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How do I explain it to my child? Muslims in Ramadan

The id al-adha, or feast of sacrifice, or eid al-Nahr, feast of the slaughter or id al-Qurban, an offer to God, also called in the Turkish language as Eid Qurbani and Bakrid in India, is the Islamic feast celebrated every year, when takes place the canonical pilgrimage, called the hajj.

It is often also called id al-Kabīr, big party, as opposed to id al S Aghīr, little party, i.e. the feast of breaking the fast. The sacrifice ordained by God to Abraham to test is the basis of the sacrificial Islamic ritual id at-a dh ā, known as the Sacrifice of Isaac. The party, which can locally be remembered also with other definitions, takes place on 10 Dhu al-Hijjah or three immediate days 11-12-13 Dhu al-Hijjah, known as al-Ayyam tashrīq, throughout the Islamic world. In those days an Islamic rule prohibits any kind of asceticism and fasting, having considered these days of joy.

The word dh ā comes from the Arabic root, which recalls the meaning of sacrifice, and is linked to the memory of the evidence that had been overtaken by the prophet Ibrāhīm and his family, formed in this case by Hagar and their son Ishmael/Ismail. The sacrifice ritual that is practiced during the feast recalls the substitutionary sacrifice made by a ram to Abraham/Ibrāhīm, totally obedient to the divine willing to sacrifice his son to God Ishmael/Isma'il before being stopped by angel. It is therefore par excellence the party of faith and total and unquestioned submission to God.

In theory, on the day of al-'id to dh ā, the Muslims sacrifice an animal like Abraham called u DHiya or Qurbani which according to the Shari'a, must be physically intact and adult and can be only a sheep, a goat, a cow or a camelid; in the last two cases, you can sacrifice an animal on behalf of several persons, up to seven. The animal is killed by sticking with the severing of the jugular vein to allow blood to flow out, because for the biblical and Koranic law the blood is impure and it is therefore forbidden to eat.

The ceremony of the slaughter takes place on the 10th or the next three days, in the time period (waqt) between the end of the prayer in the morning and early afternoon prayer. It is slain by a man, who must be in a state of legal purity (Tahara), saying a Takbir, or the formula: In the name of God! God is the greatest.

The meat is divided preferably into three equal parts, one of which should be consumed immediately among family members, while the second should be stored and consumed later and the third is devoted to the poor of the community, who do not have the economic means to buy it.

In the actual case, however, given the huge number of pilgrims to authorities Saudi each year, and the practical impossibility to enter into a real massacre of extraordinary dimensions in the hajj areas, pilgrims subscribes for more advance than the expenditure required for the purchase of the sacrificial victim, which, in case of minor financial resources, can be an animal of lesser economic value and smaller size of a ram.

It will be ritually slaughtered in special facilities by trained personnel and appropriate to salaried, able to work the meat edible and store it, in order to forward them in those countries who have suffered from famine or war damage or who pay anyway precarious economic conditions.

For those who do not participate in the ritual of the hajj, the id al-Adha begins with a short prayer in the mosque, preceded by a choral Takbir and followed by a sermon (khutba). In this set of participating in ceremonies men and women and often children who would not be obliged to celebrate this festival, being exempted, not yet pubescent that, for the highly festive occasion, use to wear their best clothes.

Urdu SMS Messages

Meri Eid ka Ta'alluq Teri Deed seh raha hai
na hoyee Deed Teri na hoyi hai Eid Meri

Jab kabhi maine Tere Chand sa chehra dekha
Eid ho k na ho, Meri Eid ho jati hai

Door hoon apne Dost se mai kaise Eid manaoon !!
Soch rahi hoon us tak pohnchoon ya us ko Bulao!

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Bhar Poor Musarrat ka Din Mubarak ho Tujhe
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Apna to kisi b tarah se kat jayega yeh Din
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Hindi SMS

Meri Eid ka Ta'alluq Teri Deed seh raha hai
na hoyee Deed Teri na hoyi hai Eid Meri

English SMS

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