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Zapstore: The Future of Social Shopping

Many view shopping as a noble of love, an affirmation of identity, a recovery of the mythical dimension. A passion hardly resistible carries us from one window to another, wandering in a dream and something that has something of madness, two attributes usually conferred to love. We can then think of shopping to a form of love.

Personalised advice is perhaps one of the main factors why the traditional outlets continue to report, especially in India, still a big influx of visitors and customers. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the most effective form of shopping because friends and relatives know us and our tastes, and this makes them reliable when it comes to making a purchase or, in choosing a product.

One of the most interesting approaches is called curated shopping, that some consider online version of boutique shopping. The social phenomenon today is also the basis of many traditional approaches of curated shopping. In fact, the real advantage of an approach in terms of curated shopping would lie in reducing erroneous purchases, where users can take informed decision after comparing prices among many stores easily.

The individuality of the customer is here at the center. This approach does not require the production of a catalogue of products, but the recommendations appropriately selected according to the buyer's taste and personality.

What is Zapstore?

To make this possible, one of the leading players in India today is Zapstore. The customers are asked at the time of their registration at the online store has to indicate a range of individual preferences. On the basis of the specified criteria, then a whole range of personalized offers is raised with potentially interesting articles for the individual user.

This online store offers products of different categories from fashion to technology. Being a traveller and photographer, I need something new, cool and functional, and to do that I choose these items, which I’m really eyeing for a long time. There is something in the technology of these devices that borders on magic.

1. The HP Touchsmart Laptop

When it comes to computer accessories, HP is my go-to brand. I can't let know you enough how much I require a laptop at present in my life! There's nothing immoral with wishing or hoping you'd be superior at what you're undertaking. The laptop can let me look at and find out more about my photos, at the similar time tender fresh perspectives on them.

2. Canon 7D DSLR Camera

If there are hobbies in my life that I truly desire to focus on right now, its photography and I think getting a premium DSLR camera, which I can bring during my adventures and travels and would in some way level up some of my photos. I saw this camera online and think this is perfect to capture those WOW moments of life. I'm eternally learning as well as loving it! This camera is ideal for my travel needs.

3. Apple iPhone 6s

I super love Apple products. My iphone 4 is nearing its innate end so I'm guessing an additional one is in need right now.

4. Apple iPad

As you can make out, I regularly take a trip every now and then, and all I truly need every time is a fine quality tablet.

I always liked to think a little outside the box, out of the conventional and for this the chosen devices has caught my attention.

The website is very effective in presenting the rates collected from multiple online stores, in addition to make it attractive and desirable with minimal design. The navigation is smooth with items sorted by categories, brands as well as hosting sites.

For those who still do not know, I love online shopping. I love to buy comfortably from the sofa of the house, everything that I like and discover on new sites to be able to recommend to you all.

And here that I fall into a vicious circle in which the unsatisfied desire needs more new items in a vain attempt to be satisfied, I can say it is almost like a drug addiction. It is the metaphor of the drug to characterize much of the philosophical discourse on a twenty first century consumer, who argues that consumerism represents the dullness of the minds, as amazing in fact, as well as the transformation of men into masses of passive consumers.


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