Book Review - If I Pretend I Am Sorry - Prashant Sharma

If I Pretend I Am Sorry Will You Pretend And Forgive Me, by Prashant Sharma is a mini suspense thriller of sorts. Written on the basis of the individual characters point of view, the book describes the journey of three characters who are all related to each other, but not for once in the book ever all the characters meet together and you have to leaf through this entire pacy thriller to unravel the connection between them.

The story begins in Mumbai, goes to Punjab, comes to Mumbai again, sets forth to Delhi and then settles in the big bad world of Mumbai.

Rajvir Singh aka Naqaab had to undergo the turmoil of partition. He is the one who is brave and intelligent of the lot but also had luck by his side. The grand weddings led him to amass a lot of fortunes and go onto become one of the leading Dons of Mumbai.

He somehow resembled a bit of Haji Mastan who unified four small Dons fighting with each other. He held a meet up at one of the leading hotels in Mumbai, which unravel a lot of secrets in the very end. In a way, he kept the biggest secret to himself.

Viraj Singh is the confused pampered boy being brought up in a rich family. He had his education in a boarding school, then in Europe and USA. He is never sure of himself. He even dumped his new-found love on his marriage day, which also would lead to his own downfall. He is the one who is responsible for killing his own family, as also his befriended lovers. He charts his own death.

For one’s born and brought up on Mumbai’s underworld stories you can relate many of the incidents described in the book, from the unification of four warring small don’s to the cases of protection money paid by big businessmen, to someone trying to become the undisputed king of Mumbai by not hesitating to even eliminate his own boss.

Coming to the characters, Rannvijay Singh never left any trace in his murder sites and which always seems some kind of an accident. He has his own way of dealing with his boss. Although his maternal lineage is of royal blood, till the very end he never knew who his father is or his maternal links. In his childhood, he saw himself living in pavements with his mother and stealing small things for survival and then going on to become the undisputed king of Mumbai one day. Somewhere you would see shades of D in him.

The protagonists take you through a roller coaster ride of love, murders, and betrayals. The book also portrays the lives of the rich and the mighty who love to splurge but has their own sorts of insecurities and how they themselves in a way create those. The book describes the journey of Rannvijay to glory by using his wit and how Rajvir and Viraj both in a way help him to achieve it and also provide gentle hints of how the merciless underworld operates.

The book takes you through the villas of the rich and mighty as well as the narrow alleys and bars of Mumbai, where the difference between life and death is a matter of one-night stand. Today's friend is your tomorrows enemy. Here money and a few moments of pleasure matter. Next night is a brand new night.

The narrative mode used by the author is good where the three different protagonists tell their own stories, but it is at the end where you’ll realize the connection between the characters. If they knew about it earlier, things could have been lot different. The writing is simple and easy to read. All in all a good read and you’ll not let putting the book down till you finish it.

Title: If I Pretend I Am Sorry! Will You Pretend And Forgive Me? | Author: Prashant Sharma | ISBN: 978-93-80349-381 | Publisher:Srishti Publication | Paperback: 215 pages | Published: 07 July 2011 | Subject: Fiction