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Internship in London

London art wallpaper

My internship experience has been abroad in London in accounting field at an accountant firm and I want to tell you about my experience of those days as the experience have been very positive. It was a very formative experience as going abroad is an opportunity to get to try and put aside the fear of facing new challenges.

The internship gave me the opportunity to put in various practical knowledge gained at the University. This experience furthermore, has helped strengthened my desire to work and gave me more energy and desire to do.

I would start by saying that when I was about to enter the building I had my heart beating a thousand times as I did not know what I would have to meet ahead. I had no idea what I should do, how it would be, I felt like the mouldy candy in a package of chocolates, different from everyone and that no one wanted.

Then, I took courage grabbed the handle and opened the door with that hidden fear until it disappears altogether when I was welcomed in a way to make me feel immediately at ease. I was offered a desk, a computer and a chair with wheels, just like everyone near me.

Once accommodated, my boss organized a meeting with all my colleagues in which I was explained what I would have to do, and then announced my position and my work for this short period, granting me all their availability. In those thirty days I may not have been able to learn a lot, because it was too short a path.

I would have liked to communicate with users, but it would only have been able to inform the organization of the opening and closing of the structure, so I was limited to control the notebooks for archiving and updating of files that were inside. I have done this job with great pleasure and care because I knew that I would find the information that could be used at the next assignment and my dream was always to be able to help people because it makes me happy.

I think I was very lucky because for me it was not just a place of work, but also a place where I found great people who were not only limited to be mine co-workers, but who became friends ready to help me in any case.

Before arriving as an intern, I had a conception that people worked hard anyway because it gives you a chance to bring home the salary to support your family, but at the same time negative because I imagined that all those who work in a given structure are in a constant competition with each other, as often it happens at school, so in this case it is preferable to continue to do their duty without discussing it with others.

Instead, attending the internship I corrected my deduction and now I think it is not always the case, because there are still people who want to work by helping each other even when there is nothing at stake. I must say that before taking this course my mind was a empty vacuum.

London is an ancient city and modern at the same time, with architectural and artistic heritage accompanied by good food and an active nightlife. The London atmosphere is unique and special and the cultural environment is very much alive and interesting. Besides work, I had the opportunity to make the unforgettable experience thanks to people I have known and with whom I am still in contact.

My boss and my colleagues during the internship helped me enjoy the most interesting moments of cultural life in London. They took me to the most interesting live performances and got me free invitations to exhibitions, helping me live fully the emotions of the city.

I found a lot of trouble for accommodation, that is to say that the request is high but the offer, at least in terms of quality, is really poor and here I realized that the concept of space is absolutely subjective. London is indeed a city which it offers much opportunity in terms of accommodations, but the owners are very selective and tend not to rent for short periods of time but rely on known people and my colleagues helped.

The locals are sometimes very hospitable, helpful and friendly, and some more abrupt and dismissive. Clearly much depends on who you meets. Obviously the fact of being in a metropolis makes the human aspect at times hard to deal with. Forging emotional ties is not always very simple as the pace of life is hectic, and integrating with the locals is a challenge. Nevertheless I managed to find my space and I can now count on a good group of people.

London is a wonderful city that offers opportunities for all, regardless of the scope of interest. London favours the encounter with many different cultures and it is also very youthful. The downside is the cost of life, which is very high. From the cultural and social point of view, it is an open to foreign trends, but on the other it is proud of its secular traditions.

In fact, in this regard, for the city there are representations that go from the Gothic to the Modernism. It also stimulates the relationships thanks to the many social events. The air that you breathe in London is of a large metropolis, a frenetic melting pot, chaotic but full of ideal spaces and places where you can find calm and serenity, as the gardens, true works natural architecture with plants, ponds, wooden bridges, often unobtainable.

I conclude by saying that London will remain in my heart because, even if it is a metropolis with millions of people, as it's cosy and seems to be like at home, and in fact I would say: Better than home! The climate inside the office was very pleasant and relaxed, as my colleagues were always willing to help, to explain and to involve me in the various initiatives. The whole experience was very positive and rewarding on a personal level.

This internship has given me the ability to learn, work and live with people from all continents, curious and open people, and in relations with others gain new experiences. The period will always be part not only in my memory, but also in my heart, because it made me grow up and have a completely different vision of the working world.


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