Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book Review: Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is the first episode of the love story between a vampire Edward and mortal Bella in a game of seduction and adventure that hypnotizes the reader until the last sentence and has enchanted millions of teenagers and beyond.

When Isabella Swan decides to leave the sunny Phoenix to the cold and rainy town of Forks, where her father lives, certainly she can not imagine that her life as a teenager will soon take a sudden turn and become exciting, dangerous and deadly.

In the new school, everyone is curious about her and treat her with kindness, all except one, the mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen, a kind of decadent dandy new romantic enigmatic languid chap with honey-colored eyes, gleaming teeth, pale skin and bronze hairs. Edward is not familiar to anyone except his cousins and brothers, all equally beautiful and fascinating. But there is something beautiful at first sight forcing Edward to try to stay away from her and then become closer. Between the two began a friendship that soon will be transformed into a powerful irresistible attraction until the day when Edward tells Bella being a vampire.

Twilight starts at an interesting point, the idea that a being in this case, a vampire can fall in love with a member of the species that is by nature the prey, in this case the human being. This base results in dramatic contrasts in the mind of the protagonist, in situations of terror and panic for the girl. Edward is a fascinating character with his attitude being one of the biggest contradictions in the book. He is ‘beautiful as a Greek god’ and a perfect charming boy that all girls dream. And maybe this pushes Bella into his arms.

Another thing that speaks volumes about the spirit of Twilight is the way it relates to the two protagonists. It is clear that Edward and Bella carry a terrible romantic tension. No intermediate step, no cautious friendship, no period of knowledge and Edward will one day question her to know it and then just proclaim "I love you" in too cold tones.

Twilight is all built around and according to this love story is the way he acts and thinks. Although at the beginning of the book, for Bella, her friends are the only thing, before the arrival of Edward, she does not spend even a word for them nor describe the friendship with them or talks about what she feels. The pessimistic actions and thoughts, whiny appearance of Edward is beautiful and on the other hand Bella is nothing without him, so that even when he reveals that he spends his nights in his room watching her sleep, she is reaction less.

The author paints a bland and superficial picture of humanity, not to mention the non-existent family relationships of Bella with her parents, in contrast with the group of vampires, who are interesting and fascinating with full family lives. In the traditional literature, the vampire has always been portrayed as a monster to be exorcised and knock down as an enemy of society, regardless of its reasons.

Meyer's vampire is rather the postmodern, beautiful and irresistible creature, suffering from his condition and is capable of feeling shame, who have become vampires not by choice but for charity. It is obvious that Bella wants Edward to enjoy right away in order staying with him till eternity, but he resists the goodness and wisdom, because he knows what it means to be a vampire and the torment of such an existence.

Twilight is simple and smooth with each page to be savoured. This is one book that you won't want to end.

Title: Twilight |Author: Stephenie Meyer |ISBN: 9780316015844 |Binding: Paperback |Published: September 2006| Language: English