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Kidsemail: Email Service Suitable for Children

Many children are already using e-mail using the free services offered by various providers or community sharing. But we often do not realize that by using these services, we expose them to a kind of bombardment of spam that various filters cannot dismiss completely.

An excellent alternative is, a secure email service designed for children. Unlike other email clients this service is equipped with sophisticated functions to prevent the child from coming into contact with strangers or receiving emails or attachments from people not "authorized".

The programmers of this service have added a number of security settings that parents can customize, like the child can receive mail only from those approved by the parent in the contact list. Messages that are received form outside the contact list approved by the parent are placed in the mail queue for the parent to allow or reject before the child can access the messages. The sender can also be notified that their email has been delayed, pending parental approval.  

This service also lets controls the content so that the email received by the child does not contain hazardous or vulgar words. The parent can also choose to remove images and clickable links from mails as also block attachments according to specific document types. Parents can see whom their child is contacting as also impose time restrictions for when the child can login.

You can also block senders for your child’s account. Parents can get a historical location of where their kids have been for those who use the email services free mobile app on a GPS enabled mobile device. Children can email their friends and family on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any device that they prefer

Another strength of this email service is without doubt its graphics and easy to use interface which is suited to children. As for the possibilities of use, the service retains all the main functions of the e-mail client for adults. It can be safely used at school and at home and can be personalized thanks to a choice of many colors and templates (basically the graphic interface).

In order to use this great tool you must signup in the website, after filling out the registration form. The website is a full version that includes the interface for configuring and managing users for the child along with tutorials. 

Although, parents teach the general rules to their kids like to not believe everything, not providing private information to strangers, not talking with unknown people, to be careful of scams, reporting to parents all the strange speeches and proposals but what many parents miss is like the non-electronic medium, e-mail poses the delicate problem so its better to be safe than sorry.


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