FIFA 18: Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover

This time it's the real one. After the previews and leak, EA Sports has fulfilled the desire of its fans by opening a window on what will be FIFA 18. Yesterday was announced the first trailer with a simple tweet: The World's Game. First Look: June 5, 2017, #FIFA18.

A first look, in short, the much-anticipated latest installment of the football saga from Electronic Arts was followed by the facts, because around 17 was published on the official EA Sports Youtube channel, while all the hours were consumed by fans with the update button. And when it finally appeared, the level of satisfaction was high level.

Yeah, because FIFA 18 has chosen its main face. It will not be Dele Alli, or Hazard or Reus. As indicated by EA Sports as a promo, the face of this chapter is simply the "World's Best", Cristiano Ronaldo. The reference is obviously to the FIFA prize won by the Portuguese in January, together with the Golden Ball as the best player ever crowned in 2016.

In the trailer, we see just Cristiano Ronaldo, especially the forehead covered with sweat (really impressive) intent in performing his solo effort with the shirt of Real Madrid. Then the Portuguese prepares, with the usual practice and run, to kick the free kick. The camera cuts to a few seconds, then back at him. Needless to say, the ball is already entered and that Cristiano Ronaldo is running for classical exultation to the flag.

All his companions go to embrace to celebrate and at that time is shown for a few seconds the real Cristiano Ronaldo, covered with sophisticated equipment, to put at the service of the EA Sports his movements, his race, etc.

The advances are not finished, because going to the official website also are revealed three different bookable editions with different prices and packages Standard Edition, Ronaldo Edition and Icon Edition. In the first two, on the Cover, of course, there is Cristiano Ronaldo. The last, however, has the first Ronaldo. Only the last two, can be booked online, to ensure the option to have it three days earlier than the official release date, scheduled for next September 29.

The real news is that you can play all those who purchase their copy of FIFA 18, that is intended for Xbox, PC or PlayStation. It is, in fact, the bond with Microsoft, which guaranteed Xbox exclusive for this game mode, and that is still going on with FIFA 17. A real joy is for owners of PlayStation 4, as lovers of Xbox will no longer have the exclusivity of the Legends/Icons, which has led many of them to choose Microsoft instead of Sony.

In the coming weeks will unveil the new icons, which will be added to a roster of truly impressive Legends: Inzaghi and Nesta, Beckenbauer to Baresi, through Gattuso, Van Basten, Rui Costa, Pires, Gullit, Maldini, Valderrama, Figo, Blanc, Best, Zanetti, Zola, and Suker. And now the Brazilian par excellence, the original Ronaldo.