Saturday, October 17, 2015

Book Review: The Lovers & the Leavers: Abeer Hoque

The Lovers & the Leavers by Abeer Y. Hoque is a book full of feelings, family ties, and memories craftily woven with poems and photographs, as the characters traverse and waft apart athwart several years and continents between India, Bangladesh, America and Europe.

In twelve concurrent stories, Komola, a maid in a hushed manor in Dhaka, begins a fated liaison with a good-looking, mystifying bloke. Her nephew, a talented little young man in her village, nurses an appalling furtive, and his mother flees, ending up by the sea in Chennai. At the other end of the globe, a Bangladeshi-American woman, Rox, lusts after a teen, while her best companion, the seditious Ila, have to decide between love and convention.

The story gradually expands outward, with each character more emotionally complex and powerful as it unfolds across generations bouncing from different places, and in this skein appears various characters that intersect with each other who are truly unifying for the fluidity and the rhythmic cadence of the story.

The book is interspersed with rounds of fancy feeling in a stretch in wanting at all costs to give a form and make sure that this casing proposes that jolt to the heart longed for by its readers where far beyond the ideas of right and wrong there is a field.

The author paints the story as a landscape with the background of a theatre, where instead of being the co-star, changes her players in the dressing room, reverberating beyond the traits that these feelings of a sharper light, vividly attract our heart towards the beloved storyteller, who captivate emotions with an echo that manages to instil warm wind in those caves that have been waiting with the same confidence and tenacity of her characters.

The story is complex, articulated, and it is revealed gradually and comprises a complete picture only at the end and is well built. The style is clean with the reading fluent as the scenario is not static and through many distant places and cultures maintain almost always high curiosity and attention of the reader akin to photographs of humanity between conflicting feelings and intentions in conflict in which morality is conditioned not so much by culture as by the condition of belonging of the protagonists.

It’s a good read. The dialogues are few but incisive while the character introspective narrative plays a very important role. We are offered a constant analysis of the characters and their facts. You will have the feeling of being in front of an acquaintance who had wanted to tell you a long and complex history, and struggling to gather her thoughts with so much emotions in this story.

It is definitely not a simple novel in content and is recommended to anyone who wants to read a touching novel as the author presents us with the reactions of human beings, how they love each other, hate each other, betray, forget and remember. The history can follow the lives of all the protagonists widening more and more the target on which the author has set.

It's a beautiful story and heartbreaking at the same time, and leads us to the discovery of unique and special characters with a novel that has all the features to look like a fairy tale. The writing style is simple, straightforward and very smooth, with many descriptions, very detailed, especially with regard to the environments in which the characters move.

The plot is well constructed, is consistent and rich, with loads of events, surprises and unexpected twists that brings the reader into an enchanted world full of surprises in which it is impossible to get bored.

Publisher: HarperCollins • Published: August 2015 • ISBN-13: 978-9351772095 • Language: English • Binding: Hardcover • Pages: 248