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Meaning of Friendship - The Bond That Unites Us to Other People

The etymological origin of the word friendship cannot be determined exactly. There are those who claim that it comes from the Latin amicus, which in turn is derived from the word Amore or love. However, other scholars assert that friend is a Greek word. In any case, friendship is a relationship between two people and one of the most common interpersonal bonds that most human beings have throughout their lives.

Friendship involves various feelings, where one friend goes to the other in search of trust, love, comfort, respect, and company. These relationships occur in all stages of life, although with varying degrees of importance and transcendence. It is said that there are friendships that are born within a few minutes of starting a relationship and others that can take years to consolidate.

When you talk about a friend, you refer to that person who not only shares with you the best moments of your life but also the worst ones. More accurately it is considered that precisely someone shows his friendship when he is next to that friend who is going through illnesses, losses, despair, a sentimental rupture or a serious economic situation.

Precisely this is what serves to make clear the difference between friend and acquaintance, as many people tend to confuse both terms. So the acquaintance is that individual who is present in your life but only at certain moments. It is not who is by your side when you have a bad time or when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Throughout the history of cinema, art, literature or television we have been told great stories of friendship such as, for example, that of Miguel de Cervantes shaped between his noble Don Quixote and his always faithful Sancho Panza. And so do the two of the most famous characters of the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

In the case of the small screen, we have the series "Friends", which, as its title reads, revolves around the relationships established between six thirty-year-old friends living in the United States. For its part, in cinema, we find the movie Amistad by the great filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who directed the same one that brings us closer to a real case during the mutiny in 1839 of more than fifty black slaves who were traveling aboard the La Amistad ship.

Friendship can even exist between two different species. That is why it is said that the dog is the best friend of man, referring to the affective bond that can be formed between a homo sapiens and this animal.

Many myths move in the environment and feed on beautiful words, not always contrasted and based on concrete and/or partial experiences, which exalt their value and make expectations against what can be achieved with friendship. These myths about friendship can also cause anxiety or burden on people who do not get friends who can meet these expectations.

Myths about Friendship

# 1 - Friends Will Make You Happy

Happiness is not provided by anyone but is an inner state that is within each one of us that allows us to find joy in any relationship, including friendship, among many others. In any case, if this were true, it would not be fair, since a friend of another cannot blame the other for their unhappiness, or their sadness. Also, not all the times we spend with our friends are cheerful, and that does not mean that our friends are not worth it. Friends help you to be happier, but they are not the only ones responsible for your happiness. On the other hand, the fact of not having friends does not imply that you cannot be happy equally.

# 2 - The more friends you have, the better

The quality of friendship has nothing to do with quantity. On the other hand, managing the relationship with a large number of friends weakens the individual relationship with each of them. In addition, this can cause great confusion, not distinguishing between friends and acquaintances. On the other hand, friends are not collected nor are they an excuse to be the most popular neighborhood or wherever.

# 3 - Friends Are Forever

It would be great, but the reality is that friends can come and go in our lives. A lost friendship can be recovered by distance or by the passage of time, but when it stops feeding it takes to return to be the same, because people also change. On the other hand, friendships can also end for many reasons.

# 4 - You Need to Have a Best Friend

This sounds very childish. Really, best friends are hard to come by. People who have one are very lucky, but this is not an imperative requirement to enjoy friendship and be happy. It is possible to have several good friends who satisfy us emotionally rather than just a best friend.

# 5 - Men value friendship less than women

This is one of many myths about gender differences. The fact that men manage their relationships in general and their friends in particular in a different way does not mean that they do not value friendship.

# 6 - Friends share everything

Friendships need time to grow. People need time to get to know each other, and this is done little by little over the years. There are things that remain in the realm of the private and that necessarily have to be shared. Everyone has the right to keep to himself what he considers appropriate without feeling guilty. Even if a friend shares large parts of their life with you does not mean that you have to do the same.

# 7 - Men and women cannot be friends

Make no mistake, if you have had an intimate relationship with someone it is not easy to stay as friends. Most likely, the new relationship will not succeed. Friendship can be difficult when there is a romantic past, or even when you are interested in the person. In any case, the fact that you are a man does not mean that you have intimate interests with all women and vice versa, or that you cannot have points in common with people of the other sex without the need for a sexual spark.

# 8 - A good friend will never let you down

People are not perfect and, by friendship, there may be other motives that lead people to act in a certain way, at the risk of defrauding others. On the other hand, we often act on instinct, without thinking too much about the consequences or with other priorities. In addition, not all people have the same concept of friendship so they will not understand defrauding in the same way. In any case, while a good friend may disappoint sometimes, it is their intention that matters. Bad friends want to hurt, good friends do not.

# 9 - Friendship arises naturally among people

Many people mistakenly believe that friendships arise naturally in the course of everyday life. This could happen in childhood with classmates or extracurricular activities. Proof that this is not so is the number of friends we keep from our student days. In any case, for adults, it is necessary to make an effort to meet new people and create a connection.

# 10 - Having many friends helps avoids loneliness

Loneliness occurs in many different situations and can also happen to people who have many friends. It is not the number of people you have around you that will help you avoid loneliness, but the fact that some of them know that you feel alone and are willing to help you to overcome it. A single person can help you feel less alone. Again, quality is worth more than quantity in matters of friendship.

# 11 - Having many contacts on Facebook means that you have many friends

The word friends cease to have a meaning on Facebook. What you have on Facebook are contacts, and often only serve to tell the world how popular you are. Even if you have met your friends and acquaintances of the past, you will not regain your relationship with them.

It should be noted that, sometimes, physical presence is not an indispensable condition for friendship. That is why there are many friendships developed by correspondence or, at present, through the Internet.

Friendship is a nice word and feeling. It is that invisible bond that unites us to others. A bond of affection that is born with people who cross our path and, almost magically, become essential beings in our life. It is a relationship between equals, which gives us the satisfaction of sharing experiences, feeling confident and trusting someone seamlessly.

Our condition of social beings is what creates the almost imperative need to establish relationships and ties with other people. Friendship, therefore, is important in a person's life for what it brings to the emotional level.

The saying that whoever has a friend, has a treasure does not lack reason. Feeling loved by someone with whom we do not have blood ties gives us satisfaction and emotional support. This bond strengthens our self-esteem and the pleasure of feeling accompanied. In addition, it gives us the confidence and security of having the support of someone in the difficult moments.


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Kalyan! Hello...

Such a wonderful post on friendship! It is true that good friends are precious and we should do anything to keep them.

Of course, many people ignore the meaning of friendship: real friends do not have to be together all the time, they do not hide their thoughts from each other (the truth can easily be told), they do not hold a grudge upon a quarrel (which is only natural) and they are like good brothers (with all the things that come along with it)...

Well done, my friend!


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I love to start the day with good and warming thoughts.
I chose this one to be mine;"
A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

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Pro 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; But the kisses of an enemy are profuse.

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