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The Colours of Hartalika Teej

Teej pics wallpaper

Teej is a festival dedicated to Parvati, that is worth admiring in the city of Jaipur. Although during this season of the year there are held many festivals and fairs in various cities of Rajasthan, surely that of Teej is the most important. It is organized every year in the month of July or the first week of August. This festival also marks the monsoon season that give fertility to the land.

During the event take place various cultural and group activities involving a number of people, both locals and foreign tourists, which adds to the charm of the fair itself, also known as Sawan Mela. This fair is aimed primarily at women in the country and celebrates the union between Parvati and Shiva.

The event lasts for almost four days, at which time you can see the whole city decorated like a bride, just like the local women who, for the occasion, wear attractive costumes and beautiful jewelry. The celebrations include activities such as singing, acting, dancing and music.

Kajli Teej is held, especially in the city of Bundi, but it is also celebrated in the rest of Rajasthan. Many tourists from all over the world, on a visit in Rajasthan, are transported by the charm of this festival. The Kajli Teej is celebrated in the months from July to August. According to the Indian calendar, it is celebrated in the month of Shravana.

However, in Bundi, this festival is held during the third month of Bhadra. During the festival a huge march carrying the goddess Teej, start from Naval Sagar and stopping at Azad Park. A procession that sees the presence of decorated camels, bands and performances by various artists dressed in amazing outfits that giving an even more aesthetic touch to the event. Beyond that, many other cultural programs are put in place by the artists of the Hadoti region. The celebration of this festival continues until Janmashtami.

During the Teej festival, a sacred festival that takes place during the summer at the beginning of the monsoon season, women of all ages are wear the best clothes and beautiful red saris and adorn themselves with beautiful tilari chhadke or traditional jewelry, the colored glass bangles, decorate hands and feet with henna designs, just as in the day of the wedding and celebrate by eating Dar.

But the most important thing is that these brides should keep the flame of an oil lamp lit all night and dance, play and sing traditional motifs on the swings. The men reciprocate with gifts and eternal fidelity.

In the period of Hartalika Teej, cities begin to slowly fill with colors, sounds, dances and flavorings. Among the many festivals celebrated throughout the year in India, the Teej occupies a place of deep and particular importance as it is a festival dedicated to Women. In deep religious and cultural ethos of the Indian world Teej plays a significant role in defining the value of the woman in the couple. In addition, the festival offers much needed break for women from their daily toil of families.

Lately men they have begun to take part in the celebrations of the Teej festival and this is becoming increasingly more and more a family celebration, a chance to get together and celebrate the woman.

During the Teej festival women fast. During the three-day festival, married women pray for the prosperity of her marriage, to the health and longevity of her husband and single women pray for a spouse or a happy future, and is called Dar Khane Din, Fasting day and Rishi Panchami, respectively the first, the second and the third day when there is the Teej Puja.

Traditionally, marriages, celebrated the feasts of Akha Teej or that of Akshaya Tritiya, falling from April to June. It is the day when people buy gold and jewelry.


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