Discovering the Best Macarons in Paris

by - May 31, 2017

Crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy inside, colorful and attractive, it has all the essential ingredients for any successful Instagram photo. We talk about the macaroons, the sweet and delicious French dessert. It is so chic and sophisticated that it is the best to bring souvenir from Paris.

Maybe you have not ever tasted, you might not even know what they were called, but surely you've saturated with them on social networks. And it is that beyond its delicious taste, its photogenic character is another of its identity and not get tired of seeing them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But what really are the macarons, where did they come from and why they succeed so much? After a few days in Paris, we have the answers:

What are the macarons?

It is a traditional French biscuit composed of two parts colored cookie macaroon crunchy and creamy filling. The origins of this sweet date back to the sixteenth century France, when a court confectioner took the traditional recipe of Meringue (egg whites and sugar) and added ground almonds. Baked at high temperature and for a short time, it is a crusty outside and soft disk inside. It would be in the nineteenth century when the macaron was popularized as it is known today, joining two parts of macaroon with jam filling, ganache or cream.

The macarons are so popular in recent years that today it is almost impossible to visit Paris without trying one. Many bakeries and pastry artists have specialized in this precious sweet that have become a really delicious dessert. If you want to try the best macarons in Paris, climb on board high-speed trains and get into a festival of flavors, colors and textures!

The truth is that in Paris there is a long tradition around the macarons. Some pastry chefs began to specialize in this product in the late nineteenth century, creating small teahouses that today have become big chains spread throughout the city or the country.

It is very difficult to walk around the capital and not marvel at the full windows of macarons. They are made with egg whites, ground almonds and sugar cookies and filled with cream. It can mix so many flavors that you could delight with a different variety every day of the year. It becomes really hard to resist the varieties of rose petals, chocolate raspberry and cherry. And if you want to give a typical small gift from France to your acquaintances, you can also buy from a shop at the airport!

The success factor

There is no doubt that the triumph responsible for macarons is Ladurée. This famous luxury pastry house founded in the early nineteenth century is the true inventor of the double macaron, with padding that we all know today. In addition, it also innovated by making flavored macaroons and creating different tastes we know today, from almond, pistachio or chocolate, to lemon, apple, strawberry, peach or pink. To differentiate, Louis-Ernest Ladurée, its founder, decided to add them a touch of color, thus setting the rainbow of macarons that allow composing these boxes to be photographed. Ladurée is currently one of the most famous patisseries in Paris and it is estimated that every day it sells an average speed of 15,000 macarons!

Why succeed so much?

Because they are good, more than good, because they are addictive because it has a high price of around € 2,10 per unit pastry artists makes them a very expensive aspirational whim that always arouses desire. But above all, because everybody talks about them and their impact reaches us from all sides through social networks influencers and travel bloggers. In countless films it has been a perfect gift. Do you remember the film Maria Antonietta of Sofia Coppola? Or Meryl Streep serving them? And in the festivals organized by Leonardo DiCaprio as The Great Gatsby? and even in the success series - not to forget Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf during their visit to Paris in the series Gossip Girl.

So as you now know take advantage of your trip to Paris for stopping by any charming pastry shop and do not miss the chance to taste some delicious macarons. Yes, before you sink your teeth, do not forget to take out your smartphone and find the perfect framing for Instagram and share your best and tastier version of this sweet.

Thanks to its savoir-faire and excellence, it is normal to see long queues forming before macaron shops. If you're a fan of these sweets you also have the opportunity to buy online boxes of macarons and receive it in any country in Europe. It would be really hard to keep some variety of all it offers, because each month many add a new flavor to surprise customers. Of course, you can not miss the Ispahan (pink, raspberry and lychee) and the Mogador (passion fruit and milk chocolate). A delight!

We appreciate the lavender and apricot macaroon and some less traditional macaron, both in taste and shape like Macaron Tulameen. Macarons with Japanese flavors mixed with French tradition, result in some varieties as good as the Matcha (green tea) or Yuzu (Japanese citrus typical).

It's time to take a break, visiting Paris with high-speed trains and try one of the most appreciated French gastronomic treasures.

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  1. One of my new year resolution this year is trying my skills on macaron recipe. Thanks for sharing :)