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Mom & Me

When my mother is not present with me, I slowly lose, along with her, in the arms and hands that support me and accompany me everywhere. My mom has always been very present. My path to independence began when I was small, but is continuing today.

When she is not there with me, I realize that there were things that I had never done alone, because she has always taken charge, who would quietly lift me from the small or big problems in my life. I perceive those only in retrospect.

I started travelling and photography since my childhood, and my mom took me to the places as also the photography classes. I do not know if it was really a long thought out decision, but I like to think, in a somewhat romantic way, that without her maybe I wouldn’t ever have chosen these two wonderful activities. My mom almost like the two wings, accompany me and lead me quietly in my life.

Obviously, these two great passions of mine allow me to express myself. With a little stubbornness and even unconsciousness, it was not easy without her arms that engaged me in these fields and today I’m happy to have made it. Maybe it was possible just because I never wanted to prove anything to anyone. It was one thing for me, to achieve step by step and with the knowledge that all I had was a gift.

I think not taking things for granted is really the key to being able to enjoy every day of your life. I have encountered obstacles, with people who did not understand my mom’s choice and happened more than once to hear opinions of people who did not believe I could do it. I understand that in my mom’s eyes every time these passions were feasible.

But more often they were first to change their mind, after watching my photos. However I have always tried not to get influenced by opinions of others but keep solid to the belief held by my mother. The goal of my life was simply and still is to do what I love and give myself the opportunity to do it exactly like the other people. My starting point is that there are two arms to prevent me from having to do what others do. You have to find your own way, here. And this way is not better, nor worse.

I would like you to understand that the will power and the love of parents are the best tools to live and overcome any difficult phase of life. My mom has left many pearls of wisdom in the course of my life. And I understood it even further by writing this article, that is the hardest thing and the most beautiful thing I've ever done in my life, and I confess with great emotion.

Travel and photography allow me to transform pain into something positive and concrete, and it is exactly what my mom want. The advice perhaps greatest is this to overcome the difficulties without flinching.

And for me the passion of travelling and then capturing them into artistic montages gained over the years, first as a dream, that I thought would remain such, and then as a real project. I think the fact that it took so long, say a lot about how much courage it takes to give up a conventional life to pursue our dreams.

To be honest, what I really wanted was to get away from a place that although fantastic, is a lot busy and chaotic. After various adventures, and obstacles of all kinds, I found a permanent job as an officer in a government department. With my girlfriend by my side I made so many plans for the future, including marriage. Just when everything was going the right way, I realized that instead there was just nothing right in my life.

I hoped to win a lottery to travel freely, to photograph and tell distant landscapes. After years of envy towards those who had been lucky enough to relax in the tropics, even for me it was time to pack. I married to my longtime girlfriend and my dad resisted leaving my secure job.

So I took a risky decision just like my mother. I left the permanent job and decided to follow in her footsteps with her unflinching support. My life finally started taking the right direction with a earning more than decent and a studio of my own in my home. Yet, I believe that my parents and my partner are aware of the fact that now I'm really happy.

To realize my dream, I had to give up a secure job but I gained something that is definitely an absolute freedom. Having always been passionate about writing, I took the opportunity to tell and share my adventures in my blog which was not born with a business motive, but has almost become one now. I think I somehow managed to become a source of inspiration for people like me who have a dream and they think it is too big to make it.

No matter if you are hoping to travel the world or to change careers entirely. The message I want to convey is that you can do. As scary is the change, when you decide to go your own way, then things happen almost by magic.

For me, however, the blog has become a small job, that ensures a regular earning every month. Income through commissions that I get when people click a advertisement on my site, and secondly writing sponsored articles, with mention of products or services that I have personally tested and that I consider reliable. I do not do them for publicity's sake.

But how is life on the road? It is very difficult to define. Who leads a conventional life makes it hard to understand mine. The key points on which revolved your existence no longer exist. No alarm clock in the morning to go to work, weekends lose their meaning, no fixed address to which to deliver the mail. At first this is exhilarating.

As during the first few days of vacation, where everything is new and to be discovered like true travellers, who have an adventure in the veins, are recognized only after several months of travel. I do not have fixed points that become the norm. After a bit of time the journey can become tiring, and almost frustrating. It is normal, and is part of the package. The trip is a way of life and as you know, life is not all roses, even the one of your dreams.

There are also downsides of not sleeping too long in the same bed, arranging itineraries at the last minute, struggling with the internet to book a flight. It takes a great ability to adapt.

Just like my mom I do not like to travel in groups, because the best things of the trips are chance encounters. No pleasantries, no forced conversation or organized dinners, or just convenient smiles. We meet by chance, during an endless journey in a bus to be scrapped, while walking on the beach alone, in public areas of the hostel.

The question of suffering is certainly one of the most difficult to swallow for those who have chosen to live like me. It is very difficult, but not impossible. I saw couples born in trip that passed several tests and have also started a family stopping a few years and then return to travel with their children. I believe that these unions, if they last, are perhaps even more solid than the conventional ones.

My future just like my mom will be travelling around the world. Certainly, when you are in constant motion, it is easy to manage emotions with a partner with a vision of life similar to mine. Indeed, I admit that the idea fascinates me.


Rakshitha Hegde said…
Wonderfully written Kalyan !!!Approach of "Live the Life you Love" by mom and son is truely inspiring...
Deboshree said…
Beautifully written. Cheers to the spirit of living! :)

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