Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review: The Perfect World - Priya Kumar

The magnetic fields and the check-posts in both the planets will test your nerve, but if you succeed, you can experience some extreme beauties, which the mind can only feel and for that you need the endurance, faith and trust, where people may take advantage of your weakness, but once you’re their on the top, they will all come and start respecting you.

After crossing the nerve-racking challenges and reaching the fantasyland, things no more remain as perfect as Niki thought. There are obstacles in the passage to a beautiful castle as a bare-handed Niki comes face to face with the extinct saber-toothed lion, which can only be tamed by beating a drum, but Niki brings its lost hunger back by sending us a message on what happens, if we stop being ourselves. We should not tame our inherent instincts, howsoever, cruel it may look else you’ll have to live with hunger and gloom.

In this way the protagonist moves on making the souls on the perfect planet realise their flaws and as you progress, you’ll find scores of beautiful tales and hidden messages in the fantasy world of Zedius, till the most evil monster lurking around decides to strike Zedius, who sends tremors everywhere and has the power to shake and destroy the entire planet. Can Niki survive this ordeal and live to tell its tale? To uncover the entire mystery of the Perfect World, you’ll have to leaf through the entire book.

The author beautifully sends a message that, sometimes in our lives, evil is required to bring out our inherent flaws, so that we can realise our weaknesses and endeavour to make that as our strength and reclaiming the power to be you, in the fight with your ideals. The book starts off talking about carving out our own path for our lives, very vividly explaining all the fears of what might be ahead and the unknown!

Priya Kumar has done a laudable work, as she takes the reader through this rousing expedition of setbacks and achievements, of despondency and optimism and of the triumph of positivity over the sinister chasm beautifully mixing it up with a thrilling plot. The setting explains the plot's countless allusions and allows the reader to gamely envision how it impacts them. Auxiliary visual ornamentation is provided by copious illustrations.

Title: The Perfect World: A Journey To Infinite Possibilities | Publisher: Embassy Books | Author: Priya Kumar | Edition: Paperback | ISBN: 9789380227931