Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Lenovo Moto Z Smartphone Review and Price

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Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, invited several journalists at its headquarters in Sao Paulo to present its new Moto Z, a top of the range smartphone that will reach the market in a few months. Read on to learn about my first impressions of this smartphone.

Lenovo Moto Z Launch and Price

The Moto Z by Lenovo with the Moto Z Force, will arrive on the international market only in September, and the price is still a mystery. With your smartphone you can buy different compatible gadgets, even these only available from September.

Lenovo Moto Z Design and assembly

The Moto Z sports a completely different design than the series Moto, to which we have become accustomed. The device does not mount a concave shell or slightly curved, on the contrary it reveals a completely flat made of aluminum and covered by a glass panel.

The body of the Moto Z is currently the thinnest on the market, a minimum thickness that will not be uncomfortable to use, especially if you are an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7. To give you an idea, in the photo below, I superimposed the new device to the Moto X Style:

Many users have been puzzled by the projection shown by the photographic industry newcomer, in practice, however, this detail goes almost unnoticed and fits perfectly with the design of the device. If placed on a flat surface, the smartphone remains firmly.

The black model is the most discreet and hiding the sensors on the front panel of the device. The only problem with this dark version is that you immediately notice fingerprints on the body.

The front panel of the smartphone resembles that of Moto G4 Plus, especially if you look at the bottom edge of the device where the biometric sensor is set. This fingerprint reader is not a key and can not be clicked.

The glass covering the display of the Moto Z presents the 2D effect, bending slightly at the edges. In general I can say that the device has given me a very good impression, the brand has definitely put the utmost care in assembling and used premium materials.

Lenovo Moto Z Display

The AMOLED display of the Moto Z measures 5.5 inches and offers a qHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels, 535 ppi). The brightness of this display is remarkable, the contrasts are net, but as far as the saturation of certain colors can not be compared to that offered by Samsung.

Motorola uses AMOLED technology for some time, so if you've never used a Moto X or Force Moto X, you'll notice on the Moto Z like viewing experience.

Lenovo Moto Z Special Functions

The Moto Z offers the enormous advantage of having a modular design, ie it can be used in connection with the modules. These Moto Mods, so named by the brand, it aggangiano to the device body, turning it into a projector or a powerful speaker, among other possibilities.

The magnetic grid that allows this connection is at the bottom on the body of the Moto Z. During the hands-on I hardly noticed this little detail, that can only be noticed to the touch when you pass your fingers over.

When a module is connected to the device, the user is notified by a vibration. The accessories that we were shown in Brazil are:

The Moto Mods JLB is the module that best enhances the device, greatly increasing the volume of the smartphone. In comparison to other Bluetooth speakers on the market the sound quality is really incredible, crisp and well balanced.

Once launched the Moto Z on the market, even the forms will be available that will allow to change the look, perhaps with a wooden or leather seat.

Insta-Share Projector instead transforms your smartphone into a portable projector, which easily adapts to different surfaces, walls, ceilings or simply to the floor. As for the speaker, this gadget provides a support that allows you to lay it comfortably anywhere.

The projector can play the device's screen in the manner of the Chromecast, but it is worth mentioning that the resolution will be 480 pixels. Images are sharp, better than the HD standard.

The Moto Z is one of the first Android smartphone to show off a USB port Type-C. This type of connector provides a data transfer rate and loads more besides offering more flexibility. Of course this new standard also presents some difficulty for users, but of this we have spoken in another article:

Lenovo Moto Z Software

The Moto Z with Android 6.0 out of the box ready to be used, supported by the Android interface Stock to which Motorola has been working for years. I did not notice noteworthy innovations, nor have I discovered applications dedicated to the different modules, also because they will be different depending on the purchased module.

Lenovo Moto Z Performance

The Moto Z incorporates a Snapdragon 820 with a maximum clock frequency of 1.8GHz, supported by 4GB of RAM. The version shown at the event offered 64GB of internal memory expandable via MicroSD up to 2TB. The slot dedicated to the SIM card is hybrid, that allows to use an additional SIM or an external memory card.

Unfortunately I can not delve too the question performance since I held in my hands the smartphone for only a few minutes. At first sight I can say that everything worked smoothly, including basic applications and animations. Once I get the smartphone in the clutches for more time I'll put it to the test.

Lenovo Moto Z Camera

The main camera of the Moto Z provides 13mp and is equipped with optical stabilizer. The software used is the same used by the Moto G4 Plus and allows you to configure various options manually.

The goal Sony IMX230 works very quickly thanks to a laser autofocus, a function that allows to get crisp shots even in low light conditions.

The front camera has 5MP instead, but it is accompanied by LED flash as the Moto X Style. The goal is perfect for taking individual and group selfies.

Lenovo Moto Z Battery

The Moto Z battery is 2600 mAh and is compatible with the quick charging technology Qualcomm. According to what was said by the representatives of the brand the device can reach up to two days of autonomy under regular use, thanks to the optimization of the stock almost integrated software.

Lenovo Moto Z Technical Specifications

TYPE: smartphone
DIMENSIONS: 75.3 x 155.3 x 5.2 mm
WEIGHT: 136 g
DISPLAY SIZE: 5.5 inches
SCREEN: 2560 x 1440 pixels (534 ppi)
FRONT CAMERA: 5 megapixel
REAR CAMERA: 13 megapixels
ANDROID VERSION: 6.0.1 - Marshmallow
CHIPSET: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

The Moto Z will hit the market ready to take on users with a modular design and a whole new look. The accessories connected offered by the brand are functional and different from those offered by LG, also because they fit perfectly to the body, without the need to first turn off the smartphone and remove the battery.

Another feature that caught my attention is the sleek design of the Moto Z, comfortable to the touch and made with care. Although this is a very thin smartphone, the Moto Z gives the impression of being solid.

Personally I was impressed by the newcomer, which has all the credentials to go down in history and continue to magnify the Moto line. Of course I must first test the performance to arrive at an overall judgment, but at the moment I have nothing to complain about.