Valentine Day Song, Ideas & Mini Guide

Valentine's Day is approaching and you have no idea on how to spend it with your lover? You'd feel like wanting to have a special night, or maybe simple or funny and original? But above all, would you do anything different than previous years? Here is a guide in which we offer you a range of ideas to celebrate a unique Valentine's Day with your partner.

Valentine's Day at the restaurant

On Valentine's Day, the restaurant is a classic. If you plan an elegant candlelit dinner, however, do not make the mistake of booking at one of those super chaotic restaurants with hundreds of tables, in which, in the end, you may be eating almost in the flat of the couple next door. Search something intimate, a small restaurant that respects your space and that offers you romantic atmosphere on Valentine's Day is a must. You can opt for a restaurant with terrace maybe by the lake or sea, to a room with only 4 tables, that presents the intimacy you're looking for, or if your budget and your lover don't allow, you may book in a chic restaurant, asking to reserve an area only for you two.

Valentine's Day at the cinema or theater

If prefer eating sandwich with hamburger and fries at your favorite fast food outlet, then run to the cinema to relax in front of a movie that appeals to both. Valentine's Day is an opportunity right to do so. A few days before February 14, check out the movies playing and choose what you would like to see in a fun way. Get yourself two tickets in the most beautiful theatre in your city, the one with the ultra-comfortable armchairs and mega bowls of popcorn. It will be a simple evening, but sweet and romantic enough. As an alternative to the movies, there is also the theater. How about going to see the play which you have long thought of?

Valentine's Day at home ideas

If you want to celebrate at home, have a romantic and intimate dinner by candlelight. After all, what better way to spend an evening totally undisturbed? If you organize a dinner at your house, beware of details as the first thing you will need to take care of is the table. You will have to have a red tablecloth or two heart-shaped mats, two wine glasses, plates, napkins and silverware coordinated. On the web you can find lots of nice tutorials to fold napkins in a romantic way.

Do not forget some little paper hearts scattered here and there on the table and a hidden romantic greeting. For dinner, try to satisfy the tastes of your partner and cook what he or she likes, but if the kitchen is not your thing, do not underestimate the take away option. It also good to watch a movie together after dinner and a plaid or blanket to curl up on the bed or on the couch together.

If your lover asked you to go to their house for Valentine's Day, accept and not be the one to make plans for the evening. Leave it to him or her, but be aware that, probably, your evening will end at the bed, so it's better to keep a sexy lingerie outfit handy and appropriate for the occasion.

Valentine's Day Getaways

If you are planning a trip out of town, then plan a few weeks before the February 14 and start to look for some place to visit. Look for the most beautiful places to see, the most recommended restaurants in the reviews on the web and organize immediately.

There is nothing more romantic than a weekend getaway on Valentine's Day, and thanks to the packages for two, and the last minute offers on the web, you can organize, without spending a fortune, a special weekend, yours alone. If you have to stay within a certain budget, maybe choose a beautiful city and assess what is the best means to reach it by car or train, etc. If, however, you do not want to spare any expense, then organize a weekend in a European capital, and, if you have the chance, lengthen your weekend by 4-5 days or a week.

Valentine's Day at sea

The winter sea always has its charm. Check the weather forecast and if February 14th will have a good weather, cover well, equip yourself with beach towels and picnic basket and treat yourself to a romantic day at the beach. There will not be anyone but some other couples who had the same idea and spend Valentine's Day alone, away from the hustle and only with the sound of the waves in your ears, will make you relax and fully enjoy the day just to you.

Valentine's Day at the spa

In recent years, it is very fashionable on Valentine's Day at the spa. In addition to pools and areas to relax, in fact, more and more spas provide areas reserved only for couples with whirlpool, sauna, turkish bath, beds on which to relax and glasses with champagne. Search Web wellness centers, spas and spa that organize events specifically for February 14 definitely will be an unforgettable Valentine's Day that all your friends will envy.

Choosing the Valentine's gift for your lover might not be so simple. Here is a guide with many gift ideas for all types of partners, from the most romantic to the most daring. Everywhere you turn you see red hearts, plush sweet, love notes and objects of all kinds devoted to Valentine's Day. But you, a few weeks after the Valentine's Day, you have not decided what to give to your boyfriend.

You're probably desperate to find a gift that reflects his character, but also your family and you will not think of anything? You want to give your partner something original, romantic or maybe you would like to accomplish with your hands a special thought to tell him "I love you"? No fear. Here is the guide for you, with so many ideas valentine gift according to the character and to your partner's tastes, but also according to the way you like to live your relationship.

Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day

If your partner is a sentimentalist, or if both of you are, red hearts and sentimental phrases will not miss the days of Valentine's Day . Write a letter or a romantic note to your partner and something personal, such as a pillow or a cover for smartphone with your photos. And then a chocolate or something sweet tooth there is always good.

Surprises for Valentine's Day

If your boyfriend loves surprises and, above all, if it is a playful and lively type, the day Valentine could arrange a treasure hunt , with so many cards and many little surprises DIY. Together you will have fun to hunt for clues, but, please, the last gift, one that will find the finish of the treasure hunt, will really leave you speechless.

Valentine's Day gift for adventurous

If you fall in love with each other it was the same passion for the thrill, if both love adventure and risk, on Valentine's Day gives your partner a day at an adventure park or a playground for adults. Including roller coasters and attractions of all kinds, it will escape even a few kisses and you can make all your envy couples who are experiencing the classic Valentine's Day in a romantic restaurant.

Valentine's Day gift if both love culture

If you both love the culture, but never managed to make a relaxed stroll through the streets of your city and the museums, Valentine's Day is the right occasion. Organized a tourist couple visited your city. You will feel like two love tourists around the world. Do not forget to take home a souvenir that will remind you of your special and original day. And, if you want your Valentine's Day filled with culture never ends, end the day in a cinema or theater, in front of your favorite actors.

Valentine's Day gift if both loves animals

If you love animals, you'll definitely happy your boyfriend on Valentine's Day, giving him a day in contact with them: a carefree walk in the park with your dog, a day at the Biopark with lots of close encounters with animals, a course of sleedog, that is an adventure with the sled dogs. The ideas for animal lovers on Valentine's Day are very many. You can play around as you want and leave your partner speechless.

Valentine's Day gift if you are together recently

If you visited a few months ago but were officially together only a few weeks, choose a Valentine's gift for your boyfriend may be more difficult than expected: not know well his tastes, or you are afraid to have seemed too sickly sweet? If you want to make him happy with a small gesture that shows affection and sweetness, with a plush are you sure you will not go wrong. A classic and timeless Valentine's Day gift is actually the soft toy.

The teddy bear is undoubtedly the one that is the most popular, but now they are really all kinds and all sizes. If you want to give a plush on Valentine's Day , you can opt for one big, impressive, he can put in a corner of his room, or, if you have a car, you can go for a smaller one, to keep the seat or to stick the mirror or glass with a special suction cup.

Valentine gifts for stable couples

If you going steady with your boyfriend for years now, both of you could be stews usual Valentine's Day all hearts and teddy bears; you may have missed the enthusiasm and you might well want to have something original, new, maybe even a little strange. Why not give him an original to your dinner, for example, by boat, or a Murder by Death ? Instead, why not surprise him with an adventure to take your breath away, like a hot air balloon ride, a launch from a parachute or an adrenaline ride? Write your partner a nice card, but also send all your love, add a chocolate (which is always nice) and seize the occasion of Valentine's Day to bring a little 'zing in your life as a couple.

Valentine's Day special gifts of torque

Want to surprise your boyfriend with an original gift and sometimes sexy? Do you want to arrange something that would never expect for Valentine's Day? In this case, you have several interesting options. You can arrange an evening in a romantic restaurant, in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, you can prepare a dinner at your house, all made with your hands, or you can organize an evening for two at a spa. If then, just you're not going to spare no expense, then a romantic weekend for two is the perfect gift for fun but also cut out of the intimate and special moments. This last idea is perfect even if yours is a remote history : Valentine's Day is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to spend time together alone and not on Skype or on the phone.

Who says you can celebrate Valentine's Day only with dinner outings, hearts and chocolate? Here are some sexy ideas to make the evening hotter and to stay strictly locked in the house. Never mind the chocolates and the hearts, and raise the temperature of your Valentine's Day is a great way to fight the bitter cold that surrounds us in these winter days, not to mention the late nights. So stop your frantic search for the perfect gift or the perfect Valentine's Day dinner: save time and money. Rather get inspired by our tips. At the end of the page probably will pray that the evening of 14 arrivals a nice flood. To sit well sealed inside the house.

The Valentine's Day does not have to have a perfect dinner only, but also, and especially, after dinner. The best gift to make your boyfriend and yourself will be to dedicate a sexy evening under the sheets. Some advice? Light scented candles, play romantic music in the background, sprinkle the floor with rose petals and stage a classic striptease.

Sexy Outfits for Valentine's Day

Immerse yourself in the role play! Do the idea of ??disguise does not convince you at all? The most that raises there is a belly laugh? So you straconvinte that the role play does not do it for you? Then simply try to play a bit with your image, but start from the brain. Try to feel really sexy. Now take a ride in a lingerie shop. Just try one outfit that you like, that makes you feel at ease, perhaps with a nice push-up. Then get yourself stockings and stilettos.

Cherry on the cake? blacks gloves, voluptuous and elbow-length. Get to know your femininity, immerse yourself in your most sensual side, which although well hidden, there is. You will be sexy without feeling idiots. Above you you can wear a simple and chastened little black dress, to leave him the pleasure of discovering what lies beneath.

Experience of sex toys

You are of those couples who have never given to experimenting with sex toys, handcuffs, and other pleasant little games? If he has never launched similar proposals perhaps it is because he is afraid to shock you, or can not imagine what the reaction might have, and maybe you have his own fears. Instead of puzzling in solitude, you find a couple of practical solution. Take him with you to go shopping in a sex shop. Confront, choose whole, let yourself go. And then enjoy your hard-earned purchases in full complicity.

Have fun with food

Ok, this is an old game, but it always works. Some distrustful believes that food is better than sex? But stop it! The only incontrovertible truth is that sex is better with the food. Food is one of the best and cheapest sex toys. Seeing is believing.

The most versatile foods? Those that can be spread! Cream, cream, yogurt, ice cream, honey, not to mention the Queen of sensory pleasures: the Nutella! And fruits: cherries, avocados and bananas. Exalt all of your senses and rush unbridled hedonism. The only contraindications? Remember to pay attention to a few important elements for your health. Do not make something, especially sugary, which, may cause infection. Avoid making use with spray cans for example with the cream. Beware of oily materials, because the oils damages latex condoms.


What do you think is one of the elements with higher capacities exciting? There are those who excite more with visual elements, who goes mad on hearing certain smells, and whoever loses his head thanks to the touch. But one of the most exciting things ever, let this be known, are the words. Best of images, words (written and spoken) leave room for interpretation and imagination of everyone are like fuses incendiary that you only turn.

Think about not having enough fantasy? Pay a visit to the library, maybe together, and choose the title that intrigues you more, be complicit in the choice. Then literally immerse yourself in reading, stay close, read aloud. And let the little drawing words for you the atmosphere of Valentine's Day, let yourself be carried away by the ideas that come, see deeply into each others eyes and be patient if the reading remains only half!

What to do on Valentine's Day if you're in a relationship, but your love lives far away? Here are some ideas to still celebrate the holiday of lovers. Valentine's Day can be a dream holiday for couples living in the same city, but can turn into a sad and depressing day for those who live in a remote place. Not being able to spend together the feast of lovers, can affect mood, can cause nervousness and in some cases, it can even lead to quarrel with the partner. Yet there are some beautiful and romantic ways to celebrate your big Valentine's distance. Did you know? In this guide you will find many ideas for living a wonderful February 14, despite the distance.

How to choose the gift for him on Valentine's Day?

If you have no idea of what to send to your boyfriend or if you need some inspiration for a long-distance gift, we are there. You could get something classic, like a piece of clothing, a perfume or a watch. We are more for this second option. Get something really romantic and touching. You can send him a stuffed animal or your best perfume or you may make a special photo album with your best pictures, a collage to hang on the wall in his room, a photo puzzle or, even, you could create a cover for his smartphone with your most romantic shots or, even a duvet cover or blanket with your most memorable kisses, that will make him think of you every time he goes to sleep and wakes up each time.

Video chat during dinner

It may seem like an absurd idea, but imagine what it would be fun to organize a dinner in a video chat with your boyfriend. Agree on the color of the tablecloth and on the menu. You will eat the same things, on a table in the same way, complete with a candle in the middle, and you can video chat. Remember to also put the same music in the background and, of course, to dress well for your romantic dinner by candlelight. Of course, he will not be able to take your hand or the leg touching you, but your will still be a Valentine's Day 10 and praise.

Look at the stars

If you and your partner you are real romantics, spend the evening of Valentine's Day on the phone at the window, looking at the stars: the panorama will be the same for both, in spite of kilometers and kilometers will separate. You can search along the constellations and expect to see the same shooting star to make a wish, to see you again as soon as possible.

Write a letter

You and your boyfriend you always feel by phone, or through email messages, but you would be surprised how your partner finding it in the mail a letter written by you? Go back to the old ways: put it aside for a few hours the technology, take a pen and paper and start jotting down your letter. Often, when you write, you have less inhibitions, we are able to better express the feelings, with the right words. Write, close and forward, not thinking too much and not a thousand times correct your sentences. If you like, you may also become a kind of romantic game to your him, asking him to write a letter and send it, it will be nice to start your Valentine reading what one thinks of the other and vice versa.

Weekend for two

What better time than Valentine's Day to spend time alone? You will surely find the one that best suits your needs.


If your intention is to surprise you with something that he does not expect, something that makes him remember forever this Valentine's Day, do not say anything to your partner and organizes a trip to visit him in his hometown. On the morning of Valentine's Day facts found, his home, or make him a surprise out of work, university or school. It brings with you a gift. You do crazy and excite.

Do projects together

If you want to get away from the idea that it is Valentine's Day and that while you're away, millions of couples are spending together the lovers' feast, call or video chat and spend the evening doing projects together. When can you see? Where you will go together soon? Try along the train tickets or plane and reserve them: will this your most beautiful Valentine's gift .

Here are some ideas to spend a nice evening with friends. Is being single on Valentine's Day really a tragedy? Some girls try to console themselves on February 15. Others, however, spend Valentine's day locked inside the house, doing everything not to see hearts and red roses everywhere.

Yes, we know, Valentine's Day can be really heavy for who is single and is surrounded by couples who do nothing more than kissing, but quiet, is not an insurmountable situation, especially if you have some friends or singles like you and ready to transform this agony on an occasion of fun. If you are single on Valentine's Day, then, do not despair, there are many things you can do alone or with friends to spend a day of fun and away from negative thoughts. Here's a guide full of tips to better enjoy your Valentine's Day single.

Go out with friends

The friends are a precious treasure to hold, especially if they are single and if they want to leave the former behind and sad thoughts in a new way to have fun on Valentine's day. Call them, organizes a day together. If you go to college or work part-time, see yourself for lunch, go eat something in the center and treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping. If you are full of things to do throughout the day, however, an evening dedicated to your friendship: a dinner at the home of one of you or restaurant, karaoke night, or if you desire to have fun and maybe even pick up some nice guy , inquire about the local organizing themed dinners for singles 14 February. There's bound to someone.

Go dancing

You and your friends could take advantage of this Valentine's Day as a single (either the first or umpteenth) to go dancing in the disco, or for doing a Latin American evening if you love this kind of music. Treat your look, your hairstyle and your makeup and do not think about anything, except to dance carefree all night. And after a dancing night, end your Valentine from singles with breakfast together at the crack of dawn.

Dedicated time

Finally, you choose your Valentine gift, finally, on the day of the Feast of lovers, you can only and only take the time to you, to your desires, what you love to do and, above all, you will not spend money on make the gift to your him, but you can invest them to give you a gift that has long desired. Spend time at a spa, in the sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool baths and massages; relax on one of the comfortable deckchairs, in an environment with soft lighting and sip a purifying herbal tea, which you also free from all evil thoughts. Do not think about anything or anyone, turn off your phone and your brain: this Valentine's Day only you exist.

Shopping on Valentine's Day

You have an uncontrollable passion for shopping? And, then, what better time than Valentine's Day to indulge in a little 'healthy shopping? While all lovers will be in all those romantic places where the "lovebirds" will meet on 14 February, you the opportunity to do some 'of shopping in your favorite stores. Especially if you left recently, and just the thought still burns inside, shopping will be your natural painkiller. Do it alone or in company of a friend or sister who know how to advise you the best outfits. Among other things, on Valentine's Day, there are still balances in stores, therefore, seize the opportunity to buy the latest winter clothes at half price and a few head of the new collection.

In the gym

If you still suffer for your ex, especially because you recently saw him with a new girl, with whom probably spend her Valentine's Day, do not despair and do not depress you, but go to vent your anger and your pain between treadmill and rockers. Dedicated an afternoon in the gym or the park, if you prefer outdoor sports. Who knows that just between one year and another, you do not know your prince charming.

Single in the home

If you do not want to go out and find yourself in front of snogging and amorous effusions in the street, you can always spend a Valentine's quiet and relaxing at home. As? Giving you a good dinner made with your own hands, or ordering take away from that menu of Japanese cuisine that you like so much. And after dinner, enjoy a movie or book on the sofa, complete with a hot plaid. It may not be the most fun, but without doubt the most relaxing of your life.

Accept the invitation of a friend

If your friend, work colleague or university or a school friend ask you to go out on St. Valentine's day, do not hesitate, accept the invitation. It's an evening with friends or the spark between you, give yourself an evening of fun and carefree. If they're roses they'll bloom…

Organize a weekend

If you want to escape not only with the mind go visit a friend who lives in another city or even abroad. Lose yourself in new destinations, have new experiences and get lost among the new faces.

Go to the movies

Go to the movies even if you're single. Call some friends, wear comfortable clothing like tracksuit and sneakers and do not forget to buy popcorn before entering the theatre. Ah, romantic movies are forbidden. A comedy or an action film or a biopic is the best.

Valentine Day Songs

Here is a collection of valentines day songs to make our day more romantic:

Ae Mere Humsafar - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak · 1988

Mujhe Raat Din - Sangharsh · 1999

Mohabbat Dil Ka Sakoon - Dil Hai Tumhaara · 2002

Tumse Milne Ko Dil - Phool Aur Kaante · 1991

Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain - Pardes · 1997

Teri Ore - Singh Is Kinng · 2008

Dil Laga Liya Maine - Dil Hai Tumhaara · 2002

Bahon Ke Darmiyan - Khamoshi: The Musical · 1996

Zara Zara - Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein · 2001

Radha - Student of the Year · 2012

Suraj Hua Maddham - Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham · 2001

Tum Ho - Rockstar · 2004

Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho - Lakhon Hain Yahan Dilwale · 1972

Hai Mera Dil - Josh · 2000

Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho - Chaudhvin Ka Chand · 1960

Chand Chupa Badal Mein - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam · 1999

Tip Tip Barsa Paani - Mohra · 1994

Tere Dar Par Sanam - Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi · 1993

Yeh Sham Mastani - Forever Kishore Kumar - Sensual · 1970

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha - 1942: A Love Story · 1994

Piya Tose Naina Lage Re - Guide · 1965

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna · 2006

Dil Ka Aalam - Aashiqui · 1989

Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam - Duplicate · 1998