10 Unusual Travel Ideas For Your Family Holiday

by - July 29, 2017

We have collected family travel ideas in Europe to spend the summer vacation covering sea, mountains, hills, lakes, pine forests, and plains. It is suited to family travelers of all kinds, tastes, and budget. In short, we have taken care of every taste and all pockets. All you have to do is choose and pack your suitcases to travel and have fun! The children can have fun. Moms can read in peace and enjoy the hotel. She does not have to worry about anything. Papa can play card games and indulge in evening entertainment.

A trendy but cheap idea for a family summer vacation is called glamping, a word that combines camping and glamor. Sleeping in the tent does not mean giving up on comfort but becomes a wonderful adventure for the small budget traveler. More and more campsites have become a true family-friendly, value-for-money complexes. You can go to a tent, caravan, camper or rent a bungalow.

Albania in family hotel

Albania has everything from unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and dense forests. Within a short distance in Albania, between Valora and Saranda, you can go from the sea to the mountain with a beautiful vegetation, and then back to the sea.

Disneyland Paris with children

For those who want to discover Paris or rediscover it with children, here is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The most practical and economical solution is to stay in the apartment.

Hvar, the Polynesia of the Adriatic

Hvar is a destination not to be missed for those looking for a dream holiday in Croatia with lavender interiors of lavender and picturesque villages.

In Greece to Kimolos

White houses with blue windows, paved paths, breathtaking views and especially beautiful beaches. We are talking about Kimolos, in Greece. There are countless solutions for staying at Kimolos with children.

Corsica between sea and trekking

Corsica can really count on all with wonderful sea, countless mountain hiking routes for hikers and many towns to discover.

Tuscany - relax in the heart of Chianti

A Tuscan countryside is a place that only relieves the sight. Children can spend a holiday in nature and in complete safety while their parents take a much-needed rest.

Barcelona in apartment with kids

Barcelona offers countless attractions for children as well and is one of the most suitable holiday towns in Europe. To stay in the Catalan city you can choose the apartment.

Houseboat holidays in Holland by boat or by bicycle

Vacation on the water would be a dream. Discover Holland on board a boat or a bicycle with your family and children travel in total comfort and safety. Then maybe you can relax with the houseboat over lakes and rivers. You can go to indulge in water sports events in the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. If you like, take the bikes for excursions. Even dogs are allowed on houseboats since then the whole family can be there.

Camping on the Baltic Sea

With kilometers of beach, sea noise, shells, sand castles and the water, the Baltic Sea is a force to reckon with.

Language Travel in Scotland

Oxford-English is not taught in the north of the British island. But in one week's language course for all plus a week round trip, there is something for everyone to discover and experience between the imposing highlands. Scotland is famous for its distilleries and countless haunts, the gigantic Loch Ness and time-honored Edinburgh. The food is clearly better than its reputation!

Families can have fun learning English in front of a solid backdrop. Playful courses are available for children over 3 years. With older children, it is certainly more meaningful and relaxed.

From hotels, apartment or homestays, the possibilities are endless. Or you can even spend nights in a tent or mobile vans. Tree houses can be found with varying comfort all over Europe. Or in an old-fashioned way stay in a circus, gypsy or shepherd's carriage, for example in Switzerland, France, and Italy. How about a donkey as a travel companion?

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