A Romantic Wedding in the Rain

The saying Wet bride lucky bride in the modern day cannot be more appropriate. This saying comes from those who want to drive away the bad mood of the bride who, after spending months to organize every little detail of the wedding and is sad because the rain threatens to ruin the happiest day of her life.

The saying comes from far away when the society was mostly agrarian and the rain was the main factor for the growth of crops. Therefore rain is associated with the growth and abundance and so it is a good omen to lay the foundations for the start of a new family.

The rain during the day of the wedding is one of the biggest concerns of to be married couples, especially those who planned the ceremony for an outdoor reception. However, I am convinced that marriages in the rain can be fantastic if you're prepared.

To begin with, paradoxically, some photographers are able to do some really superb shots when the skies are leaden and copious rain falls from the heavens with night effects, brilliant effects, choreography with umbrellas and galoshes, and well, there is no end to the imagination and even a seemingly difficult situation, turns into a creative opportunity for those who are behind the camera.

In a case of rain, dear brides do not worry, there is always a plan B. If you planned a garden party choose a location with many rooms nearby in order to move the tables inside and leave anyway the freedom of movement for guests. In the case of bad weather the food buffet, originally scheduled in the garden, can be set up in a dedicated room without having to move the tables for the wedding feast.

The location should also be equipped with wardrobe space if not a dedicated room, where guests can leave any coats and umbrellas. Obviously, a wardrobe implies service staff to handle it, if the location does not have it. Other elements useful in bad weather is a canopy at the entrance. If the reception will be divided between several buildings it would be important that the transition from one to another is covered.

If in the days before the wedding you see that rain is expected, buy yourself a nice pair of cute rainboots and use them for travel, which you can take off once you arrive at the location, but at least you have the ability to move nimbly for the first part of the wedding without soaking your shoes and make it unusable for the rest of the day.

It will be ideal for some funny photographs and remember this special day with a smile. Among the various things I've learned from watching foreign marriages, it is that women, especially the British, who have to do with a rainy climate, are not afraid to give up decollete for outdoor photos.

And looking at these pictures I have to admit I find it irresistible, even the rubber boots, which can be in light colors and patterns. And who would have thought that the boots are wonderful themed decorations, once filled with flowers?

Finally, if you love the color, give away to your guests' many colorful umbrellas and cheer up the gray mood due to the weather and warm up the mood of the newlyweds. The patterns can be heart-shaped, polka dot, with ruffles or rainbow. Surely it will not be hard to find one that matches the color of your mood.

And who knows, after the rain, you may be fortunate enough as to watch a beautiful rainbow sprout. There is nothing more romantic and sweet than photos of newlyweds happy and smiling in the rain