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Autumnal Equinox: First Day of Fall

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Autumn is a wonderful season. The autumnal equinox marks the end of summer and the beginning of the journey towards the winter with a real show of scents and colors typical of this season. Let us not be put off by first days of rain and we learn to appreciate the autumn in all its aspects. Temperatures begin to drop, but the bright colors of autumn heat there. Here are ten reasons to love the fall and to welcome it to the fullest.

1) Restart the pumpkins season

With the arrival of autumn officially begins the season of pumpkins and we really love this vegetable. The pumpkin has a distinctive flavor that is suitable for the preparation of savory dishes, such as soups, casseroles and side dishes, and desserts such as cakes and pies. Green light to the imagination in the kitchen.

2) The colors are wonderful

Autumn is the season when nature is manifested by their most beautiful colors. It 's impossible not to be captivated by the fantastic autumn colors of the leaves and trees. Just take a stroll in a park to realize how nature is wonderful this season. The colors make us relax and we rejoice despite the summer's over.

3) We can go to gather chestnuts

Who loves chestnuts will appreciate the autumn months to go and pick them up. Many of you will remember childhood trips where you spent the afternoons to gather chestnuts in the company of the whole family to find themselves in the evening to enjoy the excellent roasted chestnuts. And who knows how to recognize the fungi can take advantage of autumn to go to pick them up.

4) We take the best pictures of the year

Those who love photography knows that the colors and the typical light of this season is a truly ideal combination to take some beautiful pictures. We think it is in photographs dedicated to nature itself is the choice of the autumn landscape as background for portraits. If you love taking pictures, do not miss this opportunity.

5) We gather with friends to tell us about the holidays

In late summer and early autumn is nice to meet new friends after returning from vacation. Everyone will certainly have stories to tell, and it will be fun to remember the summer together and start organizing some activities to do together during the fall.

6) The rainy evenings in the company of a book are fantastic

Autumn is also accompanied by the return of the rainy evenings after the summer heat. When you feel a bit 'tired and want to rest, it's great to spend a quiet evening on the chair or on the couch in the company of a book and a cup of tea or a great hot chocolate.

7) There is still too cold for outdoor trips and picnics

In early autumn it is not yet so cold from having to give up a trip outdoors . Indeed, even during the fall we might be lucky enough to receive a gift of the weekend from almost summer temperatures. So it's time to organize a nice trip to the countryside or in the mountains, and maybe even a picnic.

8) We can continue to grow vegetables

According to the place where we live also in the fall we can continue to grow vegetables . The secret is to have a minimum of organization and predict what we would like to gather in the autumn already in the summer. Be able to have pumpkins and cabbage from our garden during the autumn months will be really a great satisfaction.

9) We have more time for self and the do-it-yourself

You know, not always in the autumn the weather is clement, but we can spend rainy days in all that we love, starting from ' self-production , from do-it-yourselfers and odd jobs to make with the kids. Maybe we try to prepare homemade bread and preserves and to make some simple handmade toys.

10) Finally, we can gather around the fireplace

If you fall do not miss the chance to gather around the fireplace or stove with your loved ones. The warmth of the fireplace is really cozy and the company of friends and family during the autumn nights warms the heart and helps to reduce stress. And for those who have the chimney? Please make a welcoming meeting point: maybe prepared a cake or cookies and get ready to challenge you to a game of cards or board games.

By now, even the astronomical Estate closed the curtain, leaving the stage to Autumn. Officially the astronomical Autumn begins with Autumn Equinox. The word equinox comes from Latin and means equal day and night, although in reality the atmospheric refraction effects, the radius and the solar parallax mean that in equinox the length of the day exceeds that of the night.

In the northern hemisphere the autumn equinox and generally falls on 22 or 23 September, which is when the sun crosses the plane of the Earth's (perpendicular), said precisely the point of the equinoxes. The point of the autumnal equinox is also called point of Libra. SUN equinox - the equinoxes, also, the sun rises almost exactly east and sets almost exactly in the west.

To be precise the equator the sun rises vertically from the horizon circle east to the zenith, and then sets in the vertical circle from the west horizon zenith; the Tropic of Cancer the sun passes to the south, where it reaches its maximum altitude for that day which is 66 ° 33 '; the Tropic of Capricorn the sun passes north, where it reaches its maximum altitude for that day which is 66 ° 33 while at the poles the Sun passes from a long day six months to a long night six months or vice versa.

Every year the autumnal equinox occur on September 23. From the astrological point of view, the entry of the Sun in Libra , the sign of Balance, brings us back to the Latin meaning of the name. Cardinal and opposed to his twin spring, reminds us that these are the last days when the forces are balanced and to follow the darkness win for the next six months on the light. MITI -This event has always been an antiquity special time in which the forces of light and darkness are in perfect balance.

For many cultures the Fall Equinox is a day of celebrations. In the initiatory tradition this time is a passage , a time for meditation, to turn inward, during which the separation between what is visible and what is invisible tapers until almost to disappear. In the agricultural calendar farmer, unfortunately, little or nothing remains of the autumn festive ritual and you have to wait until the end of October with All Saints to find yet the ancient rural rites of passage and pagans, that's when the Celts called it Samhain. But the memory of these ancient peoples the autumnal equinox was celebrated with the name of Mabon, the young god of vegetation and crops.

Indicated by the name of Maponus in Roman inscriptions, he is the son of Modron, the Mother Goddess kidnapped three nights after his birth, was imprisoned for many years until the day he was released from Culhwch, King Arthur's cousin. Because of his stay in Annwn, Mabon stayed young forever. His kidnapping is the Celtic equivalent of the greek abduction of Persephone . Recall that in ancient Greece were celebrated the Great Eleusinian mysteries , mystery rites that just conjured the abduction of Persephone, daughter of Demeter, which regulated the life cycles of the earth, it led to the underworld by Hades god who made ​​her his bride.

Legend has it that Demeter, as a sign of mourning and until he regained his daughter, made ​​it impossible for the sprouting of seeds and plants and barren land. In summary in both mild one that is cyclically relived every fall is the sacrifice of the god or goddess who, after the joys and amorous glories of spring and summer, after giving the maximum power fertilizing the fruit to all living beings, is forced / aa dying to themselves, to decline in the Earth's dark, understood as Belly, Uterus, Grave, Infero.

In the tradition of Druidic the Fall Equinox was called Alban Elfed (Autumn, or Elued Water Light). It was the second harvest festival, marking for its part, the end of the harvest, as well as Lughnasadh had marked the beginning. Once again, the day and night are in balance, as were the spring equinox, but soon the nights will grow up to be longer than days, and winter will be back among us. The equinox is also the Seed Time, medicinal roots, the pruning, the Compost and Water. During the French Revolution, from 1793 to 1805, this day was the First Year and Japan today is a festival dedicated to ancestors and family.

It will be for custom, by convention, to laziness, will once learned as children that the seasons come mostly 21 of this month, to a level playing field once again someone will have believed that today was the first day of autumn . But no: the first day of autumn , astronomically speaking, it happens between 22 and 23 September, this year on September 23 at our 10:21 hours to be precise.

During the equinoxes  the star's rays arrive perpendicular to the Earth's rotation axis and the day and night are of equal length;  hence the name, equinox, the same night (per day). But things are exactly like that? Not really, as we had already told at the ' spring equinox (forget the 21 for that, too, for a while), also explaining the variability of incoming seasons . In truth , in fact, during the days of equinox the day always it lasts a few minutes more, why?

The first reason is that the Sun is a disk and not a dot, and defining the dawn as the moment when the Sun (the upper end) appears on the horizon to the east, and the sunset as one in which our star (always the top end) leaves him to the west, a few minutes of light is given at mid-latitudes.

A few more minutes of light are added equinox from atmosphere, or rather from its activities refractive anticipating the dawn of time and the sunset. In practice we see the light before and after the Sun appear and go away, for diversion effect of the sunlight due to the atmosphere.

Ok, aside assured equality of the length of day and night to the equinoxes, because the fall usually comes on the 23 or 22. That is why, beyond the annual variability with which the Sun appears to reach the point of Libra, the Virgin hour, because of the precession of the equinoxes, and that officially marks the beginning of autumn, the summer lasts longer? The explanation has to do, needless to say, with the Earth orbit.

This is not a perfect circle but an ellipse and the second law of Kepler the Earth moves more slowly when further away from the Sun in proximity to the aphelion, more or less at the beginning of July, and this just happens to near the spring and summer. In practice, to achieve the points that mark the change of season in spring and summer the Earth takes a few more days in the northern hemisphere, because farthest from the sun. Would you rather know what happens, astronomically speaking, during autumnal equinox? Wait for the equinox.

Weddings also took place at Samhain, because many of the returnees (for example shepherds) want to consolidate their ties after the time of separation.


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