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Datsun redi-GO: The 5-door City Car

Driving my car in urban areas implies juggling through many road users and transport facilities. It also means facing a situation of complex traffic and a large number of activities and more so especially in the city of Kolkata where roads are narrow and the number of vehicles and common public walking along the streets is endless.

After a series of advances that have taken place in recent months, Datsun Redi-Go is unveiled. The new Urban Cross Datsun Redi-Go is presented with the features of a small five-door sedan, designed for city driving. The style expressed by this new car is substantially different. The car body of the new Datsun Redi-Go, sports a character as marked by an idea of mini crossover, more open to urban needs.

The design of the first render appears more fluid and processed with the high ground clearance of the passenger compartment, wide windows and the size of the rather large four-doors, at the expense of external dimensions where even the two rear doors come almost to touch the taillights.

Redi-Go is intended to increase efficiency which is personalized and adapted to driving in city traffic especially in urban traffic with advanced driver assistance systems like steering system, braking system and camera, where a driver may experience difficult situations when they may fail to respond adequately to situations but now they can take advantage of the additional space that is created on the road and help avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians in city traffic.

Redi-Go can improve driving and safety even when drivers know how to deal with this new information and know how to react properly. With Redi-Go getting around town will be easier than ever before. Thanks to its compact size I can turn nimbly in city traffic,
with easy access to the high traffic areas.

Redi-Go will help plan my day well as it becomes a pleasure because with this car I can move several times, saving time, stress, combining work and leisure with many advantages in a personal small car that is practical and intelligent as it is designed with comfortable interior compartments capable of containing every object of my professional and daily life.

Redi-Go is not only small and personal but also very sociable, because it has been designed with low fatigue five seats to bring whoever you want next to you. The car has everything with infotainment options, parking aid rear camera, a lot of storage space, steering wheel controls and automatic climate control.

The agility of this city car is surely ideal in traffic and into tight spaces and in short, a complete city car. The ability of a great car with very easy handling and an elegant design make the Redi-Go also ideal for long distances. Designed and built to feel superior car, it offers the ideal comfort in any situation.

Redi-Go is complete and perfect car for the city. It has everything you need with 5 doors, supreme comfort, guidance systems and agility at the top. All this at a very low price for what it offers and you cannot ask for more.

With its distinctive design, the sculptural art merges with the precision. Summer or winter, day or night, with Redi-Go, I can always move the way I want.


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