible music, but then what is it?

Jism 2 is an erotic thriller that surfs on the Jism franchise without having anything to do with the movie that released in 2003. It is a pure product of marketing of the Bhatt factory that tries to push the genre a little further. No thrill, but at least a bit of erotica? Of course, Sunny is detailed under all seams, preferably very short, and lascivious plans abound.

But past 12 years, young boys will find that the account is not there. The producers will find it easy to invoke constraints linked to censorship. It required imagination and take away the spectator, if it did not show anything. But the film is totally stupid.