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Egg Curry Recipe

Egg curry in India is known as Anda Curry that is a very simple recipe and is very popular with children. Perfect for lovers of hardboiled eggs, the spicy curry enhances the flavor. In this dish, the hard-boiled eggs are stir fried and then added to a sauce. It is served over steamed rice in India. Eggs can be added to any type of sauce you like. In this instructable I have shown how to make it with peas and tomato sauce.

This week I propose a curry eggs, a dish I wanted to replicate for some time after I had tasted the homemade version prepared by a friend. When I announced that dinner was planned with a curry of eggs it unexpectedly cause generalized reactions of astonishment. And so I realized that it has taken for granted that everyone to know that there are several varieties of curry, not only as regards the main ingredient, but also for the combination of spices and flavor to be obtained. So I decided to make a brief discussion on the curry to have some clarity on the subject.

An Italian Meal with my friend at Da Mauro

As I walked down the street, distracted by my thoughts and my memories, the smell from a nearby pizza shop invaded my senses and immediately my mind was transported to a recent visit to an expat friend's house. My friend, John lives in Central Park Resorts at the heart of Gurgaon. I'm not a huge fan of Gurgaon given the dusty roads, pollution, bad traffic and civic sense, but Central Park Resorts is another world in itself - an ample green environment with the usual facilities like amphitheatre, gym, spa, kids play area etc. But two things really caught my eye - the town-ship is automobile free and golf buggies are used to commute on surface. That sounds downright futuristic and something only the millionaires could afford, right? But there it was, right in front of my eyes in Gurgaon! Well, the future is really here I guess.

But what really got to me is the second thing - something situated inside the Central Park Resorts township. Read on:

As John and I planned to discuss t…

Oshun: the African Goddess of Love

Òsun, pronounced as Oshun is a major orisha as part of the Yoruba mythology and the patron of Cuba and also adored in the Afro-American cults. Oshún is the divinity of the river that runs in Nigeria. Òsun was the daughter of Nana Buruku, wife of Òrúnmílá (Orunla), Ògún, Òsoosi, and Aggayu, who was her real husband. Oshun was also the concubine of Shango. It is said that she lost her virginity to save her sister Oya.Òsun had children with Oduduwa, Orunmila and Inle. With Oduduwa she had Olose (girl) with Orunmila had Paroye (girl) and with Inle had Ologun Ede (androgynous). Òsun is the one who takes care of the Ojubo, throne or place of worship of Oduduwa and Yewa. Òsun was called Iyalode, a title conferred to the one who occupies the most important place among all the women of the city.The love of Òsun for the bronze, the most precious metal of the country Yorùbá in the old times, is mentioned in the greetings that are directed to her. In Cuba and Brazil, Òsun's followers wear yel…