Simple Indian Sweets and Diwali Recipes

Diwali, the festival of lights is popular for fireworks and sweets. Dipawali celebration is incomplete without the Diwali Mithai. Diwali becomes complete with mouth-watering delicacies prepared for the event. It is the ideal time to indulge and people look forward to the festive month to savor delicious sweets.

Diwali is also a feast of nostalgia. In the days before the festival, the women in the family prepare traditional dishes. All the women of the housework towards an elaborate dish of homemade sweets. The list of delicacies is endless. In recent times, online stores have started catering to the needs of customers.

Diwali gets celebrated throughout India according to their local traditions. On this day, gifts and sweets get exchanged to strengthen love for family and friends. The favorites on Diwali are Gulab Jamun, Laddu, and delicious Karanji or Ghughra. Women prepare sweets like Kaju Burfi, Kulfi, Pongal, Rasgulla, Jalebi or Gajar ka Halvah. There are no specific dishes in Diwali, so the selection is very large. People also eat sweets like Gujiyas, Nan Khatai, and Coconut Laddoos.

Popular sweets include Kaju Katli, Boondi Ladoo, Mohanthal, Almond Seera or Badam Halwa. Traditional sweets like Kheer and Mava Gujiya gain importance as the popular sweets. The sweets get garnished with silver leaf, chopped nuts and the extra pinch of flavor. The sweets get enclosed in exquisite looking boxes, which increase the charm of the gifts.

But the snacks are not the only foods that get enjoyed during the festival. There are many other dishes enjoyed with friends and relatives. On the first day, people eat the traditional Lapsi. It is a large wheatgrass prepared with ghee and sugar, plus a curry with very long beans.

The next day, a dish called Anarsa, made of rice and jaggery gets prepared. A sweet and milky rice pudding called Sooji Kheer also get prepared. On the third day, people eat Galaka, a curry consisting of pumpkin. People also prepare Kansar with raisins, cashew nuts, cardamom, and bananas.

In the list of Diwali snacks, Nevri is a common dessert from Goa. These are sweet dumplings made from flour or maida. They get filled with sugar, almonds, poppy, coconut, and cardamom. For the second course, there are three different names like Nimki, Namkeen or Namak Para. In contrast to many other specialties, the Murmura Chivda do not need any preparation. In fact, they go so fast that the ingredients are best prepared before you start the first step. We show you simple Diwali recipes that you can do at home.

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