Young Tiger Jr. NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu

The reality shows show us an interesting world where each chapter immerses us in a spectacular plot. In this post we will talk about Bigg Boss, a reality television show broadcast in India. The program is aired on the Colors TV channel and is presented by the Bollywood star Salman Khan. It follows the format of Big Brother that belongs to Endemol.

After 10 years of broadcast, Bigg Boss has released 9 seasons and multiple spin-off versions in regional languages like Bigg Boss Telugu with NTR Jr, Bigg Boss Kannada with Sudeep, Bigg Boss Bangla with Jeet, Bigg Boss Tamil with Kamal Haasan. Bigg Boss establishes a special relationship with the viewer in India.

The dynamics of the program has a number of participants known as housemates live in a house built for one purpose that is to be isolated from the world. Each week the housemates should choose two of the members to leave the house. These two members face a public vote. In the last week there are three remaining housemates and the public votes for who they want to win.

The housemates in the Indian version are mostly celebrities with the exception of one who is a non-famous person selected through auditions. The housemates are supervised by a mysterious person known as Bigg Boss, whose presence in the house is only through his voice.

The house is built for each season. The house is located in the tourist resort of Lonavala in the Pune region of Maharashtra. However, the house of the fifth season was located in Karjat Studios. The house is well furnished and decorated. It has all modern amenities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilets. There is a garden, swimming pool, activity area and a gym.

There is also a confession room where housemates can be called by the Big Boss for any type of conversation, and for the nomination process. The house has no TV connection, no phones, no internet connection, clocks, pencil or paper. That's the fun of the program. Bigg Boss has great ratings. During the last season, there were about 150 million viewers.

Some of the big names who have entered the house are Kim Kardashian. The Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson already gave itself the honor in the fourth edition of Bigg Boss for three days.

Kardashian however, was not the first prominent star guest in the Indian hit show. Former WWE Champion The Great Khali was already among the 5 finalists in Bigg Boss season 4, having entered as a surprise guest.