My Trip to Bundi - the Blue City in Rajasthan

by - November 10, 2015

My trip to Rajasthan was a few years ago, but I still remember each experience as if it were yesterday. It was all chaos, but it is precisely this that I love in this country, that there are almost no rules. So it fits very well with my rebellious nature. On the way between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, we could see the harshness of rural life in the state of Rajasthan, similar to rural life in many other countries.

As always, the bus from Jaisalmer left us outside the city and from there we took a Tuc Tuc to a kind of market square in the old town of the city. As always, the Tuc Tuc driver insisted that we tell him the hotel we were going to. For what? Because they take you and earn a commission, which means that the room costs more to you than it costs.

That is why we always avoid them and look for accommodation on our own, but sometimes they become so heavy that it is difficult to get rid of them. One knows that they are doing their business, but if you can avoid them much better. We dedicate ourselves to find a place. Almost all the guesthouses are the same. There are steep stairs, very basic rooms and a terrace-restaurant overlooking the fort. So we chose one of the cheapest.

Life happens more slowly in Bundi, so there was no rush to get up that morning. Not even for the breakfast, since it was not included and, even though there was no other plan to do nothing, it was a special day. Bundi is a small city that is about four hours drive from Jaipur and barely appears on the routes through Rajasthan. We put it on the map thanks to a good friend, who recommended it to us as a quiet and authentic place to rest for a few days.

The city is divided into two parts. In the upper part are the palace and fort, with hotels and tourist shops at its feet, decorated with paintings. In the lower part, the market and the daily life of the city are located. Bundi also stands out for having houses painted blue, like Jodhpur. Although being smaller the blue spot that is distinguished in the distance is more diminutive.

After a late breakfast consisting of a tomato and cheese sandwich, we went out to explore how little there was. As soon as we left, we found ourselves with a kind of procession of a multitude of colorful women that followed a man and a boy riding a horse. It, in turn, followed a small van with loudspeakers and verbena music at full volume.

Keeping the distances, we went along the march until in a park we met some men who told us they were going to the temple for the ceremony of a five-year-old. From what I could understand when babies are born their hair is cut and when they are 3 or 5 years old they are cut again in a temple ceremony. When they told us it was a ceremony in the temple, I was quite reluctant to go. Or maybe it was because the temple was a kilometer away and my feet did not want to take another step.

Despite having slept and having a relaxed day, I was still extremely tired. One of the things that most impressed me here is the fantastic colors, very vivid and striking with which men and women dress, regardless of age. That and the smell of spices. It is common to see artisans working in the street, where they expose their objects to sell them.

In one small shop that we enter, they offer us that wonderful tea, the Masala Chai, which is prepared with milk and lots of sugar. At that point, I decided to have an Ayurvedic massage. The city has a considerable number of establishments that offer massages for tourists. In the end, we agreed to do an Ayurvedic massage and we agreed to go to the clinic a few hours later.

To spend time, we went to visit the lake that is in the city. It is next to a park and we saw that it was full of crap, which took away all the charm. Even so, we took advantage of the warmth and sit on a bench to sunbathe. Then we went to the clinic. We sit at the table with the doctor talk about life and its banalities. Sometimes, it's like when you meet someone in the elevator and you do not know what to talk about.

After the talk, we went to the room, where there were two stretchers and two women ready. The doctor told us that they would give us the massage and he left, which I understood when they told us to take off 90% of the clothes and lie on the stretchers. About the Ayurvedic massage, I think it was better than Bali since at least it did not hurt. The masseuses rubbed their hands with a lot of oil and massaged our bodies with light pressure on the muscles. It would have been ideal if it were not for the intense cold in the room and that made it almost impossible to relax.

When we finished, we paid and then went to find a good restaurant to dine. While we were walking, we looked at the hotel restaurant that we had in front of ours. It was small, very cute and the tables even had tablecloths, so we decided to have dinner there. The menu was mushroom soup to warm up and aloo chole masala, a stew of potato and chickpea that itched much more than what the waiter had told us. Like the day, the evening was calm and relaxed, and we ate so well that we decided that this restaurant would be our culinary base for the following days.

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