Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pac-Man in Google Maps

Google Maps Pacman images

On April 1, almost as usual, Pacman lands on Google Maps, both on desktop and on iOS and Android applications. On the occasion of April Fools Day, Google introduced a new feature on its Google Maps service. For today you can play Pac-Man between actually existing roads. From Mobile, just click on the pink ball inside which is designed Ms. Pac-Man, and the computer will find a square in the bottom right corner that says Insert coin.

But it is not possible to play on any street in any city. By clicking on the icons it is in fact redirected to one of the prepared maps, if it is not available for the selected zone. This year, however, is not new as the Pac-Man version with Google Maps had been proposed as early as 2015 with its usual male character.

In 2016 however they had had some problems with Gmail, having created an automatic response with GIF of a Minion that knocks down a microphone and means something like "I'm done, I'm leaving" (the famous pose which in English is called "Mic Drop"). The GIF was designed for those annoying and exhausting conversations that never end, and sending it was automatically excluded from any new mail response. The response option was removed and Google had apologized, saying that for that April Fool if they were facts alone.

The first of April is always a source of jokes and hoaxes on the web. Falling on Saturday, this year, will give less space to invent news, but Google always puts her, transforming Google Maps in a perfect labyrinth for Pac Man. Just log on to the official website of the desktop, but also in iOS and Android, in order to submit a virtual token, and embark on the road to eat balls.

This is not a novelty, and two years ago the Mountain View giant had proposed Pac Man in Maps, and in the past had chosen Pokemon. This year, therefore, city maps turn to pay tribute to the most famous video games: Pac-Man. To play in the streets of their city, or some of the most beautiful cities in the world, simply access the site Google Maps, search for a self-interest area and click on the icon Pac Man at the bottom.

At this point a small area of ​​the designated area will be transformed completely in a few bits scenario, where the streets will become the classics of the Namco game mazes, having to guide Pac Man in search of classic yellow dots while escaping or chasing the ghosts celebrated. The Pac Man game on Google Maps comes just from Google, always ready to laugh and share these little gems with the community. However, in the past a group of hackers had turned the streets into a Pacman like grid, but the result was slightly different.

This time, going to Google Maps Pac Man will be easy and immediate business, both on the web and the official Google Maps application. The official support page for all the details on the new Google Pac Man is accessible, and from where you go down to the street to play.