Book Review: Love Life & A Beer Can - Prashant Sharma

Love, Life & A Beer Can should all be served chilled is a debut book by Prashant Sharma about a boy, Raj Malhotra who shares a common name from Yash Raj films. As is the name, he is also a complete movie buff, which in turn also arouses the actor in him, leading him to the mecca of Indian film industry, Mumbai. And that’s the beginning of a roller coaster ride which ultimately will transpire into a murder. To read the entire mystery behind it, you will have to leaf through the entire story.

The book captures a mélange of hopes, dreams and aspirations with a more humane touch and tries to make light of the negatives in our lives. It’s about understanding the real you and to understand different situations in life so that you can take any challenges happily.

The main character sketch starts with a vivid decryption of the boy studying in school and the way our modern day lives constantly pressurizes us to just keep on competing and be on the top forgetting all else, just to live our stereotypical dreams, with an all encompassing system of examination always haunting us, whether during school days, engineering colleges or the top-notch MBA institution.

In the process, it just subdues the cricketer or the actor in you, which if was nurtured could have gone on to become more successful than what you are already now. The incidents described are very realistic and relatable of our today’s lives. Of how, our society is still finding it hard to make a balance between the traditional and the modern.

On one hand our parents and society who would still force on the age old system of arranged marriages with a girl you don’t know or love and on the other hand again how the short-sightedness of adopting western culture in a hurry of everything being achieved instantly can make youngsters blind to the oblivious.

The book talks about the silent retaliation of Raj and his three friends Saand, Rondu and Chotu against the all pervasive system. They love fun, are adventurous, and believe in their own way of living life. From making fake parents meeting principal, having fun in Goa, to a night out with a pros in Nainital to celebrate their coming of age, they don't follow the taboos of the society.

Raj makes an effort in leading a life of his own rather than tread the set path, where he doesn't have any inhabitation in acting in a B-grade movie. He does everything he enjoys from the heart, until the moment comes, that changes it all.

Raj is a romantic at heart and doesn’t fear in having multiple relationships whether in college or office, but he will come to know about the true definition of love only after marriage. But the best part of Raj is his confidence in himself whether during the multiple affairs or interviews for jobs, he always has been in control of himself.

The book adds a dash of realism and portrays the young minds of today really well and the characters will leave you with an impression that you have seen or heard them somewhere before.

The narrative is good and the liberal dose of humour will keep your ribs tickling with the realistic events of today’s life and the mind of youngsters. The storyline and the characters are fun and lightweight and would easily create an impression in your mind at the end of the story.

Title: Love, Life & A Beer Can! | Author: Prashant Sharma | ISBN: 978-93-80349-05-3 | Publisher: Srishti Publication | Paperback: 213 pages | Published: February 2010 | Category: Fiction

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