Book Review: Love in a Wooden Box - Yateen Suman

Their insipid amorousness is exhilarated by spur-of-the-moment happenstances at unexpected times and frolics through urbanite grandeur. Yet just when the book impends to obscure you in a candy-coloured ocean of saccharin, this being the day just before the third year exams, the storyline spirals its snare.

Gautam’s closest friend Sandeep was in love with his senior Sikha, but had to hide it from everyone for the taboo attached to it, but their love-affair stays short-lived as Sikha gets murdered gruesomely. And it is this murder that changes the serene atmosphere of the campus after which you will discover the dangerous designs of the dreaded terrorist.

The twist emanates on Graduation Day when the culprit is arrested and is disclosed to be an agent working for JFA, an organization fighting for justice of the oppressed. But finally at the end you can also somewhere see the humane face of the terrorist, although the means used may still remain debatable.

The characters are pretty much relevant besides being real bursting with flaws and lives that were finer than the story itself. The author poises the coarse and suave happenings in their lives charmingly. It will remind you of your college days and the analogous circumstances that encircled you back then and will transport back fragrant reminiscences of the bygone that we naively ambled away from.

The author organises the sequences in the campus all so prettily, right from the ragging sequence at the start to the mid-night escapades from the prying eyes of the seniors, to make a phone-call to your sweetheart that you want to go back to college and relive all those moments.

The early portions of the tome may give an imprint that it's one of those conventional anecdotes that shadow the analogous course of boy encounters girl and romance blooms, but there's further to it as it develops. It is far from an emblematic love story founded on college lives, break ups or infatuations, but the terrorism aspect delivers the obligatory twist to the tale and keeps the interest and the curio level high with a surprising startling culmination which vestiges the main charisma of this novel.

Title: Love In A Wooden Box | Author: Yateen Suman | ISBN: 9789381576526 | Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Leadstart | Pages: 292 | Language: English