Ragini MMS 2.2 Web Series Review, Cast

Ragini MMS 2.2 should release in a few months, although there is no official release date. If one were to cite the rare horrific horror series from the Hindi industry, we would first think of Raaz. It offered us three major successes before failing with a useless and failed Raaz Reboot. But there is also Ragini MMS. Inspired by Paranormal Activity, the first part created a surprise at the box office in 2011.

The second film was a triumph linked to the presence of Sunny Leone in the lead role. This mix of horror, sex, and found footage has a great commercial potential. And the producer Ekta Kapoor understood this. Balaji is currently working on several web series that should unveil in a short time. It includes a modern and feminist rereading of Devdas.

The idea of making Ragini MMS 2.2 a web series is very ingenious since it is much easier to avoid censorship on the internet. The series will feature the sulfurous Riya Sen and TV actress Karishma Sharma. For its part, will the web series be as successful as it's predecessors?

If in 2014 Ragini MMS 2 punctured the box office, it was not for its originality. Moreover, it was very much below the original Ragini MMS. The story of Ragini MMS was not very original. The film had a clever mix of soft eroticism and it's frustrating delusional story.

Ragini MMS 2, the second part of the franchise does the least and prefers to play the card of the provocation. Sunny regaled her admirers with noticeable performances in her short career. Mankind has benefited from It's Sunny in Brazil and The Dark Side of the Sun. She withdrew and her adulators regret that she did not carry out more ambitious projects.

The only interest of Ragini MMS 2 is thus the presence of Sunny Leone. In the film, Sunny plays her own role of an actress who has departed from porn to a cinema writer. The very shady and rather shabby Rocks (Parvin Dabas) wants to direct a horror film.

Apart from the erotic scenes and music videos, the show of Sunny is very painful. She is a disarticulated uncomfortable puppet, a disembodied doll, never on her marks. If there was not Sunny Leone's chest, occupying a considerable volume alone, Ragini MMS 2 would be flat.

The horror cinema has always maintained more than cordial relations with sex. This is not the case in Ragini MMS 2. It seeks to capitalize only on the presence of the actress. But we are not allowed to have torrid scenes of bestial sex or to brutalize our brains by a traumatic horror.

Saving mix of hip hop and urban Punjabi rap, Baby Doll respects the codes of the genre. It contains its lot of unnecessary and unlikely scenes. Be that as it may be Baby Doll regale us of a Sunny reified to desire. The very enticing Sunny appears as an object of consumable desire.

The one that pushes the song is Kanika Kapoor. She lends her appetizing voice to Sunny Leone. She also won the Filmfare Award for the best singer for her shimmering involvement in this track.