The Tender Sweetness of Rava Ladoo Recipe

Rava laddu is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet made with ghee, sugar, and rava. Sometimes it is dotted with grapes and cashew nuts. It is prepared almost in every home for the holidays. It is a great dessert option to make it ahead. Rava Ladoo recipe is easy to make and is a delicious sweet that is made from semolina, peanuts, and homemade ghee or clarified butter. The recipe is so quick that it took me only about twenty minutes to prepare.

This Indian dessert reminds me much of the Algerian Tamina. Among the most common variants is the Ramdana laddu of Uttar Pradesh, made of ramdana, jaggery, and dried fruits. Bandaru laddu and Tirupati laddu of Tirumala in the State of Andhra Pradesh is very sweet and made of very small balls covered with syrup called boondi. Mootichoor laddu from Uttar Pradesh is made from sweet chickpea flour and almonds, and fried in ghee.

Besan Laddu is made of chickpea flour and sugar. Aata laddu from Uttar Pradesh is made of balls of wheat flour that are fried in ghee and then sprinkled with sugar and dried fruits, almonds, grapes, etc. Sometimes resin and ginger are added, which is considered good for pregnant and lactating women. Til Laddu is made of sesame seeds and is popular in West Bengal. Kunja laddu is from Tamil Nadu. Churm laddu is from Gujarat.

The ladoo preparation is simple and the flavor is particularly pleasant making them the protagonists of the banquets for the most important celebrations like weddings, and religious holidays. Ganesh is depicted often, in order to eat them. The Diwali is the special occasion where Laddu are produced more frequently.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Servings: 4 servings
Calories per serving: 400 calories per 100 gms

Rava Ladoo Recipe Ingredients

3 cups semolina
2 cups sugar
10 tsp powder milk
200 gm ricotta cheese
2 tsp clarified butter
1 tsp cardamom powder
15 raisins
1 tbsp cashew nuts
1 cup coconut
Saffron strands
Salt to taste
Silver leaf

Rava Ladoo Recipe Method


Heat 1 tsp butter in a saucepan and roast the semolina over a low flame till golden brown. Cool and grind it to a coarse powder.

Add coconut and fry till the moisture is evaporated. Add sugar to the coconut and set it aside for 10 minutes.

Heat the rest of the butter and fry the chopped dry fruits. Sauté the cheese till it collects together. Mix the powdered semolina, saffron strands, coconut, salt and cardamom powder. Remove the mixture from the stove.

When the mixture cools, sprinkle milk on the mixture and make small round balls the size of lemons.

Garnish with chopped nuts and decorate with silver leaf.