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Airtel 4G is Really Worth It

Times have changed. Airtel has made ​​available the 4G service. The 4G indicates the fourth generation of technological standards for the exchange of data. It is of course next to the most well-known 3G service but compared to the latter, features of course, higher speeds and connections that for the first time far outweigh those that are the speed afforded by common ADSL or in some cases also from optical fiber.

Today the network covers most of the major Indian cities, and have started to present not only offers dedicated to the use of this network, but even smartphones were born with the aim of being able to receive the service. With the maturing of these deals, Airtel has created a new market, a new application and new doubts on the part of consumers.

The 4G has several advantages over the previous standard, not only in terms of speed but also in other characteristics. The dominant question turns out to be, is it really worth it?. The aim of this focus is just to see if additional spending figures for this type of connectivity has a real advantage or not. And the answer, to say it now, is strictly positive as you can think.

We had the airtel 4g speedtest from airtel india of the extremely popular Whatsapp Messenger service. The data are clear in fact and in 2G it takes about 73 minutes to download, in 3G it takes 2 minutes to download, while in 4G it takes only 18 seconds to download the app. After completing the test, it was possible to understand that in any case there is a huge difference between 2G, 3G and 4G.

This number is really staggering and being theoretically this should not surprise us much but it is noteworthy to understand the quality that could be achieved under the most optimal and ideal conditions. But the results recorded are certainly not disappointing. Certainly the 4G is growing, and surely higher speeds are in store for us. Open a web page, click a link, publish a photo or video, in short, do the most common things, the difference between the second, third and fourth generation is huge.

In two words, this 4G service is very fast. Downloading a file at this speed seemed fantasy until recently, and probably for many it is even now after all. Not to mention the incredible upload speed where you can upload a video on the net in no time, avoiding those biblical waiting times.

4G is a revolutionary technology that is still quite young, and only with the spread of its use can be found the optimal structure of the new network.


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