Calcutta, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal is considered the cultural capital of India after reaching inimitable heights in poetry, literature, art, architecture, and films. It hosts the annual International Kolkata Book Fair, which is the third largest book fair in the world.

At the Kolkata Book Fair, publishers and booksellers organize a joyride that invites a journey through exhibitions of books. The International Book Fair in Calcutta annually brings together about ten million people. It is one of the most outstanding in the world in terms of the number of publications.

According to organizers, during the 12 days of the book fair, millions of people pass through its facilities, being one of the most important events in Asia. On the walk, you can see the most outstanding achievements of the book writers. This event is the favorite refuge of intellectuals and book lovers in the city. Earlier the book fair was held in the Maidan. Every year there is a guest country.

The experience of reading on the internet is not the same as turning the pages of a book. There is no greater joy than to see someone carrying a book in their hands. Books are eternal and universal that are distributed over the centuries, through the variety of arts perfected by the man in the wonder of the landscapes designed by nature. Books are a timeless beauty.

The timeless beauty is not just something that never fades. It is a beauty that is propagated and updated with the passage of time, which always find new forms of expression. It is linked to people, to ideas, to thoughts and technological resources of each era.

This is the beauty of the Kolkata Book Fair, which is a creative universe that cannot be confined to a historical period, geographical area, a single museum or artistic discipline. There are also held dialogues and insights in which day after day, following the compass of the books and authors, the fair aims to convey visitors the extraordinary wealth of cultural, literary, artistic resources of our country.

In the fair, the beauty is told in its evolution, in its relationship with the present and the future, and in its motivation to drive us to search for new horizons of creativity and innovation. The authors remind us that beauty can live anywhere and anytime, whether in a verse of the poet or in the incredible adventures or in the plot of a novel.

The fair presents us everything from paintings to illustrations, from the children's book to historical adventures, and from design to the beauty of science.

The other Book Fair

With about 90 thousand square meters occupied by stalls and shops, College Street is a street in Calcutta next to some universities in the city. It is the largest market for used books in the world. College Street is little more than a kilometer and a half but is home to hundreds of small and medium-sized libraries.

In addition, it is the headquarters of some of India's largest publishing houses like Ananda Publishers and Rupa & Co. In this street is also located the Indian Coffee House, which has been a favorite place for Indian intellectuals. For all that College Street is also called Boi Para, or the town of books.

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