ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser and ZenPower Review

We do not know how many times we would have wasted breath to comment on the amount of innumerable variants that ASUS have in smartphones and tablets. The version of the new Zenfone 2 Laser is, however, more than one variant, but rather a real finish of a great success. It does not change practically nothing in terms of materials and ergonomic than its predecessor. It is a well-designed product especially on the back, simple and comfortable to use, having also its oblong shape.

The camera is definitely, as the name hints at is more improved. We now have an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash in two shades and laser auto focus and the front camera has gone to 5 megapixels. These two pieces of hardware are certainly interesting, but the photo quality is improved. The photos have a good detail and always in focus in almost any lighting conditions.

You can also open the camera screen off with a double press of volume buttons. The Low Light mode (3M) ensures perfect photos and videos even in the dark or in low light conditions, with brighter images and movies up to 400% better than standard devices, without the need to employ the flash. Instead it is preferable to use, the dual LED Flash that creates Real Tones, thanks to the combination of two LED flash, one yellow and one white, with natural lighting and soft in all occasions, in all situations.

The Super Resolution mode uses special techniques of image processing to create incredibly detailed pictures. Four frames to 13mp are captured and combined to create a single image with outstanding clarity, with details very defined and less noise thanks to a resolution equivalent to 52MP!

Also photography enthusiasts will also appreciate ZenFone 2 Laser thanks to manual shooting modes that let you control all the major parameters such as ISO, exposure and aperture, with the same flexibility of a digital SLR. ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser also has a front camera of 5MP with a excellent wide angle lens from 85 degrees that, thanks to Selfie Panorama mode allows you to take panoramic photos up to 140 degrees and allows you to create exceptional self-portraits.

The accuracy of the details and the purest reproduction of colour photographs and video are possible with the large, bright IPS screen, with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), and ASUS VisualMaster, a set of hardware and software cleverly combined into a visual experience incredibly realistic with ASUS Tru2Life for contrast and definition, ASUS TruVivid for brightness and sharpness, ASUS Splendid for the realism of colours.

Android is still at version 5.0.2 and the system is of course still heavily customized interface with ZenUI ASUS. Among the functions most worthy of mention will talk about the simple mode, convenient for those who can not make good use of smartphones, the release of the display with double-tap or the possibility of bringing the entire interface in a corner of the screen with a double tap of the home button. Then we have other interesting utilities such as Mini Movie to make short videos from the pictures you have taken.

Lots of unique features that make the new interface ZenUI including ZenMotion, SnapView and ZenUI Instant Updates improve usability, security and privacy of your phone, and provide a unique and protected user experience. ZenFone 2 Laser offers the possibility of a complete interface customization, being able to change the appearance of icons and fonts used and the ability to choose from different backgrounds, simple or animated, to match your play style and the cover of your smartphone.

Freedom and free expression are the basis of the user ASUS ZenUI interface widely renewed in appearance and functionality to offer a user experience even richer, simple and functional thanks to the possibility of immediate access to the apps you use most frequently.

One of the problems that affects most of the current smartphones owners is that of battery, that in spite of the many promises made by manufacturers are heavily drained by the way they are used. To combat this problem, the simplest solution is to adopt an external battery, able to guarantee extra energy needed.

ASUS has realized the problem and present the ASUS ZenPower, a 10500mAh power pack to ensure more charging cycles and well able to recharge quickly any device, be it a smartphone or one smartwatch, a tablet or a fitness tracker.

ZenPower as always expresses the basic philosophy of sophisticated design and simple at the same time, combined with excellent technical features and low price.

ZenPower infact not only has a high energy reserve, thanks to the integrated 10050 mAh lithium ion battery, but also a charge extremely fast. The power bank is made of anodized aluminum and is available in stylish black, silver and gold, but you can also choose from a wide range of protective covers, which allow you to play ZenPower with bright and trendy colours, while protecting the device from bumps and scratches.

PowerSafe and JEITA Protection also allows you to monitor the temperature and control the voltage input and output, ensuring maximum safety during charging. The power pack weighs just 215 grams, and for a full charge takes 6 hours to recharge effectively your devices.

Fast and safe, Asus ZenPower is the perfect accessory for any mobile device equipped with a sophisticated design.

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