Seychelles, the coconut paradise

What is gathered from the Coco de Mer palms is much more than a nut to taste. It is a delight with a thousand uses dear to the Creole tradition. Seychelles is a very popular destination for those looking for a romantic getaway made of nature and evocative glimpses. There are 115 islands collected in the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean form the archipelago. Here the panorama boasts sparkling hues, those of an uncontaminated size.

From white beaches to lush forests and, among the countless treasures, there is a valuable site declared world heritage by UNESCO. This is the Vallee de Mai nature reserve, a beautiful park on that island of Praslin. It is long believed to be the Garden of Eden. It is the only place in the world where to admire protected palm trees in its natural state.

It is made up of endemic species of coconut, Coco de Mer from the suggestive and irregular shapes called "coco fesses". Because on one side it reproduces the buttocks of a woman and on the other the belly and thighs. The fruit of the Coco de Mer is long up to half a meter. It takes six or seven years to ripen and can even reach 20 kilos.

This delicious fruit is one of the key elements of the Creole table. Its tender flavor is used in countless recipes but its use goes beyond the culinary. Praslin is the second island in order of Seychelles. It is along the sandy coast of Anse Volbert on the Gold Coast. It welcomes those looking for a shelter surrounded by nature. Surrounded by a picturesque exotic garden is a prestigious resort that provides shelter in its Creole-style bungalows.

It takes care of free time by offering sports activities, animations, diving, excursions and more. Friday is the day established to fill up the Creole culture. It is ready to familiarize with the local uses of coconut, an educational and playful moment, which will bring closer to the local culture.

For those who usually engage in beach volleyball or soccer games, here sport is strictly based on coconut, starting from Coconut Bowling, an unusual and fun sport to try at least once. Inside is a sweet nectar. It is excellent to drink and if used on the skin it soothes the sunburns of a warm sun. While the oil, obtained from the drying of the pulp are used mostly in the kitchen and in the cosmetic industry.

Finally, coconut water is a drink characterized by many properties and strengthens the immune system. Of the coconut, nothing is thrown away. Its hard rind has a use in the local craft market. We talk about souvenirs like the classic ashtray. From the coconut fiber, instead, bags, shoes, and clothes are obtained. Finally, even the leaves end up becoming bags, hats and other ecological furnishings.


Anisha said...

These ladoos look yummy... wish I could try one.

victoria eugenia said...

Que bueno!!! Me encanta este dulce de coco, tiene que estar muy buenísimo.

Crumpled Chillies said...

laddoos with rava is new to me!
and sounds so easy to make as well.. thanks for posting this recipe! :) will try it out!

u may like to check out my food blog as well! :)

Jill of all Trades. said...

These look absolutely scrumptious!

Gayu said...

Hi Kalyan

What a variety...I mean you have everything,

I loved your blog. This weekend is gonna be super busy...I shall try out some recipes and read your posts.

And I just love ladooooos:)


Erika said...

I'm gourmand. I like very much these sweets.
"Ciao" Kalyan

Aakash Kokz said...

Yummy! I'm eagerly awaiting the Diwali cuz I'd get to eat lots of tasty ladoos like this one, beautiful :)

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Ash said...

Oh, that sure looks yummy!

Nisha said...

Looks really yum.

Max Coutinho said...


Ladoo sounds so tempting! Mmmmmmm....
I will try this recipe and pray to God that I won't get fat lol lol.

Thanks for sharing.


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