Travel through Beaches & Rave Parties of Goa

Goa sounds like a girl’s name, but it is actually the smallest state in India. With more than 80 km of beautiful beaches it is also the most famous holiday resort in the country. Goa is the hotspot for party people and according to some, it is the most fun place in Asia. Goa was also considered as one of the few paradise places in the world during the hippie revolution in the 60’.

Until then this beautiful place had been unknown to the west. Some of the visiting hippies decided to settle in, others decided to go back. However, the end result was a small colony of western hippies. Their daily activities were getting high, running naked on the beach, partying hard, passing out and believe it or not, playing chess. That’s why it was very common to see long-haired hippies walking around with chess sets in one hand and huge cigarettes in the other, weirdos.

Calangute and Anjuna are the settlements which become the major centers of the so-called Hippie-Land. Then the rave culture, which is the direct successor of the first hippies, was born and managed to take over the whole area. The culmination of this movement here was the introduction of a new music genre – Goa Trance.

Goa is among the small states located in India and it is also one of the more popular destinations for tourists. Although it is small, it is charming and there is so much to do there. Large amounts of tourists visit Goa to visit its impressive beaches, delicious food, and fun people.

When you travel to Goa, you will find it beautiful, adventurous and fun. People come from all over the world to be stunned by its beauty. It is among one of the best beach destinations worldwide which offer both fun and pleasure. In fact, you will find some of the worlds best beaches located here. Two of the most popular attractions within Goa are the Carnival and the Nightlife.

You will also find sunny beaches, age-old temples, tranquil surroundings and old-world churches. Without a doubt, This makes Goa an amazing tropical destination worldwide. If you are planning on exploring the beauty and fun attractions of Goa, you should take some time to prepare and educate yourself before you arrive. You can have fun in Goa. Get packed, get ready, get going.

You will find over 35 cities and towns in Goa, however, the real heart of this place is located within the 188 Hamlets and Villages. Compared to urban areas, you will find the villages to be clean and neat, and worth every penny you pay for it. This is why many tourists worldwide return to Goa as often as they can. It is a wonderful, exotic place to sit back, relax and take in the atmosphere. You will not be disappointed with the fun and adventure in Goa.

Well, if you want to laze on beaches filled with sun, sea and babies at an affordable budget, you should consider going to Goa in India. There was a time when India was known for being the land of miracle workers and elephants. However, for a person who loves sunny vacations, India is best known for Goa.

The state is one of the few states in the country where gambling is legalized. You can find world-class casinos in this state only. You can even enjoy a cruise trip on a ship with complete gambling facilities. Offshore gambling option is very popular amongst professional gamblers. Hence, do not be surprised if you walk into a well known international expert in poker when vacationing in Goa.

For those who are not interested in taxing their brain and want to laze around, Goa offers wonderful options. From the Benaulim beach to the tour packages offered by different star hotels in the state - there are options abound.

The best part is that Goa offers equal options for a seven-star hotel traveler and a backpack budget travel alike. This is one state that has maintained its European charm and cuisine. Hence, do not worry about feeling comfortable or having good food when visiting Goa on a vacation.

Goa is one of the most picturesque destinations in India that boasts of captivating locales and the on-going celebrations.

One of the major reasons that people like to spend their honeymoon in Goa is the various beaches that are lined with palm trees and green hills. Also, the culture of Goa is more liberal as compared to that of the rest of India due to the effect of Portuguese culture.

A large number of hotels, resorts and travel agents offer Goa honeymoon packages to people from all over the country as well as from abroad. Simple packages include only the air travel and room stay and are ideal for budget travelers.

The Beaches of Goa are world famous. You can have a great time spending your vacation in the wonderful beaches over here. Every evening is like a party, with great music and great food. I have mentioned some of the best beaches below. These beaches are the most visited ones.

Anjuna beach is the best for a great relaxing time. The beach has a long coastline and is abundant with scenic beauty. Many people flock up here for rave parties, dancing and enjoying under the starry sky. The beach has some architectural attractions as well. Some famous ones are Chapora Fort, Mascarenhas Mansion, and Albuquerque Mansion. You can do quite a bit of shopping here with the flee market. Many tourists get their souvenirs from here.

Colva beach is famous for its white powder sands and is close to the shores of Arabian Sea. With palm trees and bright sun, it is not only very attractive but it is also the longest beach of Goa. Tourists from all over the world come here to walk on the silver sands. The restaurants and food stalls over here serve both intercontinental and delicious Goan seafood.

Nature is at its best at the Baga beach in Goa. You can relax over here listening to the waves hitting the black rocks. Paddling and canoeing are also enjoyed by the tourists in Baga beach. The beautiful palm trees mesmerize their visitors. You can have a great time swimming or enjoy a nice sunbath here.

Goa, India is one of those excellent places that allow you to spend your vacations in a luxurious and comfortable manner. The state provides you with a healthy and hygienic atmosphere. Every dish that is prepared in Goa has a unique and fulfilling taste of its own. There is no dearth of restaurants here as the state houses a number of them which cater to the diverse food preference of the tourists.

Some of the famous and mouth watering delicacies of the state include feni, crabs, oysters, and prawns. The most common ingredient that is used in almost all the Goa dishes is coconut sauce, which adds a unique flavor to the recipe. Just make sure you have some c fold towels on hand, because it could get messy…

There is no need for you to go around searching for restaurants as they are located all around the place- beaches, cities, towns or even small villages. Apart from getting to taste the regular Indian food like the tandoori, dal and sabzi, you can also opt for the vindaloo and chourisso. You can also find all the famous fast food centers like Café Coffee day and Barista in all the important towns and cities of the state.

Nowhere can you get to taste the local food of Goa apart from the state itself. There are so many varieties of food that you will end up getting confused as to what to order for your meals. The place is a blessing for all the non-vegetarians. The sea food, with the spices and coconut flavor tastes like heaven.

You can have a sip of the feni that is a made out of cashew nut and coconut and is served by the charming ladies of Goa. Don’t miss the desserts consisting of mango, pineapple and custard apple.

Guirim is a tiny village 3 kilometers away from Mapusa city in Goa. The village is also known as Girvoddea in the Konkani dialect. It is divided into 2 parts known as the Dhakttem Guirim and Vhoddlem Guirim and. The NH 17 runs through the middle of the village and divides it into two parts, the eastern part and the western part of the village.

Life in the village is very simple and pleasant. The village boasts of the ancient Guirim Parish Church known as the St. Diogo Church which was built in 1604 by Fr. Miguel de Sam Boaventura. Every year in November, the feast of this church is celebrated with great gaiety and spirits. As one travels along the highway, one can see a huge cross known as the ‘Guirim Cross’ on the highway itself.

If you take the road by the side of the cross, it will take you to a small hill nearby which is very famous due to a school located here. Nearby there is a small shop that sells the cheapest leather sofas. A little further on the left side of the road there is another chapel known as the “Piedade Chapel”.

The village is also very famous for its nursery known as the “Mr. Farm”. In this nursery you can get various types of flowers and seeds. Many people from across Goa come to this nursery for buying plant seeds. There is also a small pool nearby where you can spend your time fishing. There is no problem for accommodation as the village boasts of a hotel and some restaurants. The village is also famous for its wedding ceremonies and parties.

If you like simplicity and greenery then go and spend a few days in Guirim, Goa. You will never regret it, as you will leave refreshed and lighthearted with a strong desire to come back again.

Without doubt Goa is one of the coolest tourist destinations in the world. Tourist and travel enthusiasts flock to the place from all over the world throughout the year.

Although most of the tourists visit Goa for its exotic beaches and a cosmopolitan fun and frolic experience, there are plenty of other things you can do and places you can visit while you are in Goa.

A comprehensive list of Goa travel is below.

Visit historical monuments:

Goa has ancient churches and cathedrals built by the Portuguese. Some of the famous churches and cathedrals you can visit in Goa are Se' Cathedral, Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapel of St. Catherine, Basilica of Bom Jesus; Church of Lady of Rosary; and Church of St. Augustine.

Visit temples in Goa:

Being true to its multicultural aspect for also has many Hindu temples for instance Shree Kamakshi Temple at Shiroda, Shree Saptakoteshwar Temple at Narve, Shree Shantadurga Temple at Dhargal, Shree Damodar Temple at Zambaulim, Shree Navdurga Temple at Borim and many more.

Attend a Goan carnival: Although it is always festive in Goa and the place is always buzzing with lots of colourful activity and cultural events, it especially becomes more vibrant in February. You can experience the Portuguese carnival extravaganza before the austere 40 days of Lent.

Enjoy Goan food and drink:

A place that is happy and festive got to have some exotic eating and drinking culture, and this is true for Goa. Being a coastal community you will get plenty of seafood to savour. Aside from that you also have a grand assortment of vegetarian delicacies belonging to Goa. And if you love and enjoy your liquor then you wouldn’t like to miss the Goan Fenny, an enchanting alcoholic beverage prepared from coconut water.

Visit old Goa:

Old Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that used to be the capital of the Portuguese India from the 16th century onwards. In the 18th century there was a widespread outbreak of plague and the place was completely abandoned. It still remains abandoned and a visit to this place can be thrilling.

Enjoy the nightlife in Goa:

This again, is intrinsic to the Goan culture. The place brims with pubs, bars, restaurants, eating out joints and casinos. In fact this is one of the few places in India that have legal casinos. Drink and make merry to your heart’s content and dance into the wee hours of the night.

Engage in watersports:

Water sports in Goa are aplenty. There are many beach resorts in Goa where you can enjoy wind surfing, sailing, para-sailing, water skiing, banana rides, canoeing and scuba diving.

Have a glimpse of the wildlife in Goa:

You may think that Goa is a small place,but it has its fair share of wildlife and wildlife sanctuaries. From botanical gardens to zoos to big and small aquariums to a deer park and full-fledged conservation projects such as the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, if you are an admirer of the natural beauty, Goa definitely has plenty of flora and fauna to offer you.

Have fun on the beach:

Goa is known for its beaches and it is impossible to not to have some quality time on some of the beaches in Goa when you visit the place. Goa has many famous beaches such as Anjuna Beach, Benaulim Beach, Candolim Beach, and Colva Beach.

Goa is a place that will make you come back again.