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7 Things you should know to start your Education Career

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Teaching or career in education is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. Teachers are the one who not only constructs a society but also nourish the young generation so they can make their future better and prosper. Teachers have the power to rewrite the destinies of whole nations by using the buds who are going to be blossom one day.

But just like the famous quote, with great power, comes great responsibility, teaching is also one of the most responsible professions around the world. The way students are getting additional knowledge through the internet and other social platforms, the demands for teaching is also building up. Now teaching is not as easy as planning lesson for before and after sessions of the recess.

Being a teacher, you not only have to excel in their lessons but also has to deal with the multi-colored minds which you would be controlling for the major part of the day. If you have made up your mind about making your career in the education after completing your graduation, so before start searching schools for that, this article is must read for you. In the next part of this blog, I am going to tell you those seven things which everyone before starting a career in education should know.

1. Total Devotion:

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that you just have to be devoted in the class timings. You will be working 24/7 from planning the first lesson of the curricular till the final exams. It is your duty to design the learning pattern of a student’s whole year. Your mission would not end after 3:30 or whatever your school timing would be.

You have to spend hours outside the classrooms to decide which chapter you are going to teach to the students in next class, what was the points you have made clear in the last class, how your students are performing, what are their weaknesses and strengths, what would be your grading pattern.

Teaching is not just like any other desk job, although you would be spending most of your time behind the desk in drafting course outlines or for the coursework writing still it requires a lot more than that and can make you to sacrifice your personal life too.

Your devotion should be of that level that you would not even consider your pay. Most of the teachers complain that the amount of effort they put in, they don't get the fair return of that. This is where your devotion will be tested because no matter how loyal someone could remain to his or her job if he or she doesn’t get his rightful share at the end of the month, his devotion level will come down.

The total dedication also asks to forget about your own things, personality, favorite and non-favorite etc. and demand to become so flexible and adjustable that you start adapting everything from your surrounding just to make sure your students are feeling the same thing which you are feeling. You need to be prepared for everything because your audience are the youngest one of the society and they can ask anything from you.

2. Dealing with the Parents:

As I said, teacher’s duty doesn’t end after his class. She requires to do many other things and dealing with the parents of the students is the most daunting thing considered by many teachers. Teachers not only have to face all the questions of the parents but also it is their duty to make everything clear to them regarding the progress of their kids.

As a former teacher, I can tell you that the majority of whining, complaining and odd behaviors that you will receive in your education career will come from the parents not from the students. Students are very easy to handle as compared to their parents. Just a loud noise and everyone will calm down on their seats but to calm down the parents; you need to be very different from what actually you are.

Throughout your educational career, you would find different types of parents. You could find some parents who will start teaching you to how to teach kids and will give you all the bogus tips and suggestions which you should avoid to take because you are the teacher by profession and you know a lot better than them. Some parents will deny the grade sheet of their kids, so you have to make them understand that everything mentioned in grade sheet is true about their children by explaining the progress of their entire year.

Some of the parents will take out their rage on you, and some will break your heart by showing total negligence towards their child and his education. My suggestion in these situations would be to keep your tongue under your teeth and only release it when you believe that this is the right time to say something. Patience is what you need against the parents of students.

3. Self Believe:

You cannot teach anything if you are not entirely sure about the knowledge you have. If you want to teach literature, you have this self-believe in you that no one knows more than you and you are the only expert in this field here. Your body language, your words, your expressions, your examples and all other things should make this impact that whatever you are saying is right, even if you know that you are missing any point here. Students should have total belief on you because only then they will not only start learning from you but also start respecting you.

The only way you could earn the respect of the students by making them sure that whatever you are teaching is right and they doesn’t have to consult with someone else on this. For all of this, self-believe is the key which you have to hold throughout all the years of your education career. One wrong step or lack of self-confidence can take you years back in your career. Your confidence and believe should be so high that even acknowledging something you don’t know could not hurt your stature.

4. Time Management:

Teaching and time management are the two parallel things. Without managing the time, a teacher cannot achieve anything he or she want. It is one of the hardest things to do which is why teaching demand total devotion as I mentioned above. But relax!

The more time you will spend in the field, the more time management you will learn. First, you would remain confused about the pace of your teaching. You would be finishing your daily lesson earlier or would be skipping some slides because of less time. Only after adjusting with the class environment, you could achieve this. And yes! Entering in the class right at the bell is important too.

5. Be Open and Frank:

We all have been a student once and have favorite teachers. We always make any teacher our favorite who remain open and frank with us. Who shares good laughs with us and make our lessons interesting by creating humorous examples. This is your goal should be too. You have to admire your favorite teacher and by making him or her as your role model, you have to be as open and frank as he or she used to be with you and your classmates. But keeping it in the limit is also important.

Your admired teacher also had some limitations too. You cannot give your students an open ground in which they can do anything they want. You have to be strict on the lessons and daily assignments. You have to keep keen eyes on those students who are taking your openness as leniency. While keeping your smile on the students, you would have to share some with the custodial and secretarial staff members too. Even if you don’t want to, be cordial with them because you would need them soon.

6. Keep Learning:

Even now you are a teacher, that doesn’t mean you should stop your learning and start concentrating only on teaching. You should know about all the latest developments in your field or major developments around you that can affect your subject.

You should be able to answer all your subject relevant current issues questions because believe me or not; students will tear you apart if you failed to answer them. You would have to attend all the conferences whether it would be organized by school or have to attend it in the personal capacity. Keep learning while teaching will keep you moving forward.

7. Relax:

For the career in education, all the above points are must to keep in mind as well as this one. You have to keep calm throughout your career so students can get easy with you too. You have to recover yourself from all the emotional issues you would be facing outside the class and have to give your best every day in the classroom in front your students because, in the education career, every day is important.

You just have to take a deep breath and should make yourself believe that with the time you will learn everything and all of these things will become easy for you. The more quickly you would make things easier for you, the more quickly you will excel in your educational career.

Author Bio:

Dominic Lester is a professional teacher with his Master’s Degree from the University of Hertfordshire in Educational Sciences. He has been the teacher of many bright stars of several big firms and a devoted blogger too.


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