How to Use Photoshop

Your PC expert friends do nothing but talk to you about Photoshop and how they manage to embellish or even distort their photos with this famous photo editing program. Would you like to try it too much but you are not very accustomed to the cyber world and do not even know where to start point. No problem, I'm here to give you a hand.

With the guidance of today you'll quickly discover how you download and how to use Photoshop. Obviously do not expect to become a magician of photo editing in five minutes, but once you learn the fundamentals you need is just a little commitment and a bit of constant practice to be able to get amazing results.

To find out how to use Photoshop, you need to download the program on your PC by connecting to the Adobe website and clicking on the first button and download Login (located at the top) and then click on Create an Adobe ID . It will then compile the module that is offered to You, by entering it in your personal information, and click on the button Create. Next, put a check mark next to the item I have read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy to accept the conditions of use of the service and click Accept to register for free at the Adobe website.

At this point, do not remain you click on the button OK and wait for the download of the application manager for Adobe, a free little program that will allow you to download the trial version of Photoshop on your PC. A download is complete open the file then AdobeApplicationManager.exe and in the window that opens, click on Run to start the download of some components required for the installation of the software. If during the process of the error messages should appear, try downloading the application manager from here .

When the operation is completed, sign in to the Application Manager using the data in your Adobe account, click Accept to accept the terms of use of the service and select the item Try placed next to the icon of Photoshop to start the download of the application (which will last a long time, given the weight) and install it on your PC. Everything will happen automatically, just wait for the completion bar icon located Photoshop gets to 100% before the download and then install the program.

To understand how to use Photoshop, you have to analyze well the four parts which make up its user interface. On the left you can find the toolbar with all the brushes and all the necessary tools to draw, paint and edit photos, the center is the image on which to work, on the right there is a panel where you can manage your various levels that make up the images and you can access other tools very expensive for advanced users; up there are the menu with which you can open and save your photos, apply their special effects and much more.

The tools in the toolbar on the left are divided into four sections each section is divided by a small black line. In the first section you will find the tools to select parts of photos to copy them, delete them or modify them eg the rectangular selection , the lasso to select Freehand or semi-automatically portions of the image and the dropper to capture the colors from the images, in the second division are the brushes, the bucket for coloring large portions of the picture, the eraser and other basic tools to correct imperfections in the photo eg Healing Brush and Clone Stamp, in the third section stands the tool to add text to photos, while in the last space of the toolbar are the tools for zooming and colors for the brush and bucket.

The menus are structured more or less like this: menu File find options to open (Open) and save the file (Save As) from the menu Edit there are some tools to skew / resize / move / rotate the elements present in the photo (Transform) in Picture can find the most of the tools to adjust the colors of images (Settings), while in the menu Filter we are all the special effects that you can apply to your photos (artistic effects, lighting effects, etc.).

One of the most common tasks you might want to accomplish with your photos is to improve the color, brightness, etc.. Photoshop is able to do this in a completely automatic way. To try it for yourself, click on the menu File> Open to open the photo to fix the entries and select Auto Tone , Auto Contrast , and Auto Color menu Image to apply the corrections. You will be amazed by the outcome.

Want to discover how to use Photoshop to remove a written or an imperfection from your own pictures eg, a mole, a stain, etc., open the image on which to operate and select the Brush tool from the second section the toolbar on the left you can adjust the size using the button that appears at the top left, this is true also for brushes and other tools on the size adjustable. Click then gently on the sections of the image to be deleted eg. written or imperfection to be removed, and almost as if by magic, this will be replaced by the color or surrounding elements becoming virtually invisible.

And the special effects? We get there right away. To apply special effects to your photos, you do not have to do is open the menu Filters and select the special effect you like best. In the Artistic find the filters to turn your photo into a poster, a painting etc.., in the section Distortion has all the tools to deform your photo, and so on. Once you select the effect you want to apply, select the properties in the window that opens and click OK to apply it to your photo.

Want to turn your photo or change perspective? Select the image with the instrument rectangular selection, click on the Edit menu and select Transform tool you want to use eg. wheel or Perspective. Turn then your picture by moving the edges with your mouse and when you're satisfied with the result, click on the confirmation symbol on the upper right ( √ ) to apply the changes.

To save your photos, click on the menu File and select the item Save As . In the window that opens, select the folder in which to save the edited picture, assign them a name by typing in the file name and click Save to complete the operation. Now repeat these procedures from time to time, have fun and discover all the other tools of Photoshop and you'll see that in a few days you will have lot to envy with your more experienced friends of photo editing!