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Star Trek Beyond Movie Review

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond is a true Star Trek movie as the classic ones with spaceships, action, fun, entertainment, well-constructed characters and recited well, a story that holds a positive underlying message. It will appeal to newcomers and make happy even the vintage fans.

Star Trek Beyond renews the tradition of Star Trek and puts us in front of compelling characters, with their character. The first act is the best part of the film. It posed a rhythm, almost sweet, which allows us to rediscover the characters masterfully interpreted by the actors. The action scenes are well balanced with the rest along with the spectacular scenery.

Here the first step that triggers the wonder in the viewer is Yorktown is not an outpost to Deep Space Nine, but a flying city with millions of inhabitants. Its structure is a declaration of love to Interstellar and Inception, with those curves and redundant lines, with those shots playing with gravity to create a painting that satisfies the sight.

Then, the motorcycle jumps are there, but in one scene, which moreover makes perfect sense in the plot; second, the Rihanna song is relegated after the credits, which does no harm, while the orchestral music of Michael Giacchino adorns and enhances the film beautifully with a couple of freebies from lump in my throat at the original theme by Alexander Courage.

Star Trek Beyond helps and enhances the enjoyment as the plot is damn well built and better, indeed, than in many other classic movies of the saga. Justin Lin has succeeded as I would not have expected to recreate those games of looks and expressions typical of Star Trek, shots that create the characters, which make them communicate without the need to make them talk too much.

The best thing about Star Trek Beyond is I suppose, across the world finally enthusiastic fans will discuss with joy the movie Star Trek they just saw, retaining the gifts given away by the new adventure of their favourite characters to those who are no longer in the Star Trek family.

There's plenty of action, because the movies need the big show, but is punctuated by intimate moments that those who follow Kirk, Spock and McCoy always adore. And there are moments that bring tears in your eyes as also some which will make you a smile. The trailers have given the wrong impression, making us believe that Star Trek Beyond was a fast and furious movie in space, but it is not.

The moments are tastefully filmed where the emotions of the characters are suggested by expressions of the actors with a game of glances, a smile that not only explained the feeling but it featured the character. And the actors are all up to the task of explaining not through words as you cannot miss a certain smile of Kirk with whom the actor, Chris Pine, emulates perfectly the young Shatner).

And the jokes are so many, without being forced, exactly in the spirit of the original series. So go to the movies and let them know at Paramount that this is the Star Trek that we love and we want to continue to see.

The action flows well, so that the viewer has the geography of the always well clear events with long shots that give a sense of the grandeur of the scene and allow you to understand what is happening and where, instead of the usual frantic editing with tight shots.

The tributes to previous series are there in abundance, but they are not stuffed at random just to please the fans like in the other films but are functional to the plot. Even the tributes to the missing actors are inserted in the story in a logical way, and indeed have important consequences on subsequent events.

Star Trek Beyond all in all is a good, enjoyable and entertaining movie and in other words does not make you regret the money spent on the ticket. In other words, for once a script is structured in accurate fit, done as it should be. I went out with a smile of relief and contentment, and one word in mind: finally.


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