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Asus Zenfone: A Smartphone For Blogging

Asus Zenfone

Travel blogging is in relation to the minutiae, the small stuff, the little feelings, belief, and micro incidents that ties in concert the life-size dealings and formulate the world of travel. This is what sets apart blogging from other types of writing. Blogs are made for publishing stories and sketches that are attention-grabbing but may not be out of the ordinary, profound or significant enough to publish as a commentary on a glossy magazine style site.

And this is where my Asus Zenfone comes handy. The Zenfone is not a fill in for my laptop, but an addition to my notebook. Now, when I am seated in an open space, on a car on a train, in a class, waiting in a café, or any other time that I hit upon myself out undertaking nothing all through a day of travel and I desire to write down something up, I immediately draw out the Zenfone and in 10 seconds I’m typing in the blog editor in my phone. While I still cart my notebook for immediate observations, I can now put pen to paper entire blog posts while being itinerant.

The Zenfone lets me to take blogging everywhere. So I am now blogging while hanging out in playgrounds taking pleasure in an excellent winter day. And if I get nearer in range of a wifi signal I can publish. Easy. My efforts and daily life have both been hugely improved.

The Zenfone also makes long train and bus rides very much fruitful. I can at present note down where at one time I would just be seated in the seat doing nothing but nodding and gazing out of the windowpane. I no longer have to hang around until I am settled in a room and have my laptop out and ready to go before writing a story, as I can now just flog out the Zenfone and carve up incidents, discussions, as well as get comments roughly as soon as they crop up.

When I made the final upgrade of what was my phone, switching to Zenfone, the world has radically changed and now all that concerned that smooth black object has become more beautiful. The Zenfone definitely do not just call and, certainly do not deny that it plays an important role in my life like:

1. Jot down appointments and schedules to plan my days better.

2. Pen, Paper, who? I no longer need to carry a pen and paper.

3. Zenfone is the newest 'in' thing for me to look trendy.

4. Every other fashion label retails online. Shopping is just one touch away with my Zenfone.

5. Checking bank statements, simply to remind me when to stop shopping.

6. Following up with friends. Duh! How easy when Facebook and Twitter accompanies me everywhere.

7. When I need to refresh myself to search for the nearest Pub, restaurant or other hotspots.

8. For my information and research curiosity and reading Google and Wikipedia.

9. Blog from anywhere anytime be at the office, park or the mall when getting bored with girlfriends shopping spree.

10. Scroll down my camera roll, go through the notes I write. Taking a moment to reminiscence my beautiful life and just SMILE.

After my move to Zenfone, I multiplied comparative tests and applications in order to increase the potential of my phone and turn it into a personal assistant and my ideal companion.

We live in an age when the world is completely convinced by the technology and affects so much of our lives that it seems impossible to do without Zenfone. The eye-opener struck me at some point in an entirely regular part of my schedules. Similar to a lot of other work from home bloggers, I splurge a couple of hours in shopping every week.

It endows with a little spur that purely aren't to be had at malls, such as the latent to in point of fact browse through different kinds of stuff as also from diverse retailers. It also takes the edge off customary spells of cabin excitement. At the extreme least, it’s a salutary sacrament.

It’s also a lot times slender, and doesn’t necessitate a hinge. It’s just a thin tab, which makes for effortless carrying. It may appear out of your depth and out of place initially, but the touchscreen endows with a further instinctive interface than a mouse and keyboard.

If we can't do our work on the Zenfone, then it’s pretty ineffective as a business gadget, right. Fortunately, the app store is jam-packed to the gills with functional apps. All of these shopping apps are available on Zenfone as well. In terms of shopping itself, it’s fairly simple. Flipkart and other shopping platforms have android apps, but they're not even necessary.

The Flipkart app only allows a small number of functions, but with the Zenfone browser you can access all features of the Flipkart dashboard. Payment can also be made in an easy and faster way which makes the entire shopping process like a breeze.

The food and restaurant related apps help me get an idea of the nearby restaurants as also the type of cuisine of the restaurant's closest to me.

The Asus ZenFone line is very convincing thanks to Android models that excelled not only for its special features, but which also offer everything you need at a very aggressive price. Now the Taiwanese brand will try again with the ZenFone 2, which on paper is going to be another success which is the evolution of the successful family of Android smartphones from Asus, which now brings high end features at a low price.

The design is similar to that of the current ZenFone, with changes in some details like the volume rocker, which is now behind. The screen is 5.5 inch, the size that I could define right, as most of today's top of the range phones is based on this diagonal, or deviates only slightly. There is the new processor Z3580, the quad-core processor with HT which operates at maximum speed of 2.3 GHz.

ZenFone 2, thanks to Intel's SoC, is the first smartphone based on low-power DDR4 memory, and the first to integrate 4GB of RAM. The camera is 13 megapixels, which benefits from some software enhancements. The ZenUI interface is revised, and now allows more customization, more security and adds gestures that allow you to quickly launch various applications.

The battery, which has a capacity of 3000mAh, integrates a function of fast charging that allows reaching a charge of 60% in just 39 minutes. It is available in three versions called Transfusion that is with a two-tone body and also in the Illusion series, with the back cover machined to different styles.

The ZenFone surely can help carry on with your blogging job simpler. I refused to give in to the call of the smartphone for a while, believing that all I required was my faithful notebook but after a couple of times working during the football world cup as well as walking off out of town for my job requirements, I made up my mind that it may well be moment in time to endow in a ZenFone.

According to the grapevine I’m not the only either, as smartphones are expected to sell more than notebooks in coming times. Anybody who has carried around a laptop through security and onto trains recognizes that it isn't the easiest to travel with. Don’t even get me started with taking it in all places which is excessively unwieldy, and too much effort and not indispensable.

Nevertheless, for the blogger who has to turn out blog posts while doing a tour or in the middle of shows, a ZenFone could make your blogging days a lot undemanding. Imagine on it and it is simple to carry, additional battery life, small enough to fit in a clutch.

By means of a touchscreen that lets you to access information on the net with clear, crisp images, videos and text, cameras, good battery life, blogger friendly apps, USB port, fast processor and sufficient memory that lets you to store pictures, videos and more and more essentially lightweight paper-thin ZenFone that is helpful anytime.

A ZenFone would be handier for the blogger who needs to edit blog posts on the aircraft, at the same time as ahead of your meetings, or catching up with buddies through social networking apps and is a great alternative for the blogger who desires to stay connected as well as manage the basic blogging assignments while on the streets.

Depending on your wants and tour sites, you can live with just the wifi facility and do without the 3G connection and without doubt a ZenFone is helpful to the blogger who focuses on blogging religiously.

With an alternative like this, possibly it’s point in time to invest in your personal ZenFone.


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