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MTV Roadies X4 Winner

Roadies hot

MTV Roadies X2 is an adventure reality television show along with drama and a touch of voyeurism aired on MTV India and is a huge hit today among the youth of the country. It is currently in its Ninth season. Conceptualised by Raghu Ram and Nikhil Chinapa, and hosted by Rannvijay Singh, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula and Karan Kundra, the show tests the endurance levels of the contestants.

Raghu Ram and Rannvijay Singh shot to instant fame with this show. Nikhil Chinapa was already a visible face earlier. First during the audition itself the Judges with their slam dank hard questions try to sort out the genuine people from the fakes who can give their best in any kind of situation.

The contestants aka Roadies, are given bikes to travel on pre-decided routes along with the crew and different situations are added to make the show interesting. Each episode features a vote-out at the end in which the Roadies eliminate one or more of their fellow Roadies, thereby decreasing the number of roadies carrying on with the journey till the last man standing.

The show first went international during the fifth edition of the Roadies, which covered three countries viz. India, Thailand and Malaysia. Season 6 saw the replacement of Nikhil Chinnappa by Raghu's identical twin brother, Rajiv Laxman.

Roadies are given tasks at every destination. They are either Money Advantage or Immunity tasks. Roadies earn a particular amount of money on completion of a Money task. The maximum prize for winning the show is Rs 500,000.The instant fame of the winners doesn’t get un-notices as they either become VJ’s or step into Bollywood.

In the Money tasks, the Roadies collectively perform the challenges and add cash to the winner's account. In Immunity tasks, the winning Team/Roadie gets Immunity, which means that they survive that vote-out. In the Advantage Tasks, which has been introduced from the Season 5.0, the winners get some advantage in that vote out. The exact advantage is decided by the production, and revealed at the vote-out with the purpose to spice things up and possibly spoil any plans and group votes.

The above mentioned tasks are either team-based i.e. performed between two or more teams or individually. At the end of scheduled journey, the last Roadie who survives till the end is the winner and walks away with the total cash accumulated by the performance of all the Roadies. Being such a tough competition, the top three Roadies are taken on an equal footing. As a matter of fact, they are immortalized in "Morgue" in the "Roadies Rehab Centre" quite adoringly.

Here is a list of the past MTV Roadies Winners:

Season # 1 There was no official winner this season as no one could complete their task.

Season # 2 Ayushman Khurana, Chandigarh

Season # 3 Parul Shahi, Delhi

Season # 4 Anthony Yeh, Kolkata

Season # 5 Ashutosh Kaushik, Saharanpur.

Season # 6 Nauman Sait, Bangalore.

Season # 7 Anwar Syed, Delhi

Season # 8 Aanchal Khurana, Delhi

Season # 9 Vikas Khokher, Hyderabad

Season # 10 Palak Johal, Chandigarh

Roadies X1 Winner: Nikhil Sachdeva

Roadies X2 Winner: Prince Narula

Roadies X4 Winner: Balraj Singh


Anonymous said…
unlike dirty reene and anchal, pooja and anamika are the best girls to ever come in roadies...they are so decent and soft spoken...hope they both stay together as frnds and never get spoiled by this game...

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